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Ever since I was a kid and I saw the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) "Nightstalkers" do insertion demonstrations. I've always had a fondness for helicopters. In fact I would've enlisted in the Army to fly them, but in the first real "bad" decision of my life I joined the Marines.

What i want to do here though is run a helicopter sim. Let me set the scene for you.

The African nation of Rukanabwe is locked in a dangerous civil war, where Mercenary forces clash on both sides, players will take the role of government supporting Helicopter pilots.

Some things of note.
One player per chopper crew.
No Apache Longbows or Mi-28s, we don't have the best of the best equipment.
It will be hot and shorts aren't against regs.

So, does anyone want to take the adventure to Darkest Africa and fight for money and glory?

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Re: Helicopter Sim?

I will be assisting in running this, so you have the advantage of... something... I hope...

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I'd play

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