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Character Bio

Name: TK-557
Born: 27 BBY
Place of birth: Unknown
Age: 26
Height: 5ft 10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Rank: First Stormtrooper
Status: Active Duty. ISS Dominator

Current Profession: Imperial Stormtrooper, First Stormtrooper

Aspirations & Goals: To Serve the Galactic Empire.

Known Relatives:

Education/Credentials: Lothal Imperial Academy

Languages spoken: Common



Personality: Loyal

Personal History:




Interests/Hobbies: Building small models of imperial ships and fighters.


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I'm interested in joining as well. Just let us know what roles you need, etc.



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OOC: Sorry ^_^ - GM


As Cole stepped back, her foot slipped on some of the blood and a piece of partially chewed meat on the floor, which caused her to fall down. The sound of the fall alerted a couple of zombies who turned their heads in the direction of Cole. They let out a low groan and slowly got up from their feed and edged towards Cole, their legs dragging behind them.


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Character(s): Lisa H. Collins (bio), Calvin Ward (bio)

OOC: Bit of a quick post, not my best ... - Daniel

IC: Lisa nodded towards Calvin with a smile "Lead the way then, I assume you know a good location to hold out for now".

Calvin just shrugged his shoulders and started to move down one of the side streets.

"Hey! don't you know anywhere? Surely you have a safe house?" Lisa raised her voice a little bit and started to run after Calvin to catch up to him. As she got close to the guy, she pouted after she had noticed a big grin on his face. "So you do know somewhere ..." she muttered under her breath.

As they walked down an alley, they noticed that one of the manhole covers in front of them had risen up slightly, unsure on what was going on, Calvin had loaded a bolt into his crossbow and aimed it towards the manhole cover and waited. Lisa had noticed his actions and slowed down to a stop and looked on.

"Hmm..." Lisa held her bat in front of her and being the only person that had a voice in the party, she had decided to speak up for both of them. "Yo, who's there? Come up slowly."


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Welcome aboard Tarzan, glad to have you here.

The RP is set sometime in May, so it is quite warm.

Also, due to the Christmas period and how busy people are around this time, I have decided to relax the AWOL policy. So it is now TWO weeks, instead of ONE week. I'm not that aggressive with AWOLs anyway...


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@Tarzan I was thinking that you can have your character bump into Calvin and Lisa in the New York thread, then we can, at some point group up with Misty, then head west and pick up more people on the way and get in to some trouble with others...


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No worries mate, I have replied to both yourself and Misty, so whenever you get a chance to respond...

Have a nice Thanksgiving.


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I'm interested, but I am not familiar with Supernatural.


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A trail of blood could be seen on the floor and it was leading around a corner. A sound of squelching could be heard from that direction. The blood trail leads to a body lying on the floor, two zombies were kneeling over it, pulling out the intestines from its stomach with their bare hands that had long sharp claw-like fingernails, and were munching on the organs, occasionally they dropped a few pieces of meat on the floor, creating a disturbing splat sound as it hit the concrete, leaving a splatter of blood.

A few more bodies could be seen as well, it looked like they were trying to run away and there were signs of a struggle. It was hard to identify them, as they were also surrounded by zombies. A small horde had recently passed through this part of town.


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OOC: Had to break the map out, to see where you were. Haha. - GM

After a few moments, two of the men came out of their houses, with disappointed looks on their faces. "Nothing here, looks like it has already been looted, did you find anything?"

"No not-" The man was about to reply when he saw Jason just sitting on the truck's bonnet smoking. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? I said to wait in the truck and keep a lookout, not to laze about. Fuck sake Jason, can't you do anything right?"

Jason just looked over at the guy and flicked the butt of the cigarette on the floor, exhaling the last amount of smoke. "Where's Tony?" He simply replied, jumping off the vehicle.

"HELP! ARGH" A shout came from one of the houses. "SHIT."

The three men ran towards the house and tried to look for Tony. "Yo, Tony, you okay?!" They shouted, trying to find their comrade.

When they got to his location, they found the guy lying on the floor, a zombie was on top of him, biting thin air as it was held back by tony's weapon. "Help me get it off."

