Topic: What do your characters sound like?

When your characters speak in your head, how you think of them as talking?

I'll start with Kestrel - Laura Stanier's play-by Keeley Hawes, has a rather posh voice and can also sound very aggressive with it, so it's easy to imagine her speaking the lines.

Re: What do your characters sound like?

I've been waiting for one of these.

Starting with Greenleaf Kristina Steele, though she doesn't have a play by sounds like Laura Fraser Who gets the accent pretty close to how it sounds in my head.

In Dark Matter:Alycidon Aldia Justice's Play ByEmilia Fox's accent lends itself very well to the doctor. I think

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Re: What do your characters sound like?

Catesby sounds like Rob from the Burnistoun Voice Recognition Lift sketch: That is, when he's not sounding as if he's English.