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Flight Lieutenant RAAF Catherine Anne MacGregor

Played By: Allienna

Full Name: Catherine Anne MacGregor

Birthday: 4th of March 1977

Nationality: Australian

Rank, Title or Position: Flight Lieutenant RAAF, Scientist, Black Ops Operator

ATA Gene: yes, natural

Height: 5’11” (180cm)

Build: Athletic

Related Skills: SpecOps, Physics, Fighter Pilot, Languages, Martial Arts-Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai, Weapons Handling, Computer hacking

Unrelated Skills: Cooking, sewing, reading, singing

Credentials: BA Physics, PhD Electrical Engineering

Appearance: Cate is tall, but not ungainly, her natural hair colour is Sandy Blonde, although few of late has seen that. She will be a red head one time you see her and the next Brunette. She uses disguises often and uses that skill well, often wearing the local clothing of whatever area she is working in, but on base or ship she will wear the dress of the day. On her left arm, running from shoulder to wrist is a black and red tattoo of a dragon, the ink being infused with the base powdered mineral of naquada. Cate has blue/green eyes. She wears scars across her back from her time held captive in North Korea.

At times belligerent, abrasive. Uses course language frequently. Can be friendly once she knows people. She is extremely motivated and  loyal, being able to fit in with almost any group or circle she finds herself in. That might seem a little contradictory to her mean streak, but she saves that and her sarcastic whit for those who rub her the wrong way. Essentially Cate does not suffer fools easily, she will go out of her way to be kind and courteous, but the rough side of her personality, at times will show through, even among those she is working with and it has to a degree made her a subject of disciplinary action from her commanding officers on a number of occasions. In the main, it is enemy combatants that will feel the brunt of her demeanour when the wrong buttons are pressed.

Hobbies: Music, mostly of the Country genre-she plays guitar: enjoys fishing and reading long novels. Cate loves to delve into history, she regards that as a hobby and takes it to another degree by seeking out archaeology sites whenever she can.

Interest: Singing, movies, weapons. Cate takes a special interest in the weapons she
has to use and those of other races she may encounter in her work; she has a collection of weapons which she uses often such as the ancient fighting Sai and a carbon fibre compound bow. Her own personal weapons are a matched pair of .45 Desert Eagle hand guns. Horse riding, swimming and surfing are at the top of her interests as well.

Field Experience: She graduated from ADFA in 2000(Australian Defence Force Academy)with a BA in Physics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering having written a paper on Thermal Dynamics, after which Cate then went immediately to fast jet training with RAAF. On completing her initial training she qualified on the F/A18c and with exchange postings with both the USAF and RAF she completed further training on the BAE Hawk, Boeing F/A18D and F and the GD F16D. Eighteen months into her Air Force career, after two months in Afghanistan, she was sought out by ASIS recruitment; the Australian version of the CIA as was their regular method of sourcing the appropriate candidates. Cate was only one of eight candidates at the time.   

Her first mission was deep inside North Korea to locate and retrieve stolen military software; she was captured after being betrayed by a double agent and held for 3 months, Cate’s handler being safely tucked away in Hong Kong. No one expected her to return at that time and in her captivity she endured physical torture and as a result she bears the scars of repeated whippings across her back. Through cunning and resourcefulness, she managed to escape, a lazy guard thought she was subdued enough to enter her cell, it was a fatal mistake on his part. Eventually making it back home via Beijing and the Australian Embassy, the double agent was never found and the case unceremoniously closed.

SGC History:

At the end of 2002 the NID initiated a co-ordinated mission between the CIA, Britain’s MI6 and Australia’s ASIS to seek and eliminate or capture members of a shadow group known as the Trust. By this time Cate and her new handler were working on a money laundering racket between Bangkok and Sydney, and it fell into their mission profile to be appointed lead team for the Asia pacific region. They both of course had to sign the Non Disclosure agreement and shortly into their venture they met with Malcolm Barrett. At the completion of the mission, with only three members of the Trust found in their area of operations, Cate and her handler (Agent X) along with those of the other agencies, were sent to Cheyenne Mountain for debriefing by Colonel Martin Rainer of the SGC’s Security and Intelligence branch.

It was during this debriefing that Cate saw an opportunity for something greater in her life and before she left the US, she made a formal request to join with the Stargate Programme. Her request was granted on the condition she would for a time return to flying with the Stargate Programme and this suited her at this stage of her life, at this time she received her promotion to Flying Officer. During her SGC basic training, Cate passed all that was required of her and early in 2003 she was sent to the Alpha site for 302 qualifying. Her first posting on active duty was with the USS Prometheus, before she was rotated back to the SGC after nine months with that ships 302 squadron . During her R&R Cate asked if she could be assigned to an SG team so that she could build on her experience and gain a better insight into SGC operations. Her request was granted and Cate was given the position of XO, under Major Elena Ovcharenko as CO; on the re-formed SG16 team, one specifically designated for Covert Operations both at home and off world.

