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I'd say people who have joined during the course of that first year of Phoenix Roleplaying.



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OOC: I want to give Dondi a chance to reply before I push this forward.



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Awesome stuff, Kevin!


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Dear Phoenix members,

This newsletter has taken a very long time to get published. Although it is normal for the newsletter to skip a month during the Summer period, several issues have caused this newsletter to get pushed back another month. Without going into the details, I think Dale’s comment in this newsletter is a good indication of the general cause. To make up for this a little bit, there is an extra long background story in this issue. I hope you enjoy reading it, as the rest of the newsletter, which you can find here.

Mischa, editor-in-chief of The Burning Question

Name: Lianna Browning

Age: 17

Place of birth: Haven

Relatives: as far as Lianna knows, she has no living relatives. She only knew her mother, who is dead, but never her father. Lianna is unaware of having any aunts or uncles in any way.

Friends: None. She has had encounters with several smugglers and criminals on the run from the Alliance and of course also with local folk, but there is nobody she’d actually call her friend.

Enemies: The bounty hunter who killed her mother, and those close to mayor Derrick, whom she eventually killed.

Description: Being the daughter of a prostitute is never easy, but as a child Lianna got on well enough. Sure, living together with her mother in poverty left enough to long for, but her mother made sure she was schooled in all the important ways and her mother’s occupation also taught her some important life lessons that most people only learned at a much later age, if ever at all. Lianna had never learned who her father was, nor did she care. And although she would have denied it, like any teenager would have, but she greatly admired her mother.
Apart from the basic calculus and other school subjects Lianna had also learned how to defend herself with a knife and even a little with a gun. Another thing that she had learned was how to read and even manipulate people. Men especially were an easy target.
When she was fourteen, Lianna’s mother got killed by a hired gun; it shattered her images and thought of life. Later she would learn that the town’s mayor had been behind the attack and she finally got her revenge on him: like so many other men he tended to follow that which was between his legs and that had been his downfall. He wasn’t the first one she’d lure to her that way and he also wouldn’t be the last. He had been the first one she’d killed, however.
In the years following her mother’s death, Lianna honed her skills of seduction and elimination and learned that she was good in using both. When she had finally gathered enough money to leave her home planet, she bought passage on a ship, took her revenge on the mayor and headed out into the black, determined to find her mother’s actual killer: the bounty hunter.
These last few years had marked her: life wasn’t fair and if you expected it to be you would end up dead, or worse. So what was the point in trying to make an honest living? If you wanted something, you took it. That was the way things were for Lianna now.


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Bruno surpressed a loud yell. Instead, he simply sighed. Right, time to get the big guns out. "I will get on it right away, Major." He put the phone down and then sent Brian, who had managed to evade his call earlier, a message on his cortex unit:

= The bar is getting filled up pretty quickly; I need you to start your shift a bit early to assist me. Get to the bar right away. =

To make sure he wouldn't pull another stunt like he had before, claiming that the battery on his cortex unit had run out for example, he also made a shipwide announcement and managed to trigger the system in such a way that it also sounded in Brian's quarters, including his bathroom:

= This is a personnel announcement: Mr. Philips, please report to Sapphire Bar immediately. =

There was no way that Brian would ignore this message: if others of the ship's staff had heard the message, Bruno was covered.

The only thing he could do now was hope that Brian would turn up soon, so that he could take care of Daniels' drinking issues.



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With the lid off, the others could head out into the alleyway quickly and they sure would need to: the flash of light behind them was getting brighter, although it didn't seem to get warmer yet.



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"They are still in our quarters", the man answered. "With your permission, I'd like to get them out. At least  let them walk around in the cargo bay for a bit. We will clean up any... mess they make."

It didn't sound like an unreasonable request, but then again, Ayla knew August's timetable and she also knew that as soon as the others were back he'd want to get out of here. Whether the dogs walking around in the cargo bay would mess this up, was up to her to decide.

Lizzy simply kept stirring the chicken curry she was preparing.She purposefully held back on getting the rice ready: that could be prepared very quickly when the others were ready to eat. It was obvious that she didn't want to get pulled into the decision making. On the background the soft guitar music kept playing.



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As you will probably know, Robert Longtin has left Phoenix Roleplaying. He might be back in a year, but I have talked to him and he has agreed to me taking his character Lizzy Lusko with us, given that his character plays an important role in the things that I had in mind for the upcoming story. So I will take on the role of Lizzy as well.

-Mischa, GM


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Now that things had settled down a bit, Ryan finally had the chance to talk to his crew members: "Thanks for picking me up, people. Really appreciate it." He hoped that the tears welling up in the corners of his eyes would be mistaken for sweat.

