Topic: Technical Difficulties / Changing Your Ballot

Please e-mail me at [email protected] with the following information:

Technical Difficulties:
This could be any number of problems, so keep in mind that your problem could be unique.

  1. The e-mail address used to register your vote

  2. A description of the difficulties you are having

  3. Any additional information that can be helpful

Changing Your Ballot
To change your ballot, some information is needed to clear your ballot - once your ballot is cleared, you will be able to submit your new ballot.

  1. The e-mail address used to register your vote

  2. The Receipt Number e-mailed to you after you registered your vote*

  3. Any additional information that can be helpful

*If you did not receive a Receipt Number, then your vote was not registered and you can simply cast a new ballot

NOTE: If a single user wishes to change their ballot multiple times, it will become difficult to track and adjust the nullified ballots that the user submitted since modifications to ballots must be done manually and only after the election is over. As determined by the Elections and Voting Coordinator on a case-by-case basis, if an excessive number of ballot changes occurs for one user, then the following protocol will be implemented with regards to that user:

1. The user will receive a warning, informing them that they will be allowed one final ballot change and no further requests for a ballot change will be accepted for that specific vote, and that the user can choose not to submit another ballot or can wait to submit their ballot until they feel ready to vote.
2. All future requests to submit a ballot change for that specific vote will be rejected.

An explanation on the receipt number given to you by for so long as you keep your receipt number secret, your ballot cannot be linked to your identity and vice-versa. Your receipt number should ONLY be given to the Elections and Voting Coordinator should you need to change or void your ballot. Without a receipt number, a ballot cannot be made void and a user cannot resubmit a vote.

Robert Longtin
Elections and Voting Coordinator

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