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Ok so how do we start this thing? Seems like a good old fashioned monster of the week episode. Young attractive couple pulls off road, kiss, strange noise, bucket of blood splash. Cut to morning empty car being investigated by police. Let the saving and hunting begin.

Or do we need more? Quinn (what?!) Would love to shoot an episode of Ghost Provokers in a local cemetery at midnight that Abigail just might be investigating with a couple otherworldly associates. Group of teenagers are sneaking around watching what going on. Cue bucket of blood.

Then there is always the old haunted slaughterhouse out on route 80 just past the train tracks. Young couple wants to reopen it as a country western bar, but construction crews won't go near the place. Undaunted the couple tries to make repairs and remodel on their own. Cue bucket of blood.

Old church in small Midwestern town. The congregation is real old fashioned. Don't like strangers. Oddly it's a fairly young set of parishioners, no elderly and no children. Car breaks down just outside town on a Sunday. Folks are just right happy to invite y'all over for after church bbq. Bring your own meat, or they have leftovers. Cue bucket of blood.

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I am sensing a theme with the buckets of blood!


I know FiftyFootAnt has a pot idea as well.

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Misty Diamond wrote:

I know FiftyFootAnt has a pot idea as well.

Yep. Got a great plan for a stainless steel design with one pan-handle and one loop handle, both with ceramic casing. The idea is to make a soup pot that's easier to serve from at the table, since ladles can be so unpredictable.

tongue But seriously, I am still banging my head on a wall, as the Muses are actively avoiding my calls. I'm down with whatever Zuzu comes up with, whether he needs a fellow hunter or an angel.

Also, I may add in a partner for my Quinn ("WHAT?"), that way we can increase the number of characters in the plot. Would also give me a great chance to practice my comedic routines. big_smile

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One way or the other, my ghost faced will be trying to shoot a video on the hunt. I'm happy with whatever folks want to play. Yes, the bucket of blood will likely show up.