Jason was amused and just laughed. "How'd you manage that?" He said, making his way over to the zombie and whacking it in the head with a baseball bat. The skull made an audible crack and the zombie was lying motionless. "Fucking hell mate, try to be careful."

"The t-thing... jumped me as I was trying to l-look... in the basement, came out from behind some boxes. The fucker s-scared the shit out of me, so I ran up here... I tripped and the next thing I knew it was on top of me." Tony replied as he tried to regain his breath. "It's not .... f-fucking funny. Just go back to the vehicle in case someone steals it."

"What do you mean? There is nobody here, it's like a ghost town..."


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I shall be posting in a bit, just need to sort some stuff out. Mainly the direction of where the RP is going to go.

Just posting here to say I haven't forgotten about you all.


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Character(s): Lisa H. Collins (bio), Calvin Ward (bio)

The young girl, who was sprinting away from the fast-moving zombies heard a whistle and a lot of banging sounds coming from behind her and she decided to take a look. She saw that the zombies were now focused on a new target, a man with shoulder-length greasy hair, wearing a black t-shirt. She slowed down and hid behind a yellow taxi which had its front driver's side door open and it's windshield smashed. She took a deep breath to calm her fast beating heart. "Don't know who you are, but thanks for the help." She muttered to herself, still breathing heavily.

The girl looked down at her hands, she was wielding a spiked club which was fashioned out of a table leg and some nails. The club was covered in blood and bits of flesh. "Ugh ... Come on Lisa, you should help him out. He did save you afterall." She said, trying to convince herself. "I suppose I should help him." She looked around and saw another alley and decided to run down it, hoping to run into the man that decided to make himself as bait in order to rescue her.

As she got to the other street through the alley, she saw that the four zombies which were once chasing her were now lying on the floor with metal rods sticking out of their heads. "What? ..." Was the only thing that came out of her mouth as she seemed confused. "He already took care of them?" Lisa slowly made her way over to the now motionless corpses that were lying on the floor. "Wow."

As she got closer, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye and she halted. She raised the club up in front of herself and slowly turned her body around to face the moving object. "Ah, its you." She said in surprise. "Thank you for rescuing me."

The guy edged closer and Lisa was frozen in place. "D-D-Dont come closer" She panicked and spoke out to him. 'What was I thinking, why did I come here, again? He could be anyone. What if he wants to have his way with me.' The guy didn't say anything and continued to move closer and just stared at the girl. When he was only a few feet infront of Lisa, she closed her eyes and her body shook with nervousness.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes again to see the guy was no longer infront of her, but was now bent over the corpses. He was pulling out the metal rods from their heads and placing them in a quiver on his back. When his task was complete, he stood up straight and looked back towards the girl and smiled at her.

Calvin reached into his pocket and pulled out a small white board and a marker pen and wrote something down and shown it to the girl.

Yo, how's it going? My name is Calvin, I'm a mute, so can't talk to you.

Lisa looked at the white board with a dumbfound expression and then looked up at Calvin. "Umm ... Okay ... Hi, my name Lisa."

Calvin smiled and rubbed out his writing and wrote something else.

We should find somewhere else to go, it isn't safe on the streets.


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Character(s): Calvin Ward (bio)

The dark figure stopped in its tracks for a brief moment, letting out gurgling sound as it breathed out which caused blood to spurt from its mouth. It's lower jaw hanged from a thin piece of flesh. The figure was a young male, in his mid-twenties and he wore a grey tattered shirt that had dark stains of blood and dirt. His lower body was covered with jeans and he was barefoot with long yellow toenails. He rushed forward, as he noticed Calvin who raised his crossbow.

Just as the zombie made it to the front of the reception desk, Calvin pulled the trigger of his crossbow and the bolt launched forward landing directly in between the zombie's eyes, penetrating the skull and launching through the other side. The zombie was knocked back by the momentum and fell to the floor, black blood spreading from its open wound.

Calvin's heart raced as the zombie had gotten pretty close to him. 'Blimey, that was close.' He thought as he took a deep breath to calm himself down. 'I would've been a zombie snack if I didn't pull that trigger quickly.' Calvin rounded the reception desk and slowly made his way towards to zombie who was now lying on the floor. 'Although, with that mouth, I'd most likely be licked to death or just smothered in blood.'

