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The marbled pink and white atmosphere of Jelcun quickly dominated the viewport of the Interceptor. The Commander's HUD lit up with orbital satellites and navigational buoys. He could make out several vessels in close proximity, mostly the size of small to mid sized freighters and shuttlecraft. No capital ship's or recognizable military craft as yet, although a small set of blips in a loose formation were ascending through the atmosphere.


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Cordelia could feel the crimson stare of the woman from across the room. How this species had grown to such a high profile in the Empire was beyond her. Admiral Thrawn was without a question an exemplary member of his species. The reputation of the admiral inspired fear and awe throughout the ranks of the navy. The XO certainly benefitted from his rather long white coattails in her rapid advancement through the ranks. Still one military genius did not a species make.

The XO was apparently trying to toy with her. She brushed a blonde lock of hair back as she looked across the conference table into the XO's blue face. "It seems we know little about your species and their loyalties with your kind's reputation for secrets. I trust the Emperor looks confidently to you safeguarding loyal citizens, not hunting them down. Like this world, Jelcun, they need to be assured of Emperor Palpatine's benevolence and protection through upstanding officers such as yourself."



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Cordelia nodded. "Thank You Ma'am, that would be greatly appreciated." As the alien moved closer into the room, Cordelia pulled up her pad she had been working on. "It would appear the interference has cleared up now that we have entered the system." Her comment seemed trite, but she was stuck here with the Alien. Cordelia wished someone else would hurry up and get into the conference room. Aliens didn't think like normal people. That made Cordelia wary and a bit uncomfortable.

A message came through to the XO and Cordelia on their comsets. <XO and senior staff to the conference room for mission briefing. Five minutes.> Cordelia tapped her small earpiece sending an acknowledgement back to the communications officer that she had received the message



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On the bridge, the Captain paced along the walkway as officers and technicians in the pits prepared for the Star Destroyer to drop out of Hyperspace. The communications officer spoke into his headset, <Real space reversion in five... four... three... two... one.... Cutting in Sublight engines.>

The captain nodded, knowing that his pilots would be watching. The helmsman pulled back on the Hyperspace actuator and tiny starlines suddenly flashed into set constellations. The pink and white marble that was Jelcun was dominating the viewport as the Star Destoyer dropped into a close orbit of the planet. Small clusters of lights could be seen just beyond the terminator on the dark side of the planet. It was populated, but not massively like a world of the Core.

The Captain exhaled softly. "So it begins." he softly stated to no one. "Bring us into geosynchronous orbit above the Capitol city. Let their space traffic control know of our arrival as if they could not see us and have them divert all local air traffic out of our protection zone. Inform the First Officer and Senior staff that I will expect them in the Conference room in five minutes."

The Captain's aides quickly relayed his orders to the assorted departments and planetary authorities. The Captain stood by the forward windows looking at this new world they were about to encounter.

-The Captain


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The technician continued the inspection tour of the walker. Everything appeared to be in place.

In short time a follow up announcement came into the walker. <Real space reversion in five... four... three... two... one.... Cutting in Sublight engines.>

The technician looked up to the First Trooper. "Looks like its about showtime sir. "

-Technician Bob


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"Cute arren't they. You can get. Real cheap. Makes great gift for boyfriend." a voice suddenly interjected from Jeannie's side. A young man of Asian descent stood smiling at her wearing a red vest with the shop name CurioCity stenciled above the pocket. Beneath it was a name tag that read Stan. He had a broad smile and a kind face for a man several years older than her. It seemed to be a basic sales pitch to engage a customer, which at the moment, Jeannie appeared to be.  "We got lot more in back. You want Cat... hamster... aligator. Got that one special just came in. You like. He motioned for her to accompany him towards the rear of the shop.

-Stan, CurioCity Employee


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The voice caused shivers to move up Cordelia's spine. The first officer was efficient and a loyal servant of the Emperor, but she was ... an alien. Cordelia had a difficult time looking in her blood red eyes. But still, she was an officer in the Emperor's Navy, and that demanded respect, even if uncomfortable.

