Not necessary, but thanks!



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Schepenstraat? That sounded awfully like Dutch. Only now did Nico realize that he hadn't even payed attention to Juliana's language. Of course he understood her and they spoke words to one another, but somehow it went beyond simple language. It was different from talking in real life to another person, where you could hear whether someone was Dutch or German or English. It was a very weird experience now that he thought of it. And it begged yet more questions: was this woman Dutch, like he was? And if so, was it a coincidence he had found her dream? Was it because he was Dutch himself? Was it because he had been close to the woman in the real world?

But again there was no time for an interrogation. They needed to get away from these creatures and somehow gain enough time to escape from this dreamworld. Nico decided that the basement was a bad idea. Maybe because he had seen to many movies going wrong that way or maybe his claustrofobia was acting up at the thought of him being in a dark and small space. Whatever the reason, he thought going out the back door would be a better choice. "Don't think that", he told Juliana in response to her hopeless statement. "Let us just get to the back door and out of here first." Nico had an idea that might slow the wolvelike creatures down without using too much of this energy he had available to manipulate things. But for that to work, they would first need to find a way out of this cottage themselves.



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With the group deciding to stay together, they were making things a lot easier for the two soldiers, who gave pursuit. Given their military training so far they weren't having any difficulties with keeping up with the odd group. In fact, they were slowly gaining ground.

Lianno hadn't had much choice in deciding where to go: the alley he had ducked away in simply had been close to him. He had no idea where they were headed. After running along the alley for several yards, another alley showed at their left. Since he was in the lead, he decided to duck into it. He figured that them running straight down an alley would increase their chances of getting caught, so this was probably a better idea.

It was night and although the moon shone brightly, there wasn't that much light to go by: the others needed to stay close to Lianno lest they lose sight of him. Because despite the fact that he was carrying a young woman in his arms, he was among the faster of the group.



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Jason mentioned that he had to involuntarily extend his LOA for a bit. He is back to handle the most pressing matters, but I suspect he'll need a little longer to GM this sim. I want to give him a few more days and if he hasn't been able to post then, I'll ask him how to handle things in his absence. For the moment I think we are doing fine in preparing any rescues and handling any matters going inside the office. I would advice to wait with shooting/killing/bombing/etc. anything or anyone though, until our GM is back or we have settled on a different solution.



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Awesome! Thanks, Mike!



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Indeed: get well soon, Jason!



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As he felt that he was up to the task, he willed them repaired. Nothing fancy, just how they had originally looked. When the door and windows suddenly looked like new again, he locked the door and then turned to Juliana. "I don't know exactly what those creatures are" he said, now finally answering her question. "But I can hear them talk to each other sometimes. I don't know why, but I just know that they are after us for some reason." He hoped the woman would be able to handle this disturbing news. He knew how panicked he himself had been before he had discovered that he could manipulate things to defend himself. He also knew that they couldn't count on that power to save them out of any situation: changing things cost energy, he'd learned.

"Try to be calm and remember: is there any other way out of this house? Is there something nearby that we might escape to?" He knew that the question sounded strange, but he figured that if this was her dream, Juliana would more or less control the surroundings, whether it was consciously or not. At any rate he certainly wouldn't know more about the surroundings than she would.

-Nico Steenhuizen


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I have updated the post in which character occupies which room on the ship. Jason, has Angel already chosen a room or not yet? If not, you can see which rooms are still free in this post. I only ask that you keep room E1 unoccupied, since that more or less reserved for passengers.



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As he took in his surroundings, many more questions came to him, but right now it seemed most important to him to lock the door and convince Juliana of the severity of the situation. This time he didn't try to will a big lock into place right away - now that he had experienced the energy draining away he planned to be a bit more careful with it - but instead first looked if there wasn't a lock present by itself.



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Nico had to stand still for a moment, his knees trembling with the effort. He felt rather exhausted. So creating these things, like fire and a trench, sucked away his energy and it was connected to this ribbon? And there seemed to be a finite amount of energy he could use. He had felt the energy draining away from himself and somehow he knew that if he used too much, his connenction to the ribbon would snap. Given the fact that it had been the ribbon through which he'd made his escape from his previous nightmare, Nico was sure he needed to keep his connection to it intact.

As he stood there panting, he suddenly realized that he was in a dream. Sure, he felt exhausted, but it wasn't really being out of breath: it was all going on in his mind. Or in Juliana's mind? Anyway, why was he out of breath? As soon as he realised this, his longs were full of air again and he didn't feel a tiny bit of physical fatigue. Mental fatigue however, was another matter.

He suddenly realized that he hadn't answered Juliana's questions yet. He figured there was little harm in telling her his name: "I'm Nico", he said. Replying to her second question was another matter, since he didn't know the answer himself: "I don't know exactly how I got here. I fell asleep and suddenly I was falling down a... an endless voight." He wasn't too happy about the description, but he couldn't think of a better one. "And then all of a sudden I saw a ribbon of light. I steered towards it and the next thing I know is standing next to you." Nico gave his spiked moat a quick glance. It would have to do. He turned around and opened the door to the cottage, urging Juliana to get inside. "I think we'll be safer from them in your cottage. Come on."



