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Lizzy reddened at the comment, feeling embarrassed for not being able to remember whom she had already met and who was new. It was something music stars often faced: when you met so many people, you tended to develop a blind spot for faces. "Sorry!" she blurted out. She then quickly returned to sipping on her tea, trying to be invisible.

"Shadai's still prepping the shuttle, I assume", August answered his pilot. "And no, she isn't hired muscle, although she knows how to handle herself in a fight." A bit too well for someone of her profession, August thought to himself. "Officially she's here as an antiquarian, selling her wares where we go, but she also helps us out with our work." In fact, since her time aboard helping them out was all Shadai had done and not so much her own work. It didn't matter to August and to be fair: he payed her for her work. "On top of that she also has piloting skills and took over from you when you were gone. Might be a good idea to talk to her about that." He paused for a moment, thinking he heard someone arrive, but when nobody entered the mess hall, he continued: "Make no mistake: I want you as our chief pilot, but it's good to have a back-up." For whatever reason, August thought to himself.

-August Solitaire


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Nico floated and then swam towards Maaike, so that they could have a more private conversation. "They're looking for her?" he repeated. "So, that means that she isn't dead? But why would she fake her death? And how?" He was beginning to get frustrated: the more they dug for answers, the more questions he ended up with. His good mood was completely gone. He headed back towards the beach: "Come on, we need to leave for the airport if we are to make our flight on time." Nico had no idea what he would find when they got to their destination, but he was fed up with trying to find his way in the dark: time to shed some light on the matter.



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ksabers wrote:

Cameron listened to the exchange between Ku'untook and Ciara. The being wasn't very polite, yet there was a sense of great urgency and danger in his words.

"Maybe it's better to listen to what he has to say" she whispered to Ciara, forcing herself to speak true English and not that bizarre Alltongue language which seemed to flow by itself out of her mouth. She offered her arm to help the girl. "Are you ok? Jumping between worlds is not good for headaches, I know for sure."


Ku'untook could not understand what Cameron was saying to Ciara, but strangely enough he did not interfere this time, but rather he waited to see what effect her words would have.



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SoapyMac wrote:

That man was staring at her. Not looking, staring. Ino's ears pricked up as she stared back, her stew temporarily forgotten. He seemed to suddenly notice that she had noticed his staring, and he averted his eyes... only for them to return to her a moment later.

"Didn't your mother tell you it's rude to stare?" she said to the man, not looking away. To her experience, that would result in one of two things. Either they'd approach her, or they'd run. Whichever.


The man's face reddened and he averted his eyes once more. "Sorry", he stuttered. "But I've never seen anyone like you."

What in the worlds did that mean? Surely this wasn't some cheap line to come on to Ino? He was old enough to be her father. Nor had he looked at her with infatuation, but more with genuine wonder. What had she gotten herself into?



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Again that rather unsettling smile appeared on Constance's face. "My, and here I was thinking it'd be rather hard to convince you." He almost sounded disappointed. "I have a contract on me, yes. So you'll do it? Splendid!"

As if on command, Frill got up from her husband's lap and walked over to the door of the cabin. She opened it and picked up something from around the corner. When she leaned back in and closed the door again, she was holding a bottle of champagne. Wait, how had they known how Cass would respond?

But before she could really think about it, she saw the contract appear before her; Constance had called it up on his PDA. There was quite some stuff to go through, but what stood out to her immediately was the amount of money they were offering her. For a top artist it might have been on the low side, but for someone such as Cass the amount was huge! Suddenly she heard a loud -POP!-: Frill had opened the bottle of champagne.



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Ronon had been working for a few minutes, when his captain's voice came through on his Cortex Unit:

= "Ronon, this is August. Come to the mess hall when you can; we need to discuss our next course of action. August out." =

-August Solitaire


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Olaf would have to wait for a few more seconds: August had preceded him to the mess hall and had made some coffee, but it wasn't quite ready yet.

