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I got this email from Tristan Wolf that you may be interested in. Please note all slots are now full for those wishing to host events.

I do plan to attend for a bit.


Hi there!

I'm Jordan, from UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM. We're hosting this year's Ongoing Worlds FallFest -- the yearly gathering of the simming community to share ideas, have fun, and roleplay -- and I wanted to reach out personally to invite you, and your members, to attend and even lead a session!

The event is taking place on Saturday, December 5th, and there are currently 10 session slots still open.

The full event schedule, more details on date/time, information on how to attend the event, and a form to sign up to lead a session here on this page:

Please let me know if you have any questions or I can help facilitate participation by yourself, or your members, in any way. We're really excited to facilitate this important simming community event, and are looking forward to seeing you, and your members there.

Fleet Admiral Tristan S. Wolf
* Founder of UFOP: SB 118 RPG
* Web, forums, wiki administrator
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Went to this for a bit; really quite good. Full transcripts should be up soon.

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The only thing of interest to me I missed due to the insane start time for my time zone.

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Sadly Ash and I were hosting family visitors all weekend and couldn't attend at all.

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Some notes on relationships in RP from Jessica Werner aka Jalana from the talk she did: … sp=sharing