Topic: Help with Facebook Page(s)

Looking for anyone who would like to help admin our Phoenix FB page (not the group, the page). Also, I have access to the AJJE FB page and would like to create posts and such about the merge, the PARs wing, and AJJE's new home.

Re: Help with Facebook Page(s)

What does that involve Misty? I am an admin on the FB page but all I am really doing is approving members who ask to join - perhaps whoever takes this on could do that as well?

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Re: Help with Facebook Page(s)

If you'd like help in that regard, I'm sure there is someone! I was more referring to the page I created for advertising, marketing, getting us out in the social media that is Facebook. Trying to draw attention to us.

Re: Help with Facebook Page(s)

I've gotten some help from Bill Greene (PARS wing). But there is always room for more admins there.