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OOC: This thread is intended for all ship wide messages.  Unless noted, these messages are viewable by all personnel.  If a message is intended only for personnel of a specific branch or squadron/division, please indicate that at the start of the message.  After Action Reports (ie combat session summaries) will also be posted here.  Just a note, it is rare for non-command officers to post ship wide messages excluding after action reports (only one of the personnel involved in the action should post an report per combat session; which will usually be me)

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Date: 2659.067
To: TCS Majestic Carrier Group, Confed 8th Fleet
From: Vice Admiral Alexei Marakov
Subject: Promotions and Transfers

For exemplary service in the weeks leading up to the retreat of Kilrathi forces from Perry, the TCS Majestic Battlegroup is awarded the Perry Campaign Citation. The 27th Carrier Air Wing is awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for services above and beyond the call of duty.

Upon further review of previous engagements, years of dedicated service, and outstanding leadership during the fiercest battles in Gemini Sector, Colonel Frethan Jenthson is hereby promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and transferred to <redacted>.

Major Victoria Carruthers for superior leadership even in the worst of times is to be promoted to the status of Executive Wing Commander onboard the Majestic.

For leadership in and out of the cockpit, First Lieutenant Ramirez is promoted to the rank of Captain and is to assume command of the 1087th Fighter Squadron (Reserve), 27th Carrier Air Wing, TCS Majestic.

Second Lieutenant Foster is hereby promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant for an explemary record.

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

Date: 2659.068 0600
To: 27th Carrier Air Wing
From: Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing
Subject: New Orders

Pilots and crews of the 27th Carrier Air Wing, I understand that my predecessor ran a rather loose ship. Well that changes starting this minute. I don't care if we pushed back the Kilrathi, all squadrons (the 13th included) from this point forward are on Combat Air Patrol and Alert 5 rotation. Your Squadrons CO's will have the new schedules within the hour and will start immediately thereafter. If you are asleep right now, well that that is just too bad. Cause your CO is about to give you the rudest awaking of your lives.

For those of you who are new to the Majestic; you will be paired with a veteran pilot. Stay close to them and learn everything you can from them. I expect you to sleep when they sleep, eat when they eat, and when the occasion allows, drink when they drink. For if you don't, on your next op, you may find yourself eating a missile from some kil of a lowly hrai that even the brainiacs at Intel don't know the name of or a bolt of laser fire from a some piss-ant pirate out of a backwater scumpit.

The Kilrathi are not an enemy that will let you rest long and mark my words, they will be back soon and in far greater numbers. Just be glad that you are facing them on an even playing field cause they would skin you alive and laugh while doing it if you took one on face to hairy damned face.

Now stop reading your damn mail and get to that briefing.

- Col. Stephen Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

Date: 2659.087 2000
To: TCS Majestic Carrier Group, Confed 8th Fleet
From: Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing
Subject: Kilrathi Counter Offensive

The Majestic is in a fine mess now. As some of you might be aware, we were sent to this system to rabbit out some of the last remaining Kilrathi in Gemini. Major's Cole plan to capture the mining base here was well engaged when we ordered our escorts to blast the base. Some of you may be wondering why.

I believe the entire battle group has the right to know the full scope of the shit we are now in. We received word from Confed a few hours ago stating that, as I expected, the Kilrathi have returned to Gemini and with even greater numbers. Unfortunately, that was the last we heard from Confed, so the communication post in Tingerhoff must have been captured if not outright destroyed. To state it simply, we are cutoff from the rest of Gemini without hope of reinforcements or supplies and are probably well behind enemy lines. No doubt the cats already have a battlegroup headed our way now. You will have new orders from your COs and chiefs in the coming hour.

You have had an amazing record thus far, so I expect the best from the crews and pilots of this battlegroup. Keep up this performance and stay tight then we may yet make it out of this alive.

- Col. Stephen Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - Wolf in Cat’s Clothing
Date: 3659.091

Report Submitted by Second Lieutenant Bradford

Lt. Ramirez led a medium-range patrol along one of the major approach vectors to the Majestic. Late in the patrol, 1st Lt. Williams detected the ion trail of a damaged Kilrathi fighter along with heavy sensor emissions from four fighter craft. Upon further investigation, the patrol encountered a flight of four Hhriss heavy fighters one of which showed heavy ion trail emissions indicative of severe damage. The damaged Hhriss turned out to be a ruse and was completely functional. Unknown during the course of the engagement, this Hhriss was piloted by an unknown and skilled human pilot who immediately engaged the other Hhrisses during the opening salvos.

