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I've no idea how active you guys are here, but I found your Pars section a little while ago and I have to say, it was a bit of a nostalgia trip.

Being able to see some of the old sims again, it's actually brought a tear to my eye as I remember all the fun I used to have with you guys. People I've barely kept in contact with over the past decade.

In that time, I've managed to alienate probably every single one of you at some point, and yet, in hindsight I regret that dearly. You were always a great group of people, always accepting which was part of why I always got on with you all even during the breakaway from AJJE.

Sorry if this is too sappy haha, it's... just seeing the PARS stuff again, it just made me think. I made so many connections with some of you guys, Ash, Gemma, Deborah to name a few. You all helped me through some of my darkest times, and I never said thank you.

So while it may be about 7 years late. Thank you, to everyone here in Phoenix and anyone left from AJJE. You were always a great group.

Re: Hey

What's wrong with being sappy?! lol Glad it could bring back some memories for you!