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[This is a heavily edited extract of a 20-page report from the March 2519 edition of Chronicle, a Rim Worlds-based investigative magazine. The report was an investigation/expose on the private security industry that focussed on the "big four"]

Standing Guard and Checking Names: Maczarek Security

By Sarah Jane Barker

The “private security” business has recently started to regulate itself. From a bunch of brigands for hire, it is starting to get common standards, a complaints procedure and what might loosely be termed a “regulatory body”; the Council on Private Security.

Apart from Blue Sun’s own corporate firm, Ring 5, there are four firms who are considered the “premier league” of the merc business; Wallenstein, Brent Cross, Shi Lang and Maczarek Security. Lindgren was among this league until its collapse last year in a literal boardroom battle that managed to involve anti-tank missiles and even shocked a community prone to settling industrial disputes with hot lead.


The Alliance Parliament’s Security Select Committee had a barnstormer of a session on 16 February. They were looking at mercs again; the third investigation in six years. This time they had one spectacular witness - Anna Maczarek.

Those of you who remember the U-War (and who, frankly, doesn’t?) may remember a particular little Georgia-system-born hottie of that name. Long black hair, nice figure, brilliant with the main gun of a T-265. She was moved around the Core Worlds for a bit near the end of the war to get us to buy war bonds.

You may wonder what happened to her after the war. There was that big wedding of course to David Rangel, but that’s only the start.

She became a merc. One of the most powerful mercs in the business.


Maczarek Security is also known as the Eagles of Warsaw, after the city on Georgia where its main operational headquarters are. The company freely uses both names in its advertisements, but trades as Maczarek Security on the Sihnon Stock Exchange (code: MZSE), so that is the name we shall use.

The company was formed in 2512 by Anna Maczarek and Sarah Travis. Travis, 80, is considered very much the “silent partner”. Owner of a considerable agri-business out in the Rim Worlds that Blue Sun tries to buy up every other year, her personal fortune is estimated at over 20 billion dollars. She turns up at the occasional board meeting, but that’s all of her involvement. Maczarek and her each control 30% of the shares, while sources in the legal profession indicate that both of the wills state the other partner is going to inherit the shares. Blue Sun own 10% and a variety of other holders control the rest of the stock.

Maczarek is the operational CEO and runs the company on a day-to-day business. She styles herself “Colonel” in-house, having promoted herself twice since the creation of the company. She leads very much from the front, having personally led three operations in the last year alone.

Organisation-wise, the firm is styled as an army battalion. It is split into eight companies. The 1st and 2nd Companies are dedicated to providing security for Waterworld and Camelot, the two casinos owned by Stewart Edmonds on Persephone. The next three companies are the primary “force”, who engage in all of the regular operations of the firm. 6th Company is a training company for new recruits – while most of the mercs come “pre-trained”, the firm is doing experiments in a training scheme and 6th also serves to "indoctrinate" new recruits to Maczarek practices.

Training, perhaps better called probation, lasts three months and is reputedly pretty intense. There are must-pass tests every months; those who fail either leave or apply for civilian roles.

Recruitment is taken from veterans of both sides in the war; this has caused minor friction. The process is also tough; about 20,000 people apply every year for operational roles and of those only 10% pass first stage evaluation. Of the 2,000 or so who pass that, 90% get rejected or fail probation, about 45% in each. Excessive criminal records are grounds for rejection as are drug problems.

It should be made clear that employees do not stay in one company their entire career. Instead they are placed into five-man squads on recruitment and these squads (with colourful names such as “Duquesne’s Scurvy Dogs Squad 2” and “The Smackers Down”) are shuffled around the battalion based on operational needs. 7th Company acts as a general support group, while HQ Company incorporates all the management features including HR, Intelligence and Finance.

Of special note is 8th Naval Company that handles all spacecraft operations. The Eagles have no less than fifteen ships to their names, including a war-surplus Alliance frigate named Piorun as a command vessel and five Pride-class vessels modified by Lewis Bishop to serve as “special” warfare ships, such as Kvant, which ran a rather spectacular troop insertion last year.

