Topic: Welcome to Phoenix Roleplaying!

Welcome to Phoenix Roleplaying!

We are a roleplay community dedicated to play-by-post roleplaying. This means that it's basically a sort of collaborative story, where each player takes on a role of a character and contributes to the overall adventure, with a Game Master determining combat outcomes and directing things overall. Sounds like fun, right? ...but we are open to the other style - Character Driven/Member Driven.

Phoenix Roleplaying was formed as an online RP community in 2010. .We've had a multitude of sims/games over the years,some set in recognizable fictional universes as well as some created from our members' imaginations. We strive to provide a highly entertaining RP site for our members and future members!

You can find us on the following social media accounts:
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If you want to get involved, sign up today - it's free and easy! If you have any further questions - please email the GC and they will be happy to help.