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“My pride and joy.” Jackson thought as his steely blue gaze traveled across the semi-bustling casino. The Lucky 38 was his family’s business and had been his for a few years now. They only thing he would change, at the moment, was the fact that business was still slow. Well, slower than it had been back before the Ark incident that had sent most everyone down to the planet. He thought that it served the former dockmaster right for being demoted, only if there wasn’t such a strong Alliance presence on board now. Jackson was surprised they had let Miss Scarlett Wilson even stay on board. But he was quite sure that an Alliance personnel would be easier to deal with, or even bribe, as the young redhead had been.

Jackson waved off one of his security team as he wandered around, checking on the tables and seeing how smoothly things were running now that they were fully open for business again. Normally he would spend most of his time in his office, but every now and then, you could find the man roaming through his casino searching for anyone that might need him to come to their rescue, financially, of course.

Now was supposed to be one such case, except the rising din from the bar area reached his ears and had him pointing two of his security team in that direction. Only before the second one could get there to back up the first, the problem causer, a middle aged man, with blood shot eyes, decided the casino bar was a great place to instigate a fight with another patron. Carl, at least Jackson thought the guy’s name was Carl took a left hook right to his jaw and stumbled backwards. If they, and they being the people he had hired, did not get a handle on this, it would get worse and worse wasn’t a thing.

Re: Lucky 38

Could be worse Locke thought to himself as he surveyed the casino from his seat at the bar. He swirled his drink as he looked towards his would be employer, Jackson Kincaid, moving from table to table.

Jericho had not lied that this new surroundings were far more zìzài (comfortable) than his shanty on Akers Bluff. The work however looked to be much of the same as he noticed a man starting trouble to his left. Locke casually slid his drink towards the bartender and rose to his feet as one of Kincaid's security took a big shot to the jaw.

As if he were the grim reaper himself, Locke seemingly appeared behind the troublemaker. His six and a half foot frame of nothing but muscle made quite the imposing figure relative to the middle aged man. Locke place a hand firmly on the man's shoulder to hold him back from causing any more damage and waited, fully expecting the man to retaliate.

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