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System Stats:

Manoeuvrability/Speed: Average

Armour: Above Average

Weapons: Average. This is due to the cutting arms, which include plasma cutters (see below)

Maintenance: Average (Costs 7,200 Credits a year)

Sensors/Communications: Above Average – used to detect salvage.

Autopilot/Computers: Adequate

Redundancy: Average

Fuel Capacity: 100 tons (600 hours)

Rounding out the vessel:

Manufacturer: United Reclamation

Model: Scorpio Salvage Vessel v.III

Name: the Elemental

Crew: 14; Captain (Colton Ling, sleeps on the forward upper deck behind the bridge), Doctor (& First Mate Wen Li Malley, sleeps on the aft upper deck next to the Infirmary), Pilot (Billy Huang, sleeps in room off Accessway), Security Chief (Eli Wu, sleeps in room off Accessway), Cabin Boy (serving as Galley Chief and Majordomo, Julian Quinn, sleeps in room off Accessway), Engineer (sleeps in room off Accessway), seven-man fireteam (will include Wyatt Steele, Liu Mei-Ling, Dylan McCallum, sleeping in rooms in barracks), 1 room spare in Accessway (likely to be Bob Menard's).

Passengers: Steerage only (sleep in the Cargo Bays)

Dimensions: 235Lx110Bx40H

Cargo: 4,000 tons. The unmodified Scorpio Salvage Vessel boasts an unusually large cargo capacity (of 9,000 tons), with two cargo bays with an airlock between them, so the forward cargo bay can be depressurised and opened to bring in large salvage and small ships. The Scorpio is designed to hold sizeable quantities of salvage. The v.III model, however, has replaced the aft cargo bay with a barracks for crew.

Weapons: None. However, the Salvage Cutting Equipment (with its arms, pincers, and plasma cutters) can be used to deal d4 ship damage per round in Serenity RPG terms.

Vehicles: One standard shuttle

Additional Information:

Tonnage: 3,600 tons.

The Elemental is a significantly modified Scorpio, in that it’s entire Upper Aft Cargo section has been replaced by an Infirmary, Ward/Doctors Quarters combination, presumably situated here to take advantage of the close proximity of the Shuttle, for ferrying patients, etc., and the Lower Aft Cargo section has been replaced by a barracks.

Design History: The Scorpio is a vessel used primarily by United Reclamation for salvage operations. It's customarily used to cut vessels into scrap and recover the most valuable components swiftly and efficiently. The vessel has remained essentially the same for some thirty years, so older models might be found for sale. The Scorpio v.III, however, has been modified to transport a large crew - in this case a fireteam - on the lower level, and to feature an infirmary, ward, and doctor's accommodation on the upper level.
Besides this, the ship is generally unremarkable except for its relatively sophisticated suite of sensors, originally intended for use locating salvage.
While the ship is a more expensive to buy than a Firefly (a vessel of about comparable size), it has the advantage that none has ever been successfully taken by pirates. Boarding actions go decisively to the Scorpio, which is made to tear ships apart. Unfortunately, this works in the opposite way; pirates may find the ship particularly appealing, since it is already equipped for close action. Second hand reports from the region near Miranda have stated that several of these ships are in the hands of Reavers.


Cargo Deck:
The cargo deck forward has a ten by ten foot airlock with cargo ramp for exit while docked planet side. Port of the airlock is a stairwell leading to the main deck. Aft of main cargo hold is another airlock, leading to the aft or secondary cargo hold, which has been modified to serve as a fireteam barracks, with utilities, a toilet/shower, two 2-man bunkrooms and one 3-man bunkroom opening off from an open area featuring several excercise machines. To aft, near the toilets, another stairwell leads up to the aft portion of the main deck. When salvaging large pieces of equipment, the primary cargo area may be opened to vacuum while the rest of the ship (including the barracks) will have full atmosphere.
Main Deck:
Forwardmost on the main deck is a hall area which allows access to the cargo deck stairwell to port and a cargo locker to starboard. Aft of this is a cross corridor leading to the salvage arms. In each salvage arm about halfway along its length is a standard access hatch for docking. At the extreme end of each arm is the operator's station for the salvage cutting equipment. Aft of the cross corridor is a hall leading aft, with crew quarters and utility room to starboard. Aft of this corridor is the crew mess and galley. Aft of the galley is a larder. The short corridor leading aft of the mess hall gives access to stairwells, one down to the barracks in secondary cargo to starboard, and one up to the infirmary and shuttle to port. The corridor finally terminates at the entrance to main engineering.
Bridge Deck:
Bridge deck is divided into two sections; one fore, containing the bridge and pilot's or captain's quarters; and the section aft with med-bay, doctor's quarters and shuttle access.

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