August had found a chair at the table to sit on, some distance away from Ayla and Lizzy; the latter did not seem quite at ease with the captain being there. She did however lighten up as she saw Freya. During her time aboard she had seen the Akita on several occasions, but since Lizzy had kept mostly to herself, one couldn't say the two had come to know one another. And she didn't know Olaf at all, of course. She shifted her eyes from the dog to the pilot. "Hello", she said. "I'm Lizzy. Lizzy Lusko." Although she was a pop star, she didn't say her name as if it should mean something to Olaf, but rather as a normal introduction.

August in the mean time, had called Ronon to the mess hall on his Cortex Unit.



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= "Okay..." =

Shadai could hear the doubt in Brad's voice, but apparently he wasn't too suspicious that he wouldn't talk.

= "Simply put: that grenade that Shadai found is the reason the Alliance is here. There has always been smuggling going on down at that space port, but normally things are harmless enough for the Alliance to look the other way, when the right people have been payed off. Lately though there have been some changes in command - I cannot get into the details of it now - but the stakes have been raised and the smuggling has since focused on weapons. That in itself justifies the Alliance checking up on things, but not with an entire cruiser. And that's where the grenades come in." =

Brad paused for a moment: apparently someone had stepped into his office to give him an update on his affairs. Brad gave the woman some instructions and after she had left, he continued:

= "Not too long ago a shipment of a new type of grenades was intercepted: the ship was boarded and everyone aboard was killed: the only thing that was taken, were the crates with these grenades. Now this is all based on hearsay so I didn't think too much about it, but lately rumours have emerged about this shipment of grenades making their way to Athens. I'm not a weapons expert, nor a spy, but I can put two and two together: Shadai overhearing an illegal weapons deal about special grenades, the heavy security at the space port and the Alliance showing up with an entire cruiser: that can't be a coincidence. My guess is that you have one of these special grenades that the Alliance wants back so badly. I don't know what you plan to do with it - heck, I don't even know what's so special about those grenades in the first place - but I would advise against trying to sell it too openly. If the Alliance gets scent of the sell, they'll be onto you with their big guns. And I'd also be careful about using the damn thing: if the Alliance had it developed in one of their military research facilities, there must be something particularly nasty about it. Best would to get rid of it in a safe way, if you ask me. Don't you agree, captain?" =

A moment of silence followed, since August could not reply.

= "Captain Solitaire? Ronon? Are you guys there?" =

Now Brad did become suspicious:

= "Shadai, what's this? You said everybody was there!" =

It looked like someone had some explaining to do.



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The barrel in her back made Lianna realize the actual situation. This woman was right: there wasn't much she could do. But the woman's remark also made it clear to Lianna that as long as she kept quiet, she wouldn't be hurt. Well, not at this point anyway. So she calmed down. That however didn't mean that she liked being tied up. She gave both the man and the woman an angry stare, but she held her hands in front of her to be tied up.



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OOC: Yes, she would.

IC: She almost immediately got a reply from Brad himself. Apparently he had been waiting for the call.

= "Hello Odyssey? Hi. Is everybody there like I requested?" =

Brad was still under the impression that he would be talking to the entire Odyssey crew.



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August couldn't help but be impressed. He wondered how much of it had been skill and how much had been luck. He didn't doubt Olaf's expertise, but there was no way the man could have known that the escape pod would make it to the surface in one piece or that he would not be spotted by his pursuers. Sometimes the man seemed made out of luck. The weird thing was that August didn't believe in luck himself: skill was what got you through. Nevertheless, he couldn't deny that many a time Olaf had beaten the odds. Well, luck or skill, as long as he brought it with him back on the ship.

"I see", August said. He waited for his pilot to make the adjustments, then spoke: "When you're ready setting the course, I'd like to see you in the mess hall; I'll assemble the rest of the crew as well. We've got some things to discuss." He got out of his chair, and left the bridge, closing the door behind him. Olaf's dog remained with her master faithfully.