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I am proud to announce that ksabers has accepted to become the assistant GM for this sim. Having an appointed AGM is a fail-safe to make sure that should I ever need to go on an extended LOA again, the story can continue. Should I go on extended LOA, it would be the ASL's responsibility to keep all players active, but it will be up to the AGM to keep the story going along. Which in practice will of course mean that the two will have to discuss some things. But as mentioned, this is mainly an insurance policy.

Anyway: ksabers, I'm glad you accepted!

-Mischa, SL and GM of this sim


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Thanks for appointing me. Just as Giorgio said, this is mainly a fail-safe to keep things going should our beloved SL and GM be forced to go on extended LOA.



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There was a lot of excitement going on outside the ship, but Ryan didn't catch any of it: he was focused on cooling the engine down as much as possible as quickly as possible, since he didn't know if Poppy would be needing full power again any time soon. The chief engineer looked at the readouts and saw that the engine temperature had already dropped considerably. Ryan thought that things were going rather well, unaware of what he'd put the captain through, and also not knowing about Jelena's intention to let Ryan know how she felt about him cutting the ship free before she had made it back.

-Ryan Bow


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Awesome stuff all around. I'm sure Silent will have a tough choice in picking one.



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And I've just (through mail) accepted to be ASL for Dreamcatchers.



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Since the most important thing he needed right now was time - time to let the riggon 'recharge' or whatever it was that it was waiting for, and time to aks Juliana other questions, he decided that it might be a good idea to go inside the house. And who knew: perhaps the woman had dreamed something up in there that might shed some light on all of this. "Let's go inside" he said. But before he did so himself, he tried some more things to keep the wolves at bay. He remembered his history books from school and the way that the ancient Romans had dug trenches around their forts and set up cut trees in there, with the base of the trunk cut to a point to keep people from jumping over them. He willed the same kind of trench filled with these trunks around the cottage, but inside the circle of fire. And just inside these trenches he imagined high walls made of trunks as well, just as the Romans had built them in his old school books. The whole construction, if this imagining thing would work again, would stand pretty close to the outer walls of the cottage, but at least that would keep these monsters out, Nico thought.



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But before anybody had answered, a due of Azadi walked around the corner a couple of yards ahead. There was a moment of absolute silence as both the two guards and the group were processing what they were seeing. The guards were the first to snap out of it: "Halt!" one of them yelled in Alltongue, which at least part of the group understood. And the other part could pretty much guess what the guard had said.

Immediately after commanding the group to stay where they were, the two guards ran towards the bunch. Not it was Lianno's time to yell: "Run!" and following his own advice, he turned into the alley closest to him and picked up as much speed as he could while still carrying Ciara who was about to get pretty shaken up by this running.

The others in the group wouldn't have long to decide what to do: either follow Lianno and creating one big group for the guards to follow, or take their own chances by splitting up and if they were lucky, the guards wouldn't follow them. But they would have to decide quickly: the guards were closing fast.



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Zuzutoo wrote:

I would love a clue like game, but certainly open to other ideas. My thought is we start with a broken down plot with for the sake of discussion eight plot points. Add to this a cast of six NPCs. Everyone is given a starting incident and an end incident. It will be the segment GM's job to take the story from one point to the other. NPCs can be used and interpreted however you want. Them switching personalities might be fun and lend to a bit of craziness. At the completion of the segments we have the final resolution to the mystery. Then we can start again.

I would expect each segment to last a couple months.

So all segment GM's would work on the same story, but every segment GM (SGM) would handle part of the story, getting the players from point A to point B, is that what you are saying? How then would there be an overall story? Someone must know the whole story for it to work.

What about the NPC's? Will those be created by all SGM's together, or would each SGM create one, or would that work even differently?

And what about the player characters? Every SGM would also have her or his own character. Will the SGM still play that character during his or her turn as SGM? And would all characters be some kind of detective/police officer, given that we are going for (murder) mysteries (which I love, by the way)?

I know, a lot of questions but I'd like to have a clear picture of this.



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Nico knew they weren't safe, but telling Juliana this would only result in her panicking and that was the last thing he could use. "Yes, it's only a dream" he said, avoiding answering her other question on purpose. But how would they get out of here? Nico realised that these creatures would brake through his barrier soon and although he hadn't experienced it yet, he knew that if those creatures caught them it wouldn't end well for them. He didn't know how he knew this, he just felt it was the truth.

They needed to get out of here, but how? The last time there had been some kind of ribbon, a path towards the light which had brought him out of his own nightmare, but they now seemed to be in Juliana's. Would it work in the same way? Or was her simply waking up enough? But what about him then? Would he be tossed out of the dream or would something else happen? He hated having so much questions!

He took a deep breath and decided that first they needed to do something about these demon wolves breaking through. The fire had been a good idea, but he would need to come up with something else soon. How many of these creatures were actually left? Nico took a second to count how many of the demons he saw.



