Topic: Location: New York

Character(s): Calvin Ward (bio)
Location: Manhattan

Calvin looked up from where he sat. A silhouette of a stumbling figure walked by the window of the office building he was in. As it approached the front door, Calvin quickly hid under the reception desk, which was in the centre of the main entrance of the building. The building was his old workplace, a place where evidence of current crimes was analysed and recorded in files for future court cases. He had worked in the digital forensics side of the building, his current case before the outbreak in 2010 was to convict a paedophile who raped and murdered young girls. He had the suspects personal computer and had found hundreds of images of children on the hard drive, the children were all nude and in indecent postures.

It was an easy case, all the evidence pointed to the suspect, even the nondigital evidence, which the other teams were assigned to point to the suspect. When the outbreak hit things didn't seem to matter anymore. At first, everyone thought it was a gang of psychopaths who liked to feed off of others. News Articles recorded all their cannibalistic crimes, crimes that were done in broad daylight in the middle of busy streets. Well, those streets are not busy anymore. Everyone is dead. At least, Calvin thought everyone was dead. He was alone in the world of Zombies. Once a highly trained forensics person, with lots of friends and a happy family, now a lonely guy.

The silhouette had finally reached the door, the golden door knob on the heavy wooden door began to turn slightly. When the tumblers of the door clicked, the door slowly opened. Calvin heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the desk, he tightened the grip on his crossbow, he didn't want to be someones walking meat bar. At times, he wondered why he wasn't affected by this virus? Disease? Other times he wished he had died with the other people, he didn't really want to be alone. It was only by chance that he somehow managed to survive for the past two years.

The door was wide open now, the light behind the silhouette cast a long shadow across the floor, over the desk and onto the wall in front of Calvin.

The figure made a slow movement towards Calvin, but it didn't know Calvin was there, surely not? Calvin didn't want to find out and decided to arm the crossbow with a single bolt, in preparation. He preferred silent weapons, plus it had some advantages over firearms. Guns were loud and ammo was not reusable after they were expelled from the chamber. Whereas Crossbows were silent and bolts were reusable. All he had to do was pull it from a corpse's head to reuse it. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and to collect to his thoughts to think of a contingency plan if this failed. Breathing out a sigh to calm his racing heart down, he stood up from where he was hiding and faced the dark figure raising the crossbow to eye level.

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Re: Location: New York

Character(s): Calvin Ward (bio)

The dark figure stopped in its tracks for a brief moment, letting out gurgling sound as it breathed out which caused blood to spurt from its mouth. It's lower jaw hanged from a thin piece of flesh. The figure was a young male, in his mid-twenties and he wore a grey tattered shirt that had dark stains of blood and dirt. His lower body was covered with jeans and he was barefoot with long yellow toenails. He rushed forward, as he noticed Calvin who raised his crossbow.

Just as the zombie made it to the front of the reception desk, Calvin pulled the trigger of his crossbow and the bolt launched forward landing directly in between the zombie's eyes, penetrating the skull and launching through the other side. The zombie was knocked back by the momentum and fell to the floor, black blood spreading from its open wound.

Calvin's heart raced as the zombie had gotten pretty close to him. 'Blimey, that was close.' He thought as he took a deep breath to calm himself down. 'I would've been a zombie snack if I didn't pull that trigger quickly.' Calvin rounded the reception desk and slowly made his way towards to zombie who was now lying on the floor. 'Although, with that mouth, I'd most likely be licked to death or just smothered in blood.'

He looked around to find his bolt and saw it was by the front door and made his way over to pick it up. As he bent down Calvin spotted a young girl running down the street, from the open door. She was constantly looking behind her, as she weaved in and out of abandoned vehicles on the road.  Calvin took a peek at what she was looking at and saw four zombies in quick pursuit of the girl. 'Oh dear, that's not good.' He thought as he debated whether or not to save her. 'Probably for the best.'

Calvin stood up straight and waited for the zombies to pass by before he ran out the door and whistled towards them. As he ran, he also made other noises by knocking on nearby vehicles. The zombies stopped their pursuit of the girl and slowly turned around towards the new noise and noticed Calvin. They started to move in on him, their speed increased to a sprint. 'Well, that's my good deed for today, best high tail it out of here.' He then proceeded to run down a nearby alleyway, the zombies still in pursuit.