Altogether, Maczarek currently employs about 800 “soldiers” and another 1200 “support staff” on a full-time basis. This however does not cover all contingencies and a force of around 2000 personnel, along with forty vessels, forms an “Auxiliary Force” of ‘retained’ freelancers who are called in as needed.

The company uses a standard military rank system, with all personnel starting as Guards unless they have exceptional merit. Promotion is based on annual appraisals and exams. Discipline is reported as tough, but fair, with a somewhat informal attitude.


Operationally, much of the firm’s work could be deemed routine and even dull. The contracts with Edmonds bring in much of the firm’s income and Eagles personnel are getting increasingly common around some of the private Rim World spaceports. They’ve handled a considerable number of concerts and carnivals in their time, with generally good write-ups. Personal security, while a small area of their work, is well done as well.

Of course, we focus on the interesting stuff, the “special operations”. In the last year alone, Maczarek Security handled five rescues of abducted rich people from the Core Worlds. They also are estimated to have missed the Corsair King by six hours; that particular pirate would later be taken down by another group of mercenaries. There are probably many other operations that we are not aware of here. What is clear, however, that they are very good at their job.
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Re: Guide to Maczarek Security

"Colonel" Anna Maczarek, Chief Executive Officer, Commanding Officer, Boss and Lady in Charge

Waiting to be called for the Parliamentary hearings

Anna Maczarek, 31, is the founder and Commanding Officer of The Eagles of Warsaw. A decorated Alliance war hero who become well known due to her role in bond drives, the former tank gunner now commands almost 4000 people. Her personal wealth is considerable, although much of it is made up of shares.

A tough, lead from the front officer, she is known for a no-nonsense attitude and speaking her mind. She is highly competent with pistols and SMGs, due to extensive training both in the Army and since, as well as operational experience. She conservatively estimates the number of people she's killed in the low 200s.

She is married with one daughter, Victoria. Her husband spends most of the time looking after the house.

Re: Guide to Maczarek Security


Maczarek Security has two standard uniforms that its armed employees wear when on duty. However, personnel may end up wearing other uniforms if the client wishes, usually incorporating the MS logo somewhere in there.

Formal day uniform

A brown jacket and trousers with black boots and a white shirt, complete with black tie for men and cravat for women. The neckwear (which is always clip-on) incorporates a badge with the crest of the Eagles of Warsaw.

Standard headgear is a garrison cap, worn by all ranks, including Colonel Maczarek herself. A belt is worn containing a holster for a pistol, although all firearms have to be left outside Corporate Headquarters for security reasons.

The right arm of the jacket is used to show the company insignia, with the left showing the Eagles' crest. All personnel wear shoulder boards designating their rank in the organisation. A black name badge is on the left breast.

This uniform is worn during office duties at Corporate headquarters and at formal occasions when on duty.


A brown uniform blouse and trousers with brown boots. A webbing vest is usually worn, along with body armour over the blouse when the situation requires it. Rank insignia is placed under a name tape on the left breast.

A helmet is worn in all situations where combat is considered a near certainty.

Re: Guide to Maczarek Security

From lowest to highest:

  • Guard: Most new members start at this.

  • Corporal: For those with more than two years' service unless promoted earlier.

  • Sergeant: Leader of a squad.

  • Lieutenant: Genrally commands five squads; standard position for senior members recruited from outside.

  • Captain: Runs a company, commands four or five Lieutenants. Also the position held by COs of the ships in the fleet.

  • Major: Only six of these; who head departments (Operations Standard, Operations Special, Intelligence, Personnel and Training, Resources and Publicity, Fleet/Transport). Daniel Cowley is Major, Intelligence.

  • Lieutenant Colonel: Deputy commander of the Eagles of Warsaw, currently held by Vladek Hansen.

  • Colonel: Commander of the Eagles, currently by Anna Maczarek.

Re: Guide to Maczarek Security

Regina "Rainey" Castermere

An auxiliary Lieutenant in Maczarek Security, Rainey is the captain of the 'poor man's cruise ship' Casterly Rock, which provides low-cost package holidays for tourists from the Core and Border worlds.

An apparently firm and level-headed woman, but not one to cross.