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There wasn’t much in this life left for one to get a thrill from, but one thing the brunette could count on was the rush she got in taking down the undead. And good sex.  But even that was just as tricky as it had been back before. Cole Fairchild hitched the backpack up further on her shoulder as she sprinted away from the small massacre she had just created and left behind. A small grin tugged at her lips as she darted away. It really wasn’t much, but it was something, and she had a heavy pack on her shoulder that held some non-perishables her little group would definitely appreciate; as well as the mysterious and long chocolate bar that was tucked away secretly inside her jacket. That Cole was going to share with her dad and well, a certain someone else.

Cole shielded her eyes as she lifted her gaze to the sky, the sun still had a ways to go which meant she could make it back before nightfall. Making it back to wherever you called safe before the sun went down was a blessing most everyone could agree on. No one wanted to be out and about in the dark with nothing for shelter, not even her. She slowed her pace down to a jog and then to a walk before stopping and reaching for a bottle of water. Once finished she recapped it and tucked it back away in the backpack, her head tilting sideways as she listened for any sound that might mean trouble. Hearing nothing she peaked around the corner of a house just in case, but it was pretty much all clear. That struck her as odd, but only briefly as she continued on her way.

She was almost there, almost home free (or so she thought) when she heard it. And not the ‘it’ sounds that were normal. Cole froze, her blue eyes darting around for any sign of something, then whistled. Nothing. No response, no answer. “Shit.” That wasn’t good.

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A trail of blood could be seen on the floor and it was leading around a corner. A sound of squelching could be heard from that direction. The blood trail leads to a body lying on the floor, two zombies were kneeling over it, pulling out the intestines from its stomach with their bare hands that had long sharp claw-like fingernails, and were munching on the organs, occasionally they dropped a few pieces of meat on the floor, creating a disturbing splat sound as it hit the concrete, leaving a splatter of blood.

A few more bodies could be seen as well, it looked like they were trying to run away and there were signs of a struggle. It was hard to identify them, as they were also surrounded by zombies. A small horde had recently passed through this part of town.

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Shit. Shit. Shit.

The word ran through her head like it was a record stuck on repeat. It wasn’t the sight of all the blood, or internal body parts that had her bringing a free hand up to cover her mouth, no it was the sound that that was reaching her ears. No, it was that horrifying squelching, slurping sound that was making her gag. Okay, if Cole was being honest, it was a combination of both, of the scene she had just strolled into.

Her eyes darted around, searching for some familiar piece of clothing, for some sign that those she actually cared about had gotten away…were safe. But with the blood and the zombies and the steps backwards she was taking, it was just too hard to tell much of anything. The only thing that really mattered at the moment was getting away without bringing attention to herself. Cole tossed a quick glance over her shoulder, as she took another step back the way she had come; she’d get away, find some shelter for the night and figure out just what she was doing then.

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As Cole stepped back, her foot slipped on some of the blood and a piece of partially chewed meat on the floor, which caused her to fall down. The sound of the fall alerted a couple of zombies who turned their heads in the direction of Cole. They let out a low groan and slowly got up from their feed and edged towards Cole, their legs dragging behind them.

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Had it really been too much to ask? Cole should have known that there was no way she was going to get out of the place without either calling attention to herself somehow. She had been cautious enough entering, placing her feet just right so as not to slip, but all that had flown right out of her mind as she had tried to escape. Obviously walking backwards was not the best idea. There was no stopping the fact. She felt her booted foot slipping and there was nothing she could do except to go with the fall and land right on her ass, right in the smeared sickly-sweet blood.

“Oof-“ Cole’s breath escaped from between clenched teeth as she landed ass first, eyes widening as the commotion drew the attention she had sought to avoid. Guess that was just her luck. Nothing had gone smooth since the whole mess had started, so why start now? She quickly slid herself backwards, tossing a glance over her shoulder before rolling to the side and to her feet. The seat of her jeans felt like it was soaked, but that didn’t stop her from letting her eyes dart around for something that would be easy to grab than her own.

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