Great to be back! Greenleaf sounds good to me. Would a new login account be needed to get access to PARS and is there a quick login link to it on this site (yes, I've been away for a while)?

Hi everybody,

Not a new member, but a returning one. Sadly I had to leave Phoenix RPG behind some time ago because I couldn't find the time to RP here anymore.

Misty contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I might be interested in returning. Now, it was never a matter of not being interested in returning, because I have missed this place and this feels a bit like coming home after a very long time.

Sadly I am still rather busy with other things, leaving me with less time to spend on these forums than I'd like to, but I have made a promise to myself in the form of a compromise: I will return but, at least for now, will only be playing one character. I should at least be able to find the time for that and, let's be honest: it's just fun being here and RP'ing again with you guys.

I haven't exactly made up my mind yet if I am going to play one of my old characters or design a new one (although I'm leaning towards the latter), but that also depends on which sims are still active. Preferably I'd play in a Firefly sim; the Firefly universe was the one that led me to these forums in the first place.

Anyway: great to be back and very much looking forward to RP'ing with you guys again! And if you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask them.  smile


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Dear fellow players,

As you may have noticed, my posting has become more irregular and infrequent. The reason is this: I am having more and more trouble to find the time to post. I recently took on a new function at my company, leaving my with less spare time and I already had trouble during that spare time to find some moments to post on these forums.

I love Phoenix Roleplaying, but the truth is that right now posting here is becoming a task which I actually have to work to make time for; time I actually do not have. That is why I have decided to leave Phoenix Roleplaying. It was a difficult decision, but I have thought about this a lot and it seems like the only viable option right now.

I have already mailed the people in the sims that I govern about my decision: I don't want to simply leave the sims and let people figure things out for themselves: if someone wants to step up as SL and/or GM for those sims, I will gladly help them get settled into that role.

I should also point out that there was interest from to new players to join the Odyssey sim. If anybody wants to run that sim I will of course bring that person into contact with these potential new players.

That leaves the newsletter: I think the newsletter does really add to the forums and I would love to see someone take over from me as editor-in-chief. I have the necessary templates, quite some background stories in stock (thank you, Silent!) and the actual archives of the old newsletters which I will gladly hand over. I also have the info for the outlook and dropbox accounts that I have set up for the newsletter, which I can also hand over.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to play with you all and I enjoyed it greatly. And who knows? Perhaps in the future I'll find the time for this awesome roleplaying website again and find my way back.

But for now: goodbye!

P.S. After that dramatic ending this seems a bit of an anticlimax, but regarding to handing over tasks: just email me about that and we can discuss these matters. I would also like to as to keep my account on here active for a little longer, since there are some PM's I have in regards to those potential Odyssey players that I mentioned.



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August grunted in confirmation when Olaf explained what had happened in the cargo bay: the captain was reading and apparently it took up most of his attention.

When Olaf checked the read-outs, he saw that they were still on course and in fact nearing their destination. It wouldn't be long until they'd have to find a place to land. The course that August had originally set, and that Olaf had adjusted later on, ended their journey at the edge of town, at a landing spot that wasn't part of any official port. It meant they'd have to travel a bit further to get to the town, but it also meant that they wouldn't get into any trouble with landlocks, like they had at their previous destination.



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After some time, Olaf led the two Russians into the mess hall: it was their turn to eat something.

Olaf instructed the duo what to do with their empty plates and then headed to the bridge. Kirill and Latka quickly grabbed their plates, knifes and forks and filled their plates with a generous amount of the food that was left. They were hungry ,apparently.

The duo sat down at the opposite corner from where Ayla and Shadai had taken place. They greeted the women with a nod, but then quickly attacked their food, while talking to each other in Russian.



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"From one mess to another, hey?" Latka said, and then laughed loudly at his own bad joke.

He then followed Olaf to the mess hall, just as his colleague Kirill did.

(continued in the mess hall)


But it seemed to late to do anything about whatever was going on. Ku'untook stepped back. Whatever was happening to Ciara, it was now happening on its own.

But the girl didn't appear to be in pain. However, she did seem to change. "Do not interfere," Ku'untook said. "I did not harm her; I simply awoke her body, her true form."



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Dear Phoenix members,

For the first time in the history of this newsletter I actually had trouble finding enough news to fill it, which is the main reason the January newsletter has only now been finished. The lack of news appears to be a symptom of a bigger issue Phoenix Roleplaying is experiencing, which I have written a comment about.

To make up for the delay, there is a background article no less than four pages long about a special train that made its appearance in the, now sadly closed down, XCOM sim and will also show up in the Covert-81 sim.

Enjoy the latest issue, which can be found here.

-Mischa Brendel, editor-in-chief of The Burning Question


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That last remark made it clear that both Russians spoke English very well, since their eyes widened and they suddenly set to their task with a remarkable efficiency: they retrieved the needed supplies and instruments from the places that Olaf had indicated and quickly set to work. Both men had seen Ronon and obviously were very hungry themselves, fearing that the food would be gone by the time they were done.

A few minutes later the job was done. They had set to their task with such effort, that the small place where one of the dogs had defecated actually looked cleaner than the rest of the cargo bay.

"Done!" both men said simultaniously, right after they had put away the mops and everything else that they had used.



