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Mostly for my own reference.  Posted so I can see if wherever I'm posting from, and also so anyone else who wants can see it.  Brandon - do you want to maintain an NPC list here as well?

Zuzutoo - Phoebe Artemis "Skulette" Moon - piloting Zeus Diana
Ironette - Mirabella Nemesis "Grim Reapress" Berliner - piloting Ares Jack
Soapy Mac - Miguel Sarame "Cuchillo" Torres - piloting Ares Ramón
Spart - Lukas "Lumberjack" Richter - piloting Hades Sworty
IronForte - Marcus Kilgore "Big E" Edwards - piloting Hades Joanie
Tim Campbell - Tavarian "Phoenix" Latimer - piloting Apollo Justin
Misty Wilson - Nekoda (Kody) Singh - piloting Hermes ??????
JeffMill - Gideon D'Pavaroti - piloting Hermes Dante
Dainul - Sophia "Angel" Law - piloting Hephaestus Armael
lance_valient01 - Dr. Arnold Faust - piloting Orpheus Harlequin

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Will do. I will post the prominent characters. Good call.


Why did Suzy fall out of the swing?  Because she had no arms.
Knock, knock. Who's there?
Not Suzy

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Re: OOC: Who's who.

Dainul, you got it right.
my callsign is phoenix.
I have an apollo class suit named Justin

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