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We have never really worked out a good location for sims to advertise openings for new characters. Realistically, all our sims are usually open to new players joining in. But I thought I would set up a place to gratuitously plug sims. Do so as often as you like and as you feel necessary. Add in as much about your sim and the characters you are seeking to be attractive to old and new players.

I shall begin....

The Dark Cometh (TDC). The Dark Cometh is a "Heroes" like super power sim taking place in a modern setting. 9 unique individuals with super human gifts, from the essential elements of nature, are pulled together to defend the world from the powers of darkness. The posting rate is rather fast, so come ready to play.

We have three power groups up for grabs right now...

Are you one of the chosen? Contact Zuzutoo or write in the TDC OOC thread to take the next step to your superpowers!

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What if I told you that there is another world than the world of science? What if I told you that next to this world there is also a world of magic?

Thousands of years ago there was but one world, a world where both science and magic existed. There were no limits. But the people could not handle this kind of power and the world was threatened by destruction. From among the stars the Draic Kin came to offer salvation: they would divide the world into two: Stark, the world of science, and Arcadia, the world of magic. For some races the choice whether to live in Stark or Arcadia was easy: the magical races could only exist in Arcadia. For others the choice was harder and families were divided, never to see each other again. The first Guardian took her place in the Tower to make sure that the worlds would stay divided and thus safe. It was her task to guard the Balance until the next Guardian would take her place. Thousands of years passed, but in Arcadia the people never forgot their origin. In the world of Stark however, history became mythology until even that was forgotten. There will come a time however, that both worlds are ready to be reunited again.

Ten years ago, dark forces planned to reunite Arcadia and Stark once more, but it was too soon. April Ryan was chosen to save the Balance and defeat the forces of Chaos, to repair the ruptures that had arisen between both worlds. She succeeded, but not without a price.

Lately people have been disappearing: people asking questions about a mythological parallel world, people not quite fitting in, or people being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not a trace has been found of these people, who have simply seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth. Or have they only disappeared from this earth?

Enter the realms of Stark and Arcadia and join 'The Longest Journey' sim. Are you one of those Starkians who stick their noses where they apparently don't belong? Are you an Arcadian, trying to make your way through the Azadi occupation, or perhaps even a creature of magic? Join our sim and find out that the only boundary is your own imagination.

Contact Sim Leader Mischa Brendel or leave a message in the TLJ sim thread to take the first step of the longest journey of your life.

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This was posted in the OCC of Pacific Rim.... helping spread the word and hoping someone here will be interested in helping and joining!

ksabers wrote:

While we are busy kicking Kaiju asses, let me post a little job offer:

A new player has expressed his will to join the sim as a Jaeger pilot. As you know, they usually come in pairs! So if there is someone else who wants to play, there is a launch window open for a new crew! Let me know!

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Fighter Ops is an award-winning, action-packed military sim that is looking for new pilots and ground crew... it's never too late to start flying!

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Headmaster: Daedalus Hawksthorn
(Order of Merlin, Second Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,
International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear New Student,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins HERE.

Yours sincerely,
Natilde Nettlewood
Deputy Headmistress

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The vacancies thread, which was linked to the topbar for visibility and ease of access, was meant to serve this purpose but became a bit unwieldy. I worry the same may happen here as the thread gets longer. Possibly the easiest to read idea would be having a stickied, closed thread which only the GC/Member Support and the like would edit in response to PMs etc from SLs, GMs, and ASLs?

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Indeed. But nothing seems to alert members to the newness of a post on the vacancies page. I put this up to allow any SL/GM/member to wave around notice of their sim that would flag as new. I don't care if folks spam it everyday if it gets attention. I'd highly support people getting creative I their advertising to lure folks in.

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Yes, this works far better... if it could update the Twitter feed, even better.