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Brent Cross

Brent Cross (BC) is the oldest of the "Big Four"; the largest private security/mercenary firms in the 'Verse outside of the truly massive Ring 5, part of Blue Sun. Founded in 2390 by Steven Brent and Wilma Cross, it is now headed by its sixteenth commanding officer, "General" Darius Morris.

With approximately 8,000 men and women directly under arms in the two Brigades that make up BC; it is the second largest of the Four. It has about 14,000 auxiliaries and support staff, a remarkably small proportion. There are over 70 ships in its fleet.

BC specialises in what it terms "retail protection"; everyone else describes it as guarding shopping malls. It has a large number of contracts in this area; including the Greenleaf Skyplex.

The corporate colour of BC is green; its guards are usually found wearing camo of some sort

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Wallenstein GmbH

The largest of the Big Four; Wallenstein, founded in 2402, is a family-run business that employs over 25,000 mercs. It does not have auxillaries. With almost 100 ships, its fleet is considerable in size and power.

Headed by the ageing Kurt Wallenstein, the company specialises in big event security, such as fairs, concerts and sporting fixtures. It is considered good, but in need of reform to be truly effective.

The corporate colour is light grey.

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Maczarek Security

The youngest and the smallest of the Big Four, with only 800 full-time mercs on its payroll and 15 ships, Maczarek Security was formed in 2513 by Anna Maczarek, a decorated Alliance veteran.

With a corporate colour of brown, the company specialises in personal security, although it does have two large casino contracts. They also have gained some fame for "special operations", particularly of the anti-piracy sort. The organisation is expanding rapidly and has a lot of cash behind it; the training facilities are the best in the group.

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Shi Lang Group

The third largest of the Big Four, Shi Lang employs 9,000 mercs and 8,000 auxiliaries. Founded in 2470, the organisation uses Mandarin as its standard language, as opposed to the English used elsewhere.

Specialising in shipboard security and personal protection, it's corporate colour is white, shown in its distinctive uniforms. The CO, Zhang De is new to the post, having taken over after the death of Hu Heng in 2518, reportedly killed by a fellow employee.

Say it quietly, but the group is in serious financial trouble; it has had to defer pay for its mercs more than once in the last couple of years.