"No Ma'am." Cordelia replied standing at attention for her superior officer. "I was growing frustrated with the hyperspace comm system. There is a great amount of interference getting through to Jelcun. I was planning on sending for a technician, but I wanted to have these reports ready by the time we arrived at the planet."

Her explanation was cut off by the ship wide announcement, <Real space reversion in five... four... three... two... one.... Cutting in Sublight engines.>

"Which is apparently now." Cordelia added.



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The droid on bartending duty whirled over to where Boba had settled by the bar.

"Sir, what form of refreshment may I dispense for you? Or do you require additional services?" The single photoreceptor was turned toward Boba and the odd speaker interface it spoke from emminated from a chinless mouth at the bottom of the units head.

Little else was going on in the bar at the moment aside from  several holo-monitors tuned to programing from various parts of the galaxy. One had the usual propaganda out of Coruscant, another was showing an alien on alien fight match, the kind once banned by the republic, and on another was a pair of fierce looking Twi'lek females striding into a large tub of rather sticky lubricant.

A announcement came over the speakers. <Real space reversion in five... four... three... two... one.... Cutting in Sublight engines.>

-Service Droid MD2020


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The red warning lights on the signal tree held a solid red as pilots hurried to their fighters.

A response came back in Taal's helmet. <Dominator Flight Control to Interceptor Six. Commander, we are waiting on reversion to real space. Prepare Squadron for launch.>

At nearly the same time the ship wide announcement filled the hanger. <Real space reversion in five... four... three... two... one.... Cutting in Sublight engines.> There was a sudden jolt as the inertial dampners fought to ease personnel and machines out of hyperspace and into regular space. In a moment it was gone. The signal tree switched to green.

<Commander you are cleared to launch Squadron One. Good hunting.>
-Dominator Flight Control


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Over the comm system an announcement rang out: <All hands, reversion to real space in ten minutes. Prepare all systems for arrival. Ten minutes to reversion.>

Cordelia uttered a short stream of profanity not becoming of an Imperial officer. She was not ready. She had only begun to get the necessary comuniques to the governor's office. And beyond the standard parade order, she was struggling to come up with sscts of intentionality to emphasize the emperor's complete rule of this system. This display needed to not come off half assed. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, slowly exhaling.

First order would be to brief the Captain and staff officers as to the itinerary. Ten minutes. Ten damned minutes!


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The schedule had not been fully updated from the political officer as yet. Standard Imperial protocols for visitation of a friendly world would of course be observed. This included the ceremonial reception by the planetary governor that the Captain or first officer had to endure. Presumably the political officers grand parade would preceed the arrival of flag officers.

Some basic maps of the capitol city were available including routes from the spaceport to the governor's palace.

Over the comm system an announcement rang out: <All hands, reversion to real space in ten minutes. Prepare all systems for arrival. Ten minutes to reversion.>


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As the ship was gearing up for an operation, the recreation deck was fairly deserted. A few mid level officers were reading or viewing holofilms. There was an enlisted crewman's bar just starboard of the commissary. It was more deserted than the main cooridors. Apparently fake sunlight and a little greenery was more appealing than the white and chrome of the bar.

Over the comm system an announcement rang out: <All hands, reversion to real space in ten minutes. Prepare all systems for arrival. Ten minutes to reversion.>



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Jenkins had stood clear of the Intelligence Agent as he marched out of the office. Jenkins would rather lose an entire AW342-221 form in triplicate than have to come face to face with that man. Now he just had to see what damage control needed to be run in the aftermath of the Agent's visit. And just like clockwork, the Commander called him in. He kept his tablet at the ready. "Yes, sir." He stated announcing his arrival.

The request was no where as difficult as he had expected. In a few quick taps on his tablet he transferred the pilot roster and personnel files over to Agent Anders. "Transferred sir. I am certain he will not find any seditious traits in any of our pilots. Solid overachiever sir, each out to be the best. They will make you proud sir."

Being dismissed by the Commander he turned and returned to his desk.

Over the comm system an announcement rang out: <All hands, reversion to real space in ten minutes. Prepare all systems for arrival. Ten minutes to reversion.>

-Ensign Jenkins


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"Intersting. An untested air wing with new pilots serving a new commander." He paused briefly his mind calculating the implications of the data he was hearing. "I shall follow the progress and challenges of your pilots closely. I will be most curious how well they perform in the upcoming display of Imperial might. I am confident they will come to live up to your high standards of professionalism."