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As much trouble as Olaf'd had in identifying the Russians' mood during their walk towards the cargo bay and the location where one of their dogs had left a not unimpressive package, as easy a time he had figuring out how they thought about this: both men gave a look of disgust when they saw the cause of why they had been summoned to the cargo bay. Again there was some discussion in Russian, then Latka turned to Olaf: "Big dog takes big dump, ey?" He smiled, but it wasn't a very convincing smile; he knew what he'd have to do next. "Do you have anything for us to clean this up with?" he asked Olaf in a more serious tone.



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Freya could clearly detect the scent of the other two dogs on these men: both dogs were male.

The men were talking among themselves in Russian; Olaf had a hard time hearing whether they were simplly talking or in fact arguing: the intonation was very hard to place. But whatever they were talking about, they didn't give him any trouble in walking towards the scene of the crime.

(continued in cargo bay)


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Latka stood up straighter and crossed his arms as well, mirroring Olaf's stance. There were a few seconds of silence and the pilot couldn't be sure if this would end in a fight or not. Then Latka suddenly started laughing. "I like you! You've got balls, little man!" The latter remark did not so much indicate Olaf's lack of height, as the Russian's surplus of it: the man was really tall. "We will clean up the mess and then go eat!" He waited for Olaf to let him pass, locking the door to his cabin, with his dog still in there, behind him. He then knocked on the cabin next to it. His colleague opened and after the exchange of some Russian sentences - the other Russian seemed less amused by the news - he too locked his cabin door behind him.

"Lead the way; show us where our dogs... defecated," Latka said to Olaf. That last word seemed to amuse him.



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Welcome to the forums, Ruby! You can just read into some of the sims storylines or their summaries to get a grasp of the stories and settings and you can also contact the sim owners through a forum message or a PM to gather some more information about a sim or express your interest in joining a sim: everybody is more than happy to help. So just pick out a sim or some sims that you are interested in joining and contact the sim leader. The sim summary page is a good starting point to get an idea of what the different sims are about.



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Nico read through all the information that Maaike had managed to come up with, but basically there wasn't that much new information in there. After he finished reading through it all, he ended up having a more informal conversation with Maaike. They talked a bit more about their personal lifes: Nico told about how he'd finished college and had ended up with setting up his company. It was an agreeable way to pass the time, Nico found.


The glowing continued. It seemed to be pulsing and in fact, it was in synchronisation with Ciara's heartbeat.



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Latka raised one eyebrow, acting as if a small child had just told him something very uninteresting. "How do I know it was not your dog that... deficated in the cargo bay? Why do you blame our dogs for this?"



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Thanks for the update, Giorgio. But take it easy and don't overdo it! Don't forget to get enough rest!



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From the bridge, the captain replied:

= "This is the bridge. Understood. Good work. August out." =

-August Solitaire


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August replied with simple:

= "Roger." =

He knew that his engineer wouldn't let this test interfere with their flight schedule. He of course followed the process of the engine test on the bridge consoles, although there were a lot of readings which were beyond his comprehension.

However, before long Ronon sent another message to the bridge:

=" Bridge this is Ronon, we got engine number one up and running, shes purrin like a kitten "=

August certainly wasn't an engineer, but since most readings on the monitors were in the green - literally - he had gathered as much.

= "This is the bridge. Understood. Good work. August out." =

-August Solitaire


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After a few seconds the door opened. The man called Rolov Latka looked at Olaf with a semi-bored expression. "What is it?" he asked in a tone that bordered on being rude.


This was the moment Ku'untook had been waiting for. He started to utter words that Ciara couldn't make any sense of. They sounded very differenty from anything else she'd heard in this world. As if in response to these words, Ciara's body began to feel warm. Not like it was being heated by a fire or something, but from the inside. Again she actually felt the firmness of her bones. It was a very strange feeling. Was this how ordinary people felt?

As Ku'untook kept saying on his incomprehensible words, Ciara's body kept... changing? Was she actually glowing?



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Don't worry about that. We're happy to see you back here, though! smile



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August looked up from his work. He grunted, then replied:

= "Yes, you may. In fact, head over to them now and tell them they are free to move around the public areas of the ship and eat their meal in the mess hall. After they have cleaned up the cargo bay, that is. Keep an eye on them when they clean up: the cargo bay is not one of the public areas they're allowed to move freely in. August out." =

He thought he had been clear on the matter, but apparently he had been wrong. It seemed futile to make a big point of it now however, given how close they were to finishing their deal with the Russians.

-August Solitaire


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The reply came immediately:

= "Yes, you may. In fact, head over to them now and tell them they are free to move around the public areas of the ship and eat their meal in the mess hall. After they have cleaned up the cargo bay, that is. Keep an eye on them when they clean up: the cargo bay is not one of the public areas they're allowed to move freely in. August out." =

-August Solitaire


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The two women currently were the only ones left in the mess hall. The table had been cleaned for the most part, since all that had eaten earlier had picked up their own dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

The two Russians however, still hadn't eaten. The captain had promised them that they would get something to eat when he'd sent them to their quarters, but so far he hadn't acted on it yet. Perhaps he had simply forgotten to do so. There was plenty of the food left, so that couldn't be it.

Ayla still had a choice to make: who would she choose to help her with watching the crowd when Lizzy gave her performance: Olaf or Ronon?

Shadai in turn would have to decide which wares she thought she could sell to this business associate of the captain.