He looked around to find his bolt and saw it was by the front door and made his way over to pick it up. As he bent down Calvin spotted a young girl running down the street, from the open door. She was constantly looking behind her, as she weaved in and out of abandoned vehicles on the road.  Calvin took a peek at what she was looking at and saw four zombies in quick pursuit of the girl. 'Oh dear, that's not good.' He thought as he debated whether or not to save her. 'Probably for the best.'

Calvin stood up straight and waited for the zombies to pass by before he ran out the door and whistled towards them. As he ran, he also made other noises by knocking on nearby vehicles. The zombies stopped their pursuit of the girl and slowly turned around towards the new noise and noticed Calvin. They started to move in on him, their speed increased to a sprint. 'Well, that's my good deed for today, best high tail it out of here.' He then proceeded to run down a nearby alleyway, the zombies still in pursuit.


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A sound of a vehicle screeching to a halt was heard from the next street over, a few moments later three men alighted from the vehicle and started talking loudly.

"Hey, you two check those buildings over there. I'll check this one. If you find anything useful, put it in the back of the truck."

"Okay." "Yes ..." The two replied, quickly moving to the building they were assigned.

"Jason" The man who ordered the others looked at Jason, who was sitting in the vehicle listening to music. "JASON" he shouted, but Jason was still not listening. Getting annoyed with this boy's attitude, the man went up to the window which Jason was leaning against and banged it really hard, startling the boy. "Oi, wake up, take those fucking earphones out and be a lookout. If you find any zombies or other survivors, then beep the horn twice. If you want to listen to music, then turn on the radio and play some CDs."

Jason just yawned and nodded to the large man. "Kay ..."

"Don't just 'kay' me, just do your fucking job." the large man left to search the nearby building.

"Stupid moron .." Jason mumbled as he exited the vehicle and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Why am I always on the lookout." Taking out a cigarette, he jumped on the bonnet of the pickup truck and sat down, leaning against the windshield. "This place is ghost town anyway, there's nobody here." The boy lighted the cigarette, which was now in his mouth and took a deep breath before exhaling the smoke. "Hopefully, they find more cigarettes, I'm running out."


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No worries mate, your health comes first. I hope you are well.


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Elrood, you can start a location thread, where you'll be one of the characters the survivors will meet in the future.


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New characters should be anywhere in New York ideally. Then we will head west and pick up survivors on the way.

Elrood wrote:

Are you wanting us to make our own location threads, or will you start them?

You can make your own location threads and once posted, I'll reply as a GM.


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Ah, that will be fine. I should be able to work with it. ^_^


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I was hoping to have them start in the same general area.


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Thanks, Euan.


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Character(s): Calvin Ward (bio)
Location: Manhattan

Calvin looked up from where he sat. A silhouette of a stumbling figure walked by the window of the office building he was in. As it approached the front door, Calvin quickly hid under the reception desk, which was in the centre of the main entrance of the building. The building was his old workplace, a place where evidence of current crimes was analysed and recorded in files for future court cases. He had worked in the digital forensics side of the building, his current case before the outbreak in 2010 was to convict a paedophile who raped and murdered young girls. He had the suspects personal computer and had found hundreds of images of children on the hard drive, the children were all nude and in indecent postures.

It was an easy case, all the evidence pointed to the suspect, even the nondigital evidence, which the other teams were assigned to point to the suspect. When the outbreak hit things didn't seem to matter anymore. At first, everyone thought it was a gang of psychopaths who liked to feed off of others. News Articles recorded all their cannibalistic crimes, crimes that were done in broad daylight in the middle of busy streets. Well, those streets are not busy anymore. Everyone is dead. At least, Calvin thought everyone was dead. He was alone in the world of Zombies. Once a highly trained forensics person, with lots of friends and a happy family, now a lonely guy.