The agent stood up. "I look forward to receiving your files Commander Taal. If there is a problem aboard this ship, it will be discovered and dealt with. Thank you for the tea. I will be in touch."

With that Agent Anders turned about on his heel and exited the office, giving Ensign Jenkins a menacing look over as he passed.
-Agent Anders


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There are a small handful serving the Empire, but usually in special capacities instead of the Imperial Navy. Thrown just kicks butt.


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We certainly need an XO. The Chiss Ascendancy is very secretive and it's people very rare in the Empire. But I am open to the concept. It would be an interesting dynamic having an alien as first officer. I like playing on the tensions of ingrained xenophobia in the Empire. Go for it.


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Agent Anders slowly nodded his head as Taal made his report. "I would expect nothing else from an officer of your quality. I would appreciate a copy of your files on all your pilots. I am certain i shall f8nd them enlightening. One last thing Commander, which squadron would you say is your best, your highest scoring group on recent excersizes?"
If it was indeed his last question, the Intelligence Agent made no move as to leave.
-Agent Anders

The sound of the breaks from a large semi-truck pulling into the parking lot suddenly woke Quinn from his slumbering. Startled, he quickly sat up, only to find his face colliding with the sloped rear window of the Chevette. He let out a yelp of surprise and pain as his head flopped back down to the lowered back seat bench. He grabbed his forehead and more carefully sat up shuffling himself toward the front of the car.

He had slept soundly despite his less than comfortable surroundings. The light of morning was chasing away the shadows of night. As he slowly became more aware of his surroundings, he could tell something was wrong. The Windows of the Chevette were blurred, through a thick foamy ooze. The cobwebs of his mind were quickly cleared away as his trained intellect put together his situation. He grabbed his camera and quickly unlocked the door as he stepped out into the cool Kentucky morning. His pulse quickened as he examined what had become of his car.

<This is remarkable! I am standing outside my car in the parking lot of a Waffle House restaurant in Broken Falls Kentucky. This tiny Southern town has a long history of occult activity. I am hear to expose another supernatural event, but it appears the powers of darkness knew I was coming. I am zooming in on what is a manifestation of ectoplasm enveloping the Chevette. This is no natural phenomenon, as you can see much of the ectoplasm has formed in a series of profane words, a hallmark of demonic activity. Now look at this... Y..a...n..k..ee. Yankee. Kentucky was the location of several prominent battles in the Civil War. Looks like some demonic rebel sonuvabitch wants to scare me off. Well listen up you undead inbred bastard! Quinn Butterfield is in town! Thats right! Meet me out at the old Cowboy Chaps Bar tonight you spectral redneck! We'll see who gets scared off!

That's right folks. I dropped the gauntlet. It's High Noon against the spirit world tonight! On Ghost Provokers! We aint scared! Are you?!>

As Quinn hit the red button on the camera to stop shooting he took note of a small crowd that had come out from the Waffle House to watch the spectacle. Quinn raised his arms up. "That's right! You saw it here first! Undead Showdown! GhostProvokers.com!"

He wasn't quite sure what the crowd was calling back at him. Silly country yokels didn't see the truth. He walked around to the front of the Chevette, climbing in, starting the engines and letting the wipers take the ectoplasm off the windshield. The spirit world was on alert. This was going to be an epic night. The Chevette pulled out on the road and started towards the Broken Star bar.

The Waitress from the restaurant watched the little car head out onto the highway. She shook her head. "Damned Youtube. That boy was touched. Zachariah, tell the Sheriff he don't need to come by. Oh and get those cans of shaving cream in the trash you idjiot."

-Quinn Butterfield


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Promotion can be quite rapid. As can untimely termination.


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Agent Anders gave a small smile that said carried more avarice than mirth, then followed the Commander into his office. In response to the offer of tea, he responded with a congenial "Thank you." but never so much as lifted the cup after it had been served. He sat himself in the seat in front of the Commander's desk.