Early in the action, the Lead Hhriss severely damaged Ramirez's Rapier resulting in significant loss of function and communications of her Rapier. As the engagement progressed, the Kilrathi turned their complete focus on the human-controlled Hhriss. Eventually, the Lead Hhriss was destroyed by 2nd Lt. Bradford. Not long afterward, the remaining two Hhrisses retreated with moderate damage. The human-controlled Hhriss fled the scene toward a nearby asteroid belt with the following transmission repeated here verbatim:

<<Thanks a lot, Confed. You showed up at the wrong time. I nearly got a good look at their fleet in this system. Well, you best run back to your hole in the ground.>>

This Hhriss was not followed due to the significant damage to Ramirez's Rapier, her order to Return to Base, and the potential of encountering another Kilrathi patrol along the route back to base.

Damage Report:
Severly Damaged - 1 Rapier
Mildly Damaged - 1 Rapier

CAP Ramirez
1LT Williams
2LT Bradford - 1 Hhriss

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - A Charlie Foxtrot Venture
2659.093 XXXX hours

Report Submitted by Captain Ramirez

Damage Report:
Critically Damage - 1 Rapier
Minor Damage - 1 Rapier, 2 Stilettos
TCS Cook undamaged

CAP Ramirez
1LT Williams - 3 Sarthas
2LT Bradford - 2 Sarthas
2LT Walsh - 1 Sartha

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - Big Red Light - Epsilon Flight
2659.095 1900 hours

Report Submitted by Second Lieutenant Bradford

Shortly after launch, Epsilon flight - consisting of First Lieutenant Williams as flight leader and Second Lieutenants Bradford and Walsh - were sent with the TCS Cook to engage a strike group inbound to the TCS Majestic along vector 0-0-23. The inbound group consisted of a Kamekh, 2 Grikaths, and 3 Sarthas. At the outset of the engagement, First Lieutenant Williams and Second Lieutenant Bradford engaged the bombers while Second Lieutenant Walsh provided cover.

During the engagement, Second Lieutenant Walsh was sent to scout out engagement zone Charlie due to jamming in that region. As Second Lieutenant Walsh disengaged, the TCS Cook arrived with Captain Ramirez. At this time, both the TCS Cook and the Kamekh engaged in a torpedo match while both Grikaths began attempting to torpedo the TCS Cook. 

Shortly thereafter, 2 Sarthas and both Grikaths were destroyed by Epsilon flight with no torpedo hits on the TCS Cook and minor damage to the Kamekh. The remaining Sartha went into a dive on the TCS Cook in an attempt to ram it. While the Sartha did get off a dumbfire, the missile did no real damage on the TCS Cook and the Sartha was completely destroyed by Epsilon flight before he could collide with the Venture. It was at this point that the TCS Lancelot sent out a distress call, and the TCS Majestic ordered Epsilon flight to assist. Epsilon flight left the TCS Cook to finish off the Kamekh as they were unable to assist further.

After Epsilon group left, the TCS Cook retreated, ram scoops closed, back to the TCS Majestic with the Kamekh following suit. Upon closing to the TCS Majestic, the TCS Cook opened ram scoops and rapidly decelerated. The Kamekh went past the TCS Cook and was soon after destroyed by a dumbfired torpedo from the TCS Cook. The Kamekh did no damage to the TCS Majestic or the TCS Paden-Powell, but debris from its destruction did flare the shields on both capital ships.

Damage Report: Minor Damage to 2 Rapiers and 1 Stiletto

CAP Ramirez - 1 Sartha
1LT Williams - 1 Grikath
2LT Bradford - 1 Grikath, 1 Sartha
2LT Walsh - 1 Sartha (finished off by Ramirez)

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - Big Red Light - TCS Lancelot
2659.095 1908 hours

Submitted by Second Lieutenant Bradford

Upon approach to the TCS Lancelot, Epsilon flight found the TCS Lancelot engaged with a Ralari class destroyer. In addition, November flight - consisting of three Stilettos piloted by First Lieutenant Ichabod, Second Lieutenant Lee, and Second Lieutenant Istara from the TCS Lancelot - were engaged with a flight of 5 Sarthas.  There was also an inbound group of 2 Grikaths escorted by a Hhriss and 2 Dralthi.

First Lieutenant Williams - who was still the flight leader - ordered Captain Ramirez and Second Lieutenant Bradford to engage the Grikaths while he provided cover. One Grikath was able to successfully hit the TCS Lancelot with a torpedo doing minor damage, but no further torpedo hits were made on the TCS Lancelot. In addition, November flight attempted to assist in destroying the bombers.

After several minutes of intense fighting, First Lieutenant Williams destroyed the Hhriss while Captain Ramirez had taken out one of the bombers. At this point, First Lieutenant Williams and Second Lieutenant Bradford provided cover while Captain Ramirez finished off the remaining Grikath. Upon destruction of both bombers, only a single Dralthi and Sartha remained with no causalities to November flight.

