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So we all know how Mulan and Pocahontas took history and made it child-friendly.  What if we applied the same idea to other stories?  Like what if  How To Train Your Dragon was actually the history of Iceland?


Hundreds of years ago, Viking explorers and settlers discovered a strange land.  A land where snow covered the ground even while fire rose from the depths of the earth.  Surely this must be where the world began, where the fire of Musselheim and the ice of Niflheim gave birth to the great Yimir, and from him in turn, the world itself.

Despite the extreme conditions, or perhaps entranced by its beauty, some Vikings chose to settle in these lands.  Before long, they discovered why no other people had settled here.   Dragons.

The battles which followed were brutal and bloody.  Many a hero was made, many a hero died, and most settlers decided to move on, taking their chances on the sea rather than with the winged terrors which ruled the skies.  Only the toughest, most determined or just plain dumbest settlers chose to stay and fight, clinging on to a tenuous existence on the very edge of the world.

After hundreds of years, the communities founded between the ice and the fire had grown into a minor nation, holding onto their old ways even while Christianity gradually flowed across the rest of Europe.  Life was hard and times were poor, as the never-ending battle with the dragons took everything the islanders had.  Then everything changed.  A chieftain's son from the insignificant coastal village of Burke brought down one of the most feared dragons but instead of killing the beast, he tamed it and became the world's first Dragon-rider.

That was just over a hundred years ago.  In the intervening years, Burke has gone from an insignificant village to the birth-place of a new nation.  What was a nation so poor as to not be worth the trouble of conquest has become significant force in its own right, courted by half a dozen Empires for its expertise and power.  In many ways, it has only been the kind and forgiving nature of the first Rider, and the legacy he left in the early generations of Dragon Riders which prevented the Nation of the Dragon becoming a conquering regime.  Even so, when one sea-faring Empire attempted to take the Dragon-Isle by force, the retaliatory strike by flights of Viking Dragon-Riders was devastating and brutal enough to dissuade any other attempts, at least for now.

It is 1500.  Europe is starting to colonise the rest of the world, bringing Civilisation and Christianity to the heathens, all in the name of King and God.  Yet to the North, a pagan nation flexes its muscles and spreads scaly wings wide.


Players will be relatively inexperienced Dragon Riders.  You may well have met people from half the settled nations of the world, but you have not yet travelled far from you home land, and certainly not seen much of the wider world.  You will be Vikings of the old-school, brought up on tales of Thor and Odin, Valhalla and Hel.

Your dragons will be a varied bunch of the large and the lithe.  Breeds can be based on those in the books/films, and though I will probably be making a few alterations to the appearance and behaviour of some of the most cartoonish, I think it should be possible to make them all work.  No Nightfuries.  Only one of those creatures has ever been tamed.

As for the style and focus of the game, I was thinking of running something in the vein of the shows/films actually - exploration and wonder.  The world is becoming a lot larger than most Europeans had thought possible, and that means there is a great deal for a bunch of intrepid Vikings and their winged companions to explore.

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Like it :-)

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Re: Dragon-Riders (Totally Not A How To Train Your Dragon Sim)

Very interesting. I'll write a news article about it for the newsletter!


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