-August Solitaire


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James M wrote:

Mark strides over to Ryan under the glare of the the men who wanted the mule , he made sure his crew could spot him , he steps over to Ryan  near his ear

" Ryan, hate to spoil the fun, we got some big apes who want Sophie, I need the papers to prove ownership, I would like to do this and now waste perfectly good lead on those men over there, and wreck the party "

Mark hoped Ryan understood given his inebriated state

" Or just tell me where the papers are "

Mark Ho Chang

It took a few seconds for Ryan to register what his captain, who had appeared out of nowhere, was asking, but then a look of comprehension crawled on his face. "You know..." he said far more loudly than was necessary to be heard over the music, "I've got them right here!" He reached inside his overalls and pulled out a small leather wallet with some papers in it. Although he had been searched when he had been captured, his captors had only taken his money, the little bit he had on him, and his weapon. His weapon! Where was his weapon? Boy, things were sure getting loud and hot in here. Wait, why was he holding Sophie's papers? And why was Mark holding out his hand? Oh yes, the captain needed these papers. Ryan handed them over. Now, what was that he'd been thinking about his weapon?

-Ryan Bow

Ash Leighton Plom wrote:

Saw a few sims get put in cryo recently and wondered about resuming one or two of them.

I'm interested in:

1. A Kingdom for a Stage or something like it, set in the Middle Ages. Anyone else interested in a medieval sim?

2. Miranda, which I felt was a really cool Firefly sim concept, but I was too busy at the time to join it. The brief reads a lot like a frontier Western, with everything that's good about Firefly (technology, culture, conspiracy, Reavers...) thrown in, so a lot to run with, really. :-)

3. Possibly a Mass Effect sim. I know we've had two Mass Effect sims before, which suggests its popularity, and where I'm getting well psyched for Star Wars lately I'm feeling the space opera vibe, you know?

4. Another Star Wars sim. At the moment we have a small but growing Rise of the Empire sim set soon after Episode 3, and we have a popular Old Republic sim set contemporary to KotOR, but there are many other time periods and locations in the SW universe we could explore. Or am I jumping the blaster here, and we should wait just a few more weeks til Episode 7 comes out and maybe set something in the new era?


I'd be interested in getting the Miranda sim running once more. It seemed like a very interesting sim and I've already created a character for it. But it does seem to be a sim that needs a few players, given the setting.



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As Lianna arrived on the bridge, she recognized most of the bound prisoners there and looked at them with contempt. These were the ones that had betrayed her and had been planning on selling her, or doing worse. She was about to run up to the closest one to kick him in the head, when she noticed a man walking up to her with a rope. "Don't even think about it!" she spat at him. It was a defense mechanism: in her youth Lianna had learned that if you didn't show your teeth, people would assume you didn't have any. But perhaps now wasn't the right time to show teeth.



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Ino noticed that she got some odd looks from several of these people, one of them being an adult human male. She had no idea why the man was looking at her in that way, but it made her feel as if something was wrong with her. The man in turn tried his best to hide his fascination, although he obviously didn't succeed completely in this.

Another thing that Ino noticed was that the atmosphere was tense. These people clearly weren't at ease, but was all of that because of her? No, the way Ku'untook spoke to that girl suggested something else was going on. But what?



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Constance shrugged: "Simple: we like your music. We came here to watch you play, to see if you were what we were looking for." He paused and looked at his wife, who seemed preoccupied with Constance's neck. It was rather inappropriate behavior, but that didn't seem to bother either one of the couple.

"And I must say", Constance continued, "We liked what we saw." It was unclear what he meant by that: why would it make a difference in how Cass looked, or how she performed? Wasn't this about her music? If she decided to go for this project, she wouldn't be performing life anyway; she would record her songs in a studio.



