Topic: The road so far...

Welcome back everyone. After too long of of a hiatus, the Skyplex is back open for business. It would probably be a good idea to bring up whats been happening since we left off. Here we go...

Our story left off with most of the civilian population being evacuated to the planet Greenleaf, while the station staff fought to avoid a catastrophic collision with an enormous derrilect Space Ark, emitting a huge clous of radiation. After heroic efforts by freighter pilot Jim Duncan and Administrator Scarlett Wilson, utilizing techniques few sane folk would ever attempt, the ark Apollo was brought in and securely moored just off the station. The radiation caused a prolonged closure of the skyplex while alliance officials arrived to stop the radiation spillage and study the ancient ship.

None of the Apollo's crew survived, but it remains an exquisite specimen of the migrational period of human history, in some ways more significant than the Prometheus on Bernadette. The Apollo was mostly intact providing valuable insight how the early settlers lived as they fled the burned out remains of Earth-that-was. Artifacts on the ship are priceless.

The magnitude of the finds aboard the Apollo brought a permenant Alliance presence to the skyplex. The new administrators uncovered Scarlett Wilson's illegal defensive missle system, that after a prolonged legal battle forced her to be relieved as station administrator, but she remains on the station in a reduced capacity working the fueling and loading dock.

The station was finally reopened allowing citizens to return to their businesses and homes. While the Alliance now held control of the station, the skyplex is still a long way from the Core, and compromises of beuracratic principals have been necessary to keep the station and quadarant of the system self sufficent. Criminal elements have slowly been working their way back into station operations. While the Alliance administrator struggles to maintain order, life has begun to return to its usual balance of law and chaos.

Citizens aboard the skyplex are resentful of restrictions on their freedoms the Alliance presence has brought about. The "plexie" youth culture has come to side more with the lost noble cause of the Independents movement. Their vandalism and growing unrest is a great concern for the administrator. Only a small detachment of purple bellies maintain order, with folk determined to avoid more of them taking up residence. Times they are a changing.