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Since the Star Destroyer leaped into hyperspace, Cordelia had been pouring through the dossier on the Jelcun system. She had a big promotional campaign to organize and a limited amount of time to get it done in. There would be the usual pomp and ceremony as the troop transports arrived depositing a thousand storm troopers on the city streets in advance of the Captain flying over the troops in his shuttle to arrive on the steps of the capitol building to mark the empire's official arrival on the planet.

She knew the Captain hater cameras and these ceremonial displays, but the cause of the empire demanded it, and the Captain could be trusted to do as the empire demanded. Still her perusing of the reports showed Jelcun to be far from compliant and sympathetic, the farmers were reluctant to embrace the mantle of the Galactic Empire. Fools. Their lives could be....

An alarm went off throughout the ship. Cordelia quickly switched screens to the officer's channel to find out what could be going on. A fire in the hanger bay. That was not healthy. Hopefully the Deck Commander would have it under control shortly. She pulled up the holo feed from the cameras in the hanger. There was smoke and people rushing about. Not much sign of fire though. At that moment a small fireball erupted in the center of the hanger. The captain would certainly be aware of this now.

Cordelia triggered the off switch for the alarm in the conference room. Loud blaring noises bothered her. The captain and the crews in the hanger would have this all taken care of soon enough. She was certain they would uncover the cause and whoever was responsible and deal with them. She switched off the holo screen and went back to her work. They had better not damage any of her assets, this display of the empire's might needed to be perfect and absolute.


Re: Conference Room

Over the comm system an announcement rang out: <All hands, reversion to real space in ten minutes. Prepare all systems for arrival. Ten minutes to reversion.>

Cordelia uttered a short stream of profanity not becoming of an Imperial officer. She was not ready. She had only begun to get the necessary comuniques to the governor's office. And beyond the standard parade order, she was struggling to come up with sscts of intentionality to emphasize the emperor's complete rule of this system. This display needed to not come off half assed. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, slowly exhaling.

First order would be to brief the Captain and staff officers as to the itinerary. Ten minutes. Ten damned minutes!


Re: Conference Room

The XO usually preferred to be much earlier than her peers for meetings, and so she was on her way to the conference room, arriving not early enough to hear he political officers outburst but still much earlier than she should’ve been. Entering quietly she cleared her throat and spoke.

“Everything alright Lieutenant-Commander Yarthang?”


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