During the fighter sortie, the TCS Lancelot had managed to make several successful but minor hits on the Ralari but had overall taken more damage in the exchanges. Towards the end, Lieutenant Commander Corwin of the TCS Lancelot bore down on the Ralari taking another hit and doing no significant damage to the Ralari. It was at this point that Colonel Taylor arrived, ordered the TCS Lancelot and November flight back, and proceeded to engage the Ralari without additional bomber or capship support. Colonel Taylor flew into the flak ring of the Ralari, which had halted fire on the TCS Lancelot. Seconds later, the Ralari was destroyed by a successful torpedo hit by Colonel Taylor who flew away from the explosion with minor damage.

At this point, Colonel Taylor, Epsilon flight, and the TCS Lancelot returned to the TCS Majestic.

Damage Report:
3 Crewmembers dead and 4 Crewmembers injured from the TCS Lancelot
Moderate Damage to the TCS Lancelot
Captain Ramirez's Rapier received additional minor damage
No further damage to the rest of Epsilon flight
Minor Damage to Colonel Taylor's Sabre
Minor Damage to 2 Stilettos
Serious Damage to 1 Stiletto

COL Taylor - 1 Ralari
CAP Ramirez - 2 Grikaths, 1 Dralthi
1LT Williams - 1 Hhriss, 1 Dralthi
1LT Ichabod - 2 Sarthas
2LT Bradford - 1 Sartha
2LT Lee - 1 Sartha
2LT Istara - 1 Sartha

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

Date: 2659.096 1927
To: TCS Majestic Carrier Group, Confed 8th Fleet
From: Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing
Subject: Second Carrier Rumor

To All Pilots and Crew of the TCS Majestic Battle Group

There have been a number of rumors going around regarding the recent impromptu engagement with our furrie friends. The fasted spreading one and most ridiculous of them that I've heard is that the cats have a second carrier out there.

To put it simply, I hate rumors and gossip. It has no place on this or any ship. They are to stop immediately or I will start docking pay of anyone that I get word is repeating them. Repeat offenses; let's just say you don't want to know.

I will however squash this second carrier rumor here and now. There were a lot bombers and fighters they sent our way, but the brainiacs have figured out that some of these groups did not come from the jumppoint but were from farther in-system. I will be honest with you, we don't know what hides farther in this system, but it is definitely not a fleet carrier.

I know that many of you fear that we are not going to make it out of this system. This thought is horseshit and self-defeating. Just to show you how damn good you people really are, attached is the after action report Intel sent to me. The cats were stupid enough to spread their forces out like that and we cleaned up every one of them. Right now they probably can't even muster enough bombers to take out a frigate. It will probably be weeks before their carrier is resupplied with enough bombers to even dent us. Even now, we have almost all of our bombers and more than enough torpedoes to take out their ships twice over. So I don't want to hear any of this of "if we get out of this system." It is when we get out of this system.

Damage Report:
TCS Lancelot: Moderate Damage, 4 crewmen lost (1 due to injuries), 3 severely injuried crewmen
TCS Odysseus: Minor Damage

7th Bomber Squadron (Sabres): 1 Severe, 3 Moderate, 6 Minor, 6 Undamaged

13th Bomber Squadron (Sabres): 2 Lost (1 Death), 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 2 Moderate, 6 Minor, 4 Undamaged

102nd Fighter Squadron (Raptors): 2 Downchecked, 6 Lost (3 Deaths), 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 1 Serious, 3 Moderate, 1 Minor, 1 Undamaged

312th Fighter Squadron (Rapiers): 1 Downchecked, 1 Lost (1 Death), 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 4 Serious, 2 Moderate, 2 Minor, 4 Undamaged

1087th Fighter Squadron (Rapiers): 2 Downchecked, 3 Lost (1 Death), 1 Severe, 1 Serious, 6 Moderate, 3 Minor

221st Fighter Squadron (Stilettos): 2 Downchecked, 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 2 Moderate, 7 Minor, 4 Undamaged

Estimated Kilrathi Losses:
Ralatha: 1 Destroyed
Ralari: 1 Seriously Damaged, 3 Destroyed
Kamekhs: 7 Destroyed
Hhrisses: 6
Drakhri: 7
Grikaths: 36
Jalthis: 2
Dralthis: 40
Sarthas: 52

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - Junk Squad

Report Submitted by Captain Ramirez

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - Kitty on the Rocks

Submitted by Second Lieutenant Phillip Bradford

A four ship of Rapiers and Stilettos piloted by Cap. Ramirez, 2nd Lt. Bradford, 1st Lt. Williams, and 2nd Lt. Walsh were engaged in a lengthy patrol through the sector Omega of the Asteroid field in search of anything Kilrathi or otherwise.  Less than an hour into the patrol, Lt. Williams detected flashes of red and white light nearby.  With confirmation by the rest of the flight, Cap. Ramirez ordered the flight to examine the contact. The flight come upon a pair of Talons fighting and dodging a trio of Sarthas and a pair of Dralthi with a fair amount of success including one Talon leading a Dralthi to crash into an asteroid. Shortly after our arrival, the Kilrathi turned to engage us leaving the Talons an opportunity to vacate the area with a quick thank you.

