Topic: Setting

GM: Daniel Taylor
SL: Daniel Taylor

Year: 2012
Location: United States of America.

This sim is set in the year 2012, two years after the first zombie outbreak in Manhattan, NY.

A scientist had attempted to synthesize a cure for cancer by genetically mutating the cold virus. During live tests on mice, he managed to succeed. However, other scientists didn't believe it would work on Humans and decided not to do the tests on humans - shelving the project. The scientist who created the drug decided to secretly distribute it on the island of Manhattan by marketing it as something else, and used a total of 100 test subjects.

A few months later, the virus used for the trials showed signs of rapid mutation and spread to other people on the island and eventually throughout the world, infecting everybody on the planet.

The virus lays dormant until after the moment of death, at which point it will activate causing the deceased to reanimate.

Zombies now wander the streets looking for meaty treats to nibble on.

It will be up to you and a few other survivors dotted around the globe to survive the zombie outbreak and try to look for a cure to the virus.

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