The missions with SG16 fairly routine until one fateful day when the team was asked to support SG’s 9 and 22 on an incursion into one of Baal’s outposts. The Intel was wrong, and instead of a mere outpost it was a fully garrisoned base. They were immediately ordered to return to base and during the retreat Cate was separated from her team. She found herself isolated and unable to even get near the gate, Cate eventually found allies in a rogue Free Jaffa unit known simple as the "Brotherhood"; they managed their escape by using one of a small fleet of Al-Kesh they routinely used for hit and run sorties. Their Modus Operandi was simply to hunt and kill Goa’uld and in return for protection, Cate was semi-forced to stay with them for a period of six months. It was during her time with this rogue group that Cate ended up with a tattoo of a dragon that is entwined around her left arm from shoulder to wrist. The ink is infused with pure naquada. This process is achieved by grinding the base metal into a powder, mixing it with something similar to alcohol and then mixing that with the ink. The trace elements of the naquada gives her many of the abilities of the Jaffa themself, including being able to 'sense' Goa'uld or Tok'ra, although it was often a hit and miss thing until such time that Cate was fully aware of it. She often wondered how they came to even know what a dragon was, she asked and was told it was a mythical creature known to some of the worlds they had visited, nothing more than that. Finally on the exact last day of her ‘contract’ with them, they bid her farewell and Cate was both joyed and saddened to leave them.

On her return home via the Alpha Site it was now 2005 and Cate was given a warm welcome and re-assigned to flying duties this time with the Nelson and their first shake down cruise to the Beta Site. Before this took place, of course Cate had to go through the standard de-briefing procedures, making sure she was okay both physically and mentally. Ensuring she wasn’t carrying either a symbiote or any diseases. She underwent the isolation and interrogation, just as she had done so many times before. Of interest to one of those interrogators a Major Allan Francis, was the story of the Brotherhood. At some point the SGC would of course try to contact them. But for Cate’s sake, she was passed fit and healthy and after a rest period posted to the Nelson finally and an operational F302 squadron.

Personal History:
Cate grew up in suburban Sydney, with her twin brother Ben, to Anne and William MacGregor. She lived her whole life around Navy bases, both her parents serving with the RAN, William is now an Admiral and her mother a Captain surgeon. Cate had a fairly nondescript life until she graduated from High School then as she said much later all hell broke loose. She graduated with the highest marks achieved in subjects such as science, math and high school engineering Because she was already in her schools Air Force Cadets and she graduated with high marks, she was asked to apply for,
to enlist and serve with the Officer Graduation Candidate Academy. Her going to the Air Force was much to her parent’s dismay, but she argued that it was there she would serve her country best. Her brother Ben, is currently serving with the SAS

Re: Stargate: Character Bios and Banners

Name: Chris Wilkinson
Place of birth: Dundee, Scotland
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Rank/Profession: 2nd Lieutenant

Chris was born in Ninewells hospital in Dundee Scotland. As he grew up he lived in the Hilltown area of the city which was a rough neighbourhood. He tried to stay out of trouble but got into some fights which were forced upon him. At this point he started to learn Judo in order to defend himself. He went to a local high school and did well in all his exams and left at the end of his fifth year there.

Once he left school Chris joined the Armed forces. He got through basic training with flying colours and then went to officer's school. Once he graduated he was drafted into the SGC where he served for a number of years. He served on SG-15 until on one mission his team was ambushed by a Jaffa patrol and his closest friend who he regarded as a brother was killed as well as the team leader. Only Chris and a scientist escaped but that was mostly luck. After this incident he served as on base security as he couldn't get past his predjudice and when any Jaffa came on base he was given an assignment which would keep him away from them. After a year of this Chris was transferred to the Beta site where he was made part of the Security Patrol.

Chris used to use drink as a means of escape from the grief he still felt about his team-mates but has not been able to access alchol since his transfer.

Chris was moved to SGB-2 to work with Major Wuthering as the PMO of the base felt it would help the officer to be in a team environment again. He worked alongside the team for some time until they suffered a casualty during a mission. This brought back thoughts of his past so he requested a leave of absence and left the team so that he could try and deal with his feelings.

He spent his time trying to find himself spiritually and sought out counsel with his local church leader. After a couple of months he returned to the base and spoke about everything with John Milton, which was the final thing he needed and is now ready for active duty again.


Major John Milton -

The PMO of the Beta Site became an unlikely ally for Chris as after the events leading to his leave of absence he worked with him to find peace with himself and everything that had happened and became an important person in the young officer's life.


All Dead


Personal Vendetta against the Go'auld and the Jaffa (right now)
No enemys