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Re: Location: New York

Character(s): Lisa H. Collins (bio), Calvin Ward (bio)

The young girl, who was sprinting away from the fast-moving zombies heard a whistle and a lot of banging sounds coming from behind her and she decided to take a look. She saw that the zombies were now focused on a new target, a man with shoulder-length greasy hair, wearing a black t-shirt. She slowed down and hid behind a yellow taxi which had its front driver's side door open and it's windshield smashed. She took a deep breath to calm her fast beating heart. "Don't know who you are, but thanks for the help." She muttered to herself, still breathing heavily.

The girl looked down at her hands, she was wielding a spiked club which was fashioned out of a table leg and some nails. The club was covered in blood and bits of flesh. "Ugh ... Come on Lisa, you should help him out. He did save you afterall." She said, trying to convince herself. "I suppose I should help him." She looked around and saw another alley and decided to run down it, hoping to run into the man that decided to make himself as bait in order to rescue her.

As she got to the other street through the alley, she saw that the four zombies which were once chasing her were now lying on the floor with metal rods sticking out of their heads. "What? ..." Was the only thing that came out of her mouth as she seemed confused. "He already took care of them?" Lisa slowly made her way over to the now motionless corpses that were lying on the floor. "Wow."

As she got closer, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye and she halted. She raised the club up in front of herself and slowly turned her body around to face the moving object. "Ah, its you." She said in surprise. "Thank you for rescuing me."

The guy edged closer and Lisa was frozen in place. "D-D-Dont come closer" She panicked and spoke out to him. 'What was I thinking, why did I come here, again? He could be anyone. What if he wants to have his way with me.' The guy didn't say anything and continued to move closer and just stared at the girl. When he was only a few feet infront of Lisa, she closed her eyes and her body shook with nervousness.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes again to see the guy was no longer infront of her, but was now bent over the corpses. He was pulling out the metal rods from their heads and placing them in a quiver on his back. When his task was complete, he stood up straight and looked back towards the girl and smiled at her.

Calvin reached into his pocket and pulled out a small white board and a marker pen and wrote something down and shown it to the girl.

Yo, how's it going? My name is Calvin, I'm a mute, so can't talk to you.

Lisa looked at the white board with a dumbfound expression and then looked up at Calvin. "Umm ... Okay ... Hi, my name Lisa."

Calvin smiled and rubbed out his writing and wrote something else.

We should find somewhere else to go, it isn't safe on the streets.

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Re: Location: New York

Character(s): Darren Villadsen
Location: Sewers under Manhattan's streets

Underneath the Manhattan streets, Darren moved like he had a purpose. In truth he just wanted out of the sewers and had no direct objective other than to keep moving. The torn purple handkerchief covering his nose and mouth offered little protection from the smell, but it was far superior to inhaling the fumes directly.

"For Fanden (For f**ks sake)..." he muttered under his breath. While the sewers offered great protection from the undead he much preferred to be out under the open sky.

Finally he came upon an exit in the form of a well worn ladder capped by a manhole. Darren adjusted his backpack, paying special attention to the fireman's axe and crowbar strapped to either side wouldn't clank anything as he ascended to the surface. With quick sure handed motions he climbed up to the manhole and gave a slow push with a bit of effort to carefully prop open the cover. The rush of undead infested city air was welcome as he took a somewhat deeper breath and surveyed the surroundings...

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Re: Location: New York

Character(s): Lisa H. Collins (bio), Calvin Ward (bio)

OOC: Bit of a quick post, not my best ... - Daniel

IC: Lisa nodded towards Calvin with a smile "Lead the way then, I assume you know a good location to hold out for now".

Calvin just shrugged his shoulders and started to move down one of the side streets.

"Hey! don't you know anywhere? Surely you have a safe house?" Lisa raised her voice a little bit and started to run after Calvin to catch up to him. As she got close to the guy, she pouted after she had noticed a big grin on his face. "So you do know somewhere ..." she muttered under her breath.

As they walked down an alley, they noticed that one of the manhole covers in front of them had risen up slightly, unsure on what was going on, Calvin had loaded a bolt into his crossbow and aimed it towards the manhole cover and waited. Lisa had noticed his actions and slowed down to a stop and looked on.

"Hmm..." Lisa held her bat in front of her and being the only person that had a voice in the party, she had decided to speak up for both of them. "Yo, who's there? Come up slowly."

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