Topic: The Second Moon of Aesir

October 2519

The news of the attack on Greenleaf Skyplex did more for Anna Maczarek than the other drugs could. Within a week, she was pretty much recovered and her husband passed her fit for duty... which as he didn't have any medical qualifications was a bit odd, but as Anna put it, "trust me, my husband knows when I'm able to perform".

Wallenstein, Brent Cross and Maczarek Security decided to form a working group to go after the pirates who had been identified as responsible for the attack, thanks to the comfy chair technique used by Lieutenant Arkwright. It soon emerged that the group or someone who had funded this attack, were holed up in an abandoned mining facility on the 'dark' side of Aesir's second moon and they were pretty well dug in.

This was going to need a large force to do it and now this was assembled on the planetward side. Thirty-five ships carrying three regiments, one Wallie, one Brentie and one made up of Mackies, Mackie auxiliaries and a couple of CPS platoons who wanted in on the action. 1500 men and women out for blood...

With Kvant, time in 'Coventry' now completed, ready to play a key role.
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