-Ryan Bow


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You already have the character sheet for my character. Should I just post that same sheet on the roster, or do you want to trim it down/put it in a different format? I'd prefer to keep the rather long background story that I sent along with it a bit more private for the moment to keep things about my character a bit more mysterious for the other players, if that is okay with you.



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But immediately after the group had noticed they were being followed, whatever of whoever was following them disappeared. Apparently their presence had been confirmed and that was all that was needed.

Then things happened very quickly: Ronon was still busy opening the manhole cover, but those below could see that something bright, something very bright was coming to them very quickly. It wouldn't be long before things would also become very hot: someone had detonated something in the sewers and the explosion was now following the path of the least resistance. Unfortunately for the group of refugees they were in that path.



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Ryan simply kept loading up the main gun when he wasn't busy keeping himself from falling over.

-Ryan Bow


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That is awesome news! Congratulations to the both of you!



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Sad to see you go, but I can understand why you see no reason to stay at the moment. Should Dreamcatchers start up again, I'll let you know.



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I'm back, but catching up on things. It seems that the last newsletter hasn't been published in my absence; I'll see if I can get that fixed this Friday.



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Hi everybody. I'll be going on LOA until September 22nd. The publishing of the newsletter has been set in motion and should occur within the next few days.

Okay, so I'm off to enjoy my vacation on Tenerife!



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Ducan was breathing heavily: like the others he had trouble in moving quickly with the hazmat suit. How were their pursuers able to travel more quickly? But this hardly seemed the time to find out. Ducan thought for a moment about Ronon's question and then answered excitedly: "Yes, yes! There should be a manhole to the surface down there!" He pointed ahead and to the left. "We're about halfway to home, I'd say!" Ducan added.



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Ryan, who was now sweating quite a lot, heard the part about the anti tank weapons: "Wait, what?" Nobody however answered him as his question was muted by the sound of the tanks main gun firing once more.

-Ryan Bow

Very interesting. I'll write a news article about it for the newsletter!



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Bruno was between relief and anger when the strange fellow simply left the bar, but at least that solved part of the problem. However, it still left the matter of the critter in the grate. By now, the creature could have traveled through half the ship. With any luck it would have gotten himself killed in one of the vents already, but Bruno was afraid he'd have to inform maintenance of this matter anyway and no doubt they'd blame him for this. Well, he could hardly not say anything about it, could he? Could he? Hmmm. No, he shouldn't. Or should he?

He jumped up as the phone suddenly rang, nearly making him drop the glass, which he had been polishing the entire time, from his hands. "Shiong mao niao!" He barely managed to curse soft enough so that his guests wouldn't hear. Could he never catch a break? He put down the glass he had been polishing and then grabbed and emptied the glass of whisky he'd put down for the freak. He frowned at its bad quality as he swallowed it in one gulp, but Bruno really needed a drink at that point. After putting  down that now empty glass, he grabbed the phone: "What!?"

- Bruno Kaiser


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Ducan climbed down after all the others had, and once he'd closed the lid he took the lead: he actually knew where they were going. He put on the hood of his hazmat suit and turned on his flashlight. Of course that would make them visible to others, but it was the only way to actually see where one was going.

Despite the liquid being up to their armpits, they actually made good time. In fact, they managed to get past another manhole lid a lot quicker than Ducan had anticipated. Which was a good thing, because he had feared the mercs might try to get down there and cut them off. However, it was only mere minutes after passing that manhole that the group heard sounds behind them: clearly they were being pursued in the sewers.

Ducan tried to speed up as best he could: staying in front of them and getting to his boss' territory seemed the best strategy, but he was actually getting quite tired from walking through this muck. It was clear that in a couple of minutes more, they would be overtaken.



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Silent Hunter wrote:

"What does Robert look like?" Jelena said, a bit too loudly, into the headset, "I want to know so I can blow his ugly head off".

She swung the main gun over to aim at the truck, waiting for Damiel to fire the initial machine burst to see if that did the trick before going with the main weapon. Well, they only had a limited number of rounds after all.

She's spent too many years in the U-War facing tanks and now she was getting a chance to see it from the other perspective. Perhaps her cheering when they'd blown up had been misguided... then again, they'd been trying to kill her.

She decided it was time to stop with the philosophy and instead just blow things up.

- Jelena

"Absolutely no idea", Ryan answered between loading shells into the gun. He was starting to sweat: it was rather warm in the tank and the shells weren't made out of feathers. "Never saw the guy. Only heard from others that he's terrorizing this place."

-Ryan Bow


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I've mailed you the bio sheet for my character, SoapyMac. Let me know if everything is alright with it.



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dratliff wrote:

OOC: Will post tomorrow. hard first days at school!

OOC: Understood, take your time. I'll hold on posting until you've had a chance to post, then.

-Mischa, GM