Topic: Deck 6: Sick Bay

Having finished up the autopsy for the most recent murder, Riley sat at her desk scanning her findings and making sure the report for Scarlet was up to par. She really, really liked making sure everything was as it was supposed to be when turning sure things and findings over to authorities. Riley double checked the note about the drugs that had been in the woman's system- the same date rape drugs that she had found in the two previous victims. The cause of death was clearly the bullet to the woman's temple...Riley saw no reason to list anything further in that matter. That too was the same as the other two autopsy's she had done recently. The only interesting thing to note, was that this victim was actually the third, not the her findings told her.

Riley finished up, saved, and sent a copy of the report and autopsy to both Scarlet and Anna Maczarek.Then all she could do was sit back in her chair and rub her temples....seemed they had a serial killer on the Skyplex.