Topic: House Rules

The GM/SL is in control of the game world, including the outcomes of any action, and can void part of or all of any player post. On a scale of 0-10, where 0 means players can generate NPCs and resolve their actions with no GM/SL intervention and 10 means players should get GM/SL approval for any NPC and should state their actions and then wait for GM/SL resolution of said actions, we're about an 8.

AWOL Policy: 10 days. Exceptions at GM/SL's discretion.
Content rating: PG-13 - "Parents strongly cautioned some material may be inappropriate".

Content deemed unacceptable by the GM/SL will be immediately removed and the offending player cautioned privately.  Repeat violations may result in removal from the sim. All appeals to the General Coordinator.

Where possible, please try to keep OOC posts to the OOC thread. If you want to reference a particular IC post, please quote and copy it across from its IC thread to the OOC thread.

You don't have to have a character registered on this sim to post here OOC.

Please feel free to work with the GMs, Myself and Zuzutoo for some character actions and ideas.

Last but not least, above all, have fun!

-Brandon L

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