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As much as August would like to debrief his pilot about the last mission, he would not do so without all crew members present. And since he currently needed his chief engineer in the engine room and the shuttle prepped, that wasn't going to happen yet. Instead he decided to inquire about the whereabouts of his pilot: "So what happened?" he asked Olaf. "Last time we saw you, you were flying a ship that exploded in the sky and now you turn up on Athens?"

-August Solitaire


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Lianna winced as her captor pulled her on her feet by the rope that bound her hands: she felt the fabric try to cut into her wrists. No doubt it would leave a mark, but that seemed the least of Lianna's worries.

Still determined not to let her fear show, the girl said nothing and let Melissa push her on. Well, at least she was out of the cargo hold of this ship.

- Lianna


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Nico couldn't help but laugh at the mental image this projected in his mind. "Come now", he said, "I'm sure you aren't that bad at it." He looked at the sea once more and realized how hot he felt. "Suit yourself", he told Maaike as he got up and headed for the cooling water.

Although it was rather crowded on the beach, it didn't take him too long to get to the water. And a good thing too, because when he got there his feet were severely heated by the sand. The first few steps in the sea therefore felt extremely nice and before long he found himself further into the sea, swimming a bit, but mostly floating on his back, enjoying the perfect combination of a hot sun and a cool sea.

-Nico Steenhuizen


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The world when dark when the simulation shut down, but as soon as Cass took the device of her head, the lights, sounds and smells of the real world entered her senses again. The music told her little about the passage of time, but she did notice that Frill and Constance but had a new drink. She also saw that her own drink had been refilled and that several small snacks had been put on the table.

At first the couple didn't notice Cass' return to the real world and they kept flirting with each other: Frill had taken up position on Constance's lap and seemed to be enjoying herself at least as much as Constance was. Then Frill noticed that Cass had shut off the Dreamachine. "Hiya!" she said playfully, making no effort to look the least bit embararssed by her actions.

Again it was Constance who took the lead in the conversation: "So? What did you think?" he asked. Again a confident smile was on his face. As if he already knew the answer to his own question.



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The Odyssey made it's way out of the system without any complications. If the Alliance was watching them, they were doing so without being noticed.

August watched his pilot go through the routines of getting the ship underway and he realized that this was the first time in a very long while that he was watching Olaf pilot the ship. Olaf who together with Ayla had been the only one to stick by his side not so long ago, although it seemed like an eternity.

"Good to have you back, Olaf", August muttered. The statement was very uncharacteristic for the captain: he never made a point of feeling affection for others, let alone utter those feelings in words.

-August Solitaire


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As time went on, the chief engineer continued to enjoy himself. At one point he even found himself dancing, something he normally never did.

-Ryan Bow


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And of course just when you plan to put everything together, your computer gives up on you and you are left with only the laptop that you use for work.

This is what happened to me when I was putting things together for the October newsletter. Suddenly I found myself without a working desktop. Luckily I save all news articles in the cloud, so I had no trouble retrieving those. The problem was the software which I use to put the newsletter together, which is Microsoft Publisher, and that was only installed on my desktop and not on my laptop that I use for work. I know there are free alternatives out there, but simply put: I know how Publisher works and do not have the time at the moment to get the hang of another program.

But I did manage to install Publisher on my laptop and finally put things together. So here it is, the October issue of The Burning Question. Enjoy!

- Mischa, editor-in-chief


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I am very sad to read this, Silent. But you have always been one of the most active players, if not THE most active player, on Phoenix. As many of us know, RL can 'interfere' with activities on this forum, but as you yourself point out: priorities need to be made. I am sad I won't be playing alongside your characters in some of the sims you're stepping out of and I can only hope we will see those characters return in those sims before too long.
And I of course hope that these RL activities turn out well for you. Take it easy!



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Like with other simulations, Cass could choose when to shut it down. Had she seen and experienced enough and was she ready to talk to Constance and Frill about working on music for this, or would she experiment some more?