The silhouette had finally reached the door, the golden door knob on the heavy wooden door began to turn slightly. When the tumblers of the door clicked, the door slowly opened. Calvin heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the desk, he tightened the grip on his crossbow, he didn't want to be someones walking meat bar. At times, he wondered why he wasn't affected by this virus? Disease? Other times he wished he had died with the other people, he didn't really want to be alone. It was only by chance that he somehow managed to survive for the past two years.

The door was wide open now, the light behind the silhouette cast a long shadow across the floor, over the desk and onto the wall in front of Calvin.

The figure made a slow movement towards Calvin, but it didn't know Calvin was there, surely not? Calvin didn't want to find out and decided to arm the crossbow with a single bolt, in preparation. He preferred silent weapons, plus it had some advantages over firearms. Guns were loud and ammo was not reusable after they were expelled from the chamber. Whereas Crossbows were silent and bolts were reusable. All he had to do was pull it from a corpse's head to reuse it. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and to collect to his thoughts to think of a contingency plan if this failed. Breathing out a sigh to calm his racing heart down, he stood up from where he was hiding and faced the dark figure raising the crossbow to eye level.


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Name: Calvin Ward
Place of birth: Manhattan, NY
Age: 37
Height: 6' 1" (185.42 centimeters)
Weight: 122 pounds (55.3 kilograms)

Calvin is a Caucasian male, he is rather tall and skinny, has green eyes and black hair. The clothing he wears since the outbreak, include; black jeans, a black T-Shirt with a band's image on the front and a pair of black boots.

Calvin is a shy individual and is quite nervous around women. He is rather intelligent and always thinks of others before himself.

Calvin was born a mute, at New York Downtown Hospital, in Manhattan. Calvin was, naturally, unable to speak, which made life difficult for him growing up as a kid, as most people didn't realise he was there or that he even existed. Calvin, however,  didn't find this to be a disadvantage, as he wasn't distracted as easily as other kids were and he was more focused on his studies. When Calvin finished studying at high school, he went to college to learn to become a Forensic Scientist and then later became a forensic scientist in computing at a local CSI group.

Allies: (alive or thought to be alive)

Associates: (people you may or may not like well or be close to)

Enemies: (other than the undead)

  • James L. Weddle - The suspect he was working on, before the outbreak happened.

Status: Stranded


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Name: Lisa H. Collins
Place of birth: Freeport, IL
Age: 16 (February 23)
Height: 5' 5" (164 centimeters)
Weight: 137.7 pounds (62.6 kilograms)

Lisa has shoulder length wavy red hair and brown eyes and is currently wearing a white tank top, a pair of faded jeans and brown doc martens.

Uses common sense and tries to not provoke anyone. Very friendly towards others and is more introverted or shy at first, until she gets to know someone and then she becomes very chatty.

Lisa was born in Freeport, IL on the 23rd of February, 1996 and had lived there until she was 10 years old, at which point she and her parents moved to New York, due to her mother getting a better job at a fashion magazine as a journalist. Lisa was living as an ordinary student in Manhattan, her grades were slightly above average and she used to do what normal teenage girls were doing and spent time hanging out with her friends at coffee shops or arcades.

When the zombie outbreak happened in 2010, Lisa was at school studying. A lot of the students panicked when they first heard about what had happened outside of the school premises and they tried to phone their parents to see if they were okay. Unfortunately, Lisa couldn't get a hold of hers and now, two years later, she is still currently trying to look for them, while also trying to survive.

Allies: (alive or thought to be alive)
Nobody, yet.

Associates: (people you may or may not like well or be close to)
Nobody, yet.

Enemies: (other than the undead)
Nobody, yet.

Status: Safe.


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Could you please use this image for the Outbreak RP?



Greetings, my name is Daniel Taylor, I currently reside in England.

I have been roleplaying since 2006 when I first joined AJJE Games. Then after the schism, I joined here, but something happened and I left to make a new site and created quite a successful RP for Naruto and various other games. Eventually, in 2013, due to real life reasons, I stopped roleplaying. Now it is 2017 and I decided to get back into it again.

I like to RP; Sci-fi, apocalypse and fantasy stuff.

My favourite TV show is Suits and I like to read novels based on people reincarnating into a fantasy world or being summoned into games and stuff like that.