The intelligence agent made unwavering eye contact with the Commander, weighing his words and physical reactions. As the Commander finished he nodded slowly. "I see. It is wise to take precautions. An inquisition team has already been dispatched to the manufacturer of the seals, to the distributors and transport companies as well. If the seals encoutnered anything nefarious it will soon be uncovered. I must ask you what you know of the loyalties of your personnel here on the Dominator. Are there any among your pilots, or your ground crews that might have a reason to have the third squadron immobilizmed?" The agent lifted his hands bringing then into a delta formation below his angular chin.
-Agent Anders


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Always vacancies everywhere. Come on aboard.

Quinn arranged his notes around the mug of coffee the waitress of the Waffle House had placed in front of him. He had given the woman a slightly annoyed look as she served him, "I'm sure you can see I'm trying to work here." It had been a long drive in the Chevette getting to Broken Falls. He was in no mood for the pleasantries of the local populace. The waitress drew herself back a little but kept a congenial smile on her face. "Well bless your heart sugar, you just keep on what all year doing. Just gimme a holler if ya want to order somethin'. Ya know we are open all night."

Quinn gave the woman a smile that looked closer to a sneer and waved her away. He had a beginning outline of how the show should open, although as he looked around the less than crowded diner, he couldn't quite visualize his opening monologue coming from inside a greasy Waffle House in nowhere Kentucky. He needed something bigger. He pulled the thin brimmed fedora down closer to his eyes as he looked over his notes, and those the professor had sent. Indian lore... slaughter house... unsolved murder... and the unfortunate suicide of a previous owner and now it's current one. Something definately off about the place, and not just the godawful music everyone in this state seemed to keep blaring. He checked through the notes some more and then called the waitress over.

"Ya want something Sugar?" She inquired. Quinn winced a little at the accent but forced a crooked smile. "Sure thing sweetheart. Ya got any Indians around here?" he responded. She looked at him a little oddly. "You know, redskins, native Americans, teepees, bingo parlors, maybe a casino?"

"There's not many native Americans in the whole state, at least not by official records. This was Shawnee territory maybe 200 years ago. Doc Evens up at Gateway technical college knows a bunch about the early tribes, he used to date my cousin Brenda, and they had all kinds of little pottery things..."

"That's just great. Thanks." Quinn stated cutting her off.  "You know anything about the Broken Cowboy Spur where that guy died?"

The lady frowned. "Wasnt that so sad! The Kelly's were such a sweet couple. Stacy used to lead cub scouts down at the Lutheran church. Great lady. I dont know what shes going to do. They put everything they had into that place. Figure that might be why poor Tracy ended it all. So sad. They could of got help if they just adked. Folks look out for their neighbors out here."

He didn't really pay much attention to whatever she said, her lips were moving but he zoned out when she mentioned cub scouts. He didnt care, this was Nowhere USA, his video might bring the biggest tourist infusion they had ever seen damned diner should put a plaque up for him.

Tomorrow he would do a drive by on this Broken Down Cowboy or whatever the bar was called. He could get some good opening shots and take a little shaky B-roll to give it that gritty vibe. Of course the big stuff would have to be at night. He flipped on the infrared mode on his camera just to make sure it worked.

Tonight he needed sleep. The Chevette was comfortable enough with the back seat down. If he stayed in the diner parking lot he could still use their wifi. Tomorrow was gonna be a big day.

- Quinn Butterfield


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The bright white uniform of Agent Anders was difficult to miss. Something about the man seemed to maintain its own gravitational field. The air felt heavier, and the lights, while unchanged seemed dimmer. His face remained unmoved at the arrival of the Commander stating his views on the recent chaos on the Hanger Deck.The man's voice had a sterile icy quality.

"Commander, so pleased you could find the time to meet with me. You have ordered the third squadron grounded. Would you care to enlighten me as to the cause?"

-Agent Anders (filling in for Brandon)


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The crewman nodded, "Understood sir. We will have them loaded to take down a pirate base if necessary. The AT-ATs are all reporting full functionality. Two of the Scout Walkers are having technical problems with their gyro stabilizers. We are sending them to maintenance, but there in no update on downtime.

Speaking of which, are we planning to deploy speeder bikes as an escort when the captain disembarks for the Capitol building?"
-Technician Bob


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Love it!