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Name: Bruno Kaiser
Age: 33
Profession: bartender
Origin: Bernadette

Born on Bernadette, Bruno Kaiser enjoyed a youth full of the luxury of the Central Planets. His parents could afford a proper education for him and that is exactly what Bruno received. However, when it was time for him to choose a proper study, he felt that he wanted to work with people. Having worked as a waiter and in other similar jobs, Bruno wanted to pursue a career in this direction, something his parents did not exactly accept with joy. His grades were good enough to pursue other, in his parents more worthwhile directions, but Bruno’s mind was set. Initially his parents threatened not to pay for his education, to which Bruno responded with threatening to leave on a ship to the Border Worlds. After much discussion they came to a compromise: Bruno would follow an education in hotel management so that eventually he would be able to set up and manage an establishment of his own.

As expected, Bruno enjoyed those parts of his education that involved contact with customers and guests much more than the managing bit, which also showed in his grades. Nevertheless he passed all his exams and as soon as he had his diploma, his mother came to him, telling him about a job she had arranged for him as an assistant manager at a hotel in the city. Bruno, not only disliking exactly that part of his profession, but also wanting to make it for himself without the help of his parents, was insulted and declined the offered job. Instead he went looking for a job as a full-time waiter on his own. Unsurprisingly, this lead to yet another conflict which his parents. It wasn’t the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last. These conflicts are now typical for the relation Bruno has with his parents: they disapprove of his career choices, but they love him too much to cut all contact. Bruno in turn dislikes his parents constant trying to steer his life, but loves them too much to push them away entirely.

Bruno’s early part-time and later on full-time jobs as a waiter taught him about all kinds of foods, drinks and social classes. Bernadette is not only the Central Planet from which many Coreworlders try to make it on the Border Planets, but also the welcoming station for those Borderworlders who have actually made it out there and decide that they can afford a life on the Core Worlds. These stories were to Bruno one of the most interesting parts about his job.

Loving to talk and especially to gossip, both to and about customers and other personnel, got him in trouble a few times. Luckily there were plenty of waiting jobs and most of the time he quickly found a new one. At one point his boss recognized Bruno’s social skills and put him behind a bar, where he soon realized that he fit really well. Since then he has jumped from job to job, sometimes because he hated his current work, sometimes, because his employer went out of business and sometimes because he had been just a little bit too chatty, gossiping about things he should have kept to himself.

When a job offer came up which would put him on a cruise that travelled between the Core Worlds and the Border Planets as a bartender, Bruno applied immediately. Given that this job would mean long periods of time away from family and friends, there weren’t too many applicants. From the candidates that did show up, Bruno was eventually chosen as the best one.

His experience in bartending has, apart from giving him a knack to pull secrets out of people, also taught him a lot about actual bartending: there isn’t a cocktail or drink out there that Bruno can’t pour or mix. Just be careful about what you tell the guy, because keeping secrets isn’t one of his strong points and he has a knack of prying those very secrets from your lips, especially after he’s made you a couple of drinks.


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Sounds very cool to me! Maybe we should set up a separate thread to discuss this further.



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It was very strange for Nico to hear these... thoughts from the horrible creatures. It didn't seem like Juliana heard them. And who was this 'Other'?

But again his thoughts were interrupted by the answers Juliana gave to his questions. So she had been in a normal dream and then pulled in here? But what about the house? It was hers, so was this her dream as well? He didn't see a clear answer himself, so he chose to simply ask her: "So you were in a different dream before and then suddenly in this one? Or did the dream change?" He wondered how much longer he could ask questions before the woman would refuse to answer them or worse: before one of the creatures found a way around his ring of fire.



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August got the message inside and knew that his crew outside was working on something. Good. But there was another matter that he would have to take care of in here. No doubt the Odyssey would be landlocked. It could be unlocked from the docks office, but he was currently on the wrong side of the desk to do something about that and those bars made sure that he would stay on that side. "Angel", he said to the latest addition to the group. "See you can pursuade our new friend here to lift the landlock from the Odyssey. Ask nicely, but if he doesn't listen, feel free to be a bit more persuasive."

-August Solitaire


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Okay, so let's make a list of what we want exactly. First of all, all the sites/media we need something for (whether we need a separate thing for everything or if we can share between them we can discuss later).

  • Phoenix Roleplaying (this site)

  • Facebook page

  • Blog

  • Twitter page

  • Newsletter (The Burning Question)

What do we want exactly? I'd say the following:

  • A header for the official site (and possibly the same one for the Facebook page, but as mentioned we can discuss that later)

  • A logo for on this site and possibly other media

  • A banner for when we want to advertise this page on other sides

These are just my ideas/suggestions. Are there things I've missed or is there anything else?



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Nico was struggling to register both things at the same time: the offlook of the wolves and the answers the woman gave him. For a moment he kept silent when Juliana was finished talking. Those wolves had a very disturbing appearance. He felt like he was in a horror movie. Then Juliana's answers sinked in. Wait, she had just collapsed and ended up here? That was very different from what he had experienced. Many questions he'd had now seemed useless to ask.

"They were here waiting for you?" he asked Juliana. "Or did you first arrive in this place, did you fall into a column of light and then they appeared?" Nico wondered if the way he had entered this dream was unique as well and if this was a random world or a world created by Juliana's mind. "Does this cottage look familiar to you?" he asked as a follow-up question.