Topic: Transfer orders

Starfleet Official Document 792

Transfer Orders – Report immediately for duty aboard USS Repulse

Congratulations on your new posting to the newly commissioned USS Repulse. The Repulse is the most technologically advanced ship in the fleet, and you should be proud you have been selected to serve aboard this Excelsior class vessel.

The Repulse, as its sister Excelsior class vessels, represent the strength of Starfleet and its continuing advance of technology. The Repulse will serve as a ship of exploration as well as front line defense to any threat to the Federation and its allies. Just as your current assignments have become your homes, so the Repulse shall become your home.

Captain Edward Carter will command the Repulse. Effective immediately, he is your new CO. Your current CO has orders to deliver you to Earth Spacedock where the transfer will be completed. If you have any questions, see your CO. Further orders will be given when you arrive on the Repulse.

Admiral Styles

Admiral Styles, Starfleet Command

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