The ensuing sortie is fairly textbook with even odds on both sides.  Though the asteroids proved a difficult complication, they were a greater hazard for the Kilrathi pilots with one Sartha colliding into a floating rock.

Unfortunately, the Talons did not leave a discernible trail in order to follow.  As a result, Cap. Ramirez ordered the flight to continue on its current patrol route.

1 Dralthi destroyed by one of the Talons

Damage Report:
Moderate Damage - 1 Rapier

CAP Ramirez - 1 Dralthi
1LT Williams - 1 Sartha
2LT Walsh - 1 Sartha
2LT Bradford - 1 Sartha

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - A Not So Friendly Game of Football
2659.104 2100 hours

Submitted by Second Lieutenant Bradford

Football group consisting of Linebacker Flight (Captain Ramirez, First Lieutenant Foster, and Second Lieutenants Bradford and Walsh) and Frontlinemen Flight (Captain Cheswick, First Lieutenant Martin and Second Lieutenants Amrita and Aeneas) centered around the TCS Cook approached the area near the Debris field. While moving from the TCS Majestic and the Debris Field, the TCS Cook was emitting sensor output similiar to that a large group of bombers and fighters. First Lieutenant Williams remained behind Football group under low emissions to relay information to the Majestic.

As the group neared the Debris field, 8 Kilrathi Sartha fighters engaged our group. After the fight was joined, the TCS Cook disengaged the false emissions to ensure that the group was not overwhelmed by too many fighters. After 4 of the Sarthas fighters were destroyed with mininal damage to Football group, 4 Drakhri fighters approached along a vector in between the debris field and the Xytani jumppoint. Captain Cheswick led his flight of Raptors to engage these pilots.

Minutes later, a group of three Hhriss and Grikaths approached along a vector from the Xytani jumppoint. At this point, one of the Drakhri and three more of the Sartha had been dispatched with two of the remaining Drakhri suffering serious damage. The remaining Sartha was kept occupied by Lieutenant Foster while Linebacker Flight as well as Captain Cheswick and Second Lieutenant Aeneas moved to engage the new targets. On the initial pass, Second Lieutenant Bradford crippled the Lead Hhriss with other Kilrathi craft suffering more damage in the exchange than the Confed fighters.

The arrival of the heavy fighter and bomber group promoted Lieuteant Williams move in to assist and finished off the Lead Hhriss while most of the Linebacker Flight with Second Lieutenant Aeneas focused on the bombers.

Excluding minor hull breach to the cargo section of the TCS Cook, the Kilrathi bombers were unable to do much damage. Both the bombers and remaining fighters were wiped out in less than minute.

With no further fighters inbound and the success of forces elsewhere, Football group returned to the Majestic with only minor damage.

Damage Report:
Minor Hull Breach to TCS Cook (no deaths)
Mildly Damaged: 1 Stiletto, 2 Rapiers, 2 Raptors
Moderate Damage: 1 Raptor

TCS Cook: 2 Sarthas
CAP Ramirez: 1 Sartha, 1 Grikath, 1 Hhriss
CAP Cheswick: 1 Hhriss
1LT Martin: 1 Drakhri
1LT Williams: 1 Grikath, 0.5 Hhriss
1LT Foster: 1 Sartha
2LT Walsh: 2 Sarthas
2LT Bradford: 2 Sarthas, 1 Grikath, 0.5 Hhriss
2LT Amrita: 2 Drakhri
2LT Aeneas: 1 Drakhri

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Re: Ship Wide Messages And After Action Reports

After Action Report - Last Ride of a Sabre Pilot
2659.114 0521 hours

Damage Report:
Critical Damage - 1 Rapier
Severe Damage - 1 Stiletto
Moderate Damage - 1 Stiletto, 1 Rapier
Three Sabres destroyed

Echo and Skates are KIA
Major Cole is MIA
2LT Bradford received serious chest wounds

CAP Ramirez - 1 Drakhri
1LT Williams - 1 Drakhri
2LT Walsh
2LT Bradford

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