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Recently I've been working on my second book, and I've began to wonder if there would be some interest in roleplaying within the world I've created. Seeing as this site gave me so much in my early years, I'll put up a formal proposal to see if there is enough interest. However due to the past instances of having three people in a sim only to have someone leave and the sim to crumble, I would need at least five for it to be valid. With that said, here goes.

Magic is real

Some 400 years ago, a genetic abnormality in the human race created a divergent species, a race of people who look identical to humans with one key difference. They have access to magic. Naming themselves the Magi, or Homo Magi in scientific circles, the people at first remained in hiding, but after a time they revealed themselves to the world, and after sharing the struggles of their human compatriots, they were welcomed into the new society that came from this. And so, the new world was created, and thus began the Magi Golden Age.

Unfortunately, in the wake of the ripples found by World War One and World War Two, the Magi have become ostracized, and prejudiced against. The final nail in the coffin was the detonation of two magical weapons, powerful creations that far surpassed the power of the Nuclear bomb. The first weapon was detonated in a Magi sanctuary in Tel Aviv, the intention being to purge it. Instead, the damage spread as far as Pakistan, and the entire Middle East was destroyed, or people fled from the Blighted Lands. Several years later during the Vietnam war a second weapon was deployed, destroying almost all of Asia.

Now rumors have surfaced of a third, and the world community is scrambling to work out who is behind these attacks, and where the next weapon will be deployed.

Of the Magic

For the sake of simplicity, Magic exists purely in the hands of the Magi, though in recent years a family in Iceland has discovered a way to seal spells into objects. These glass vials are used as portable spells, allowing humans access to magic through use of these.
However for the Magi, the magic is separated into tiers.
In order from weakest to strongest, they are Air Level, Fire Level, Water Level and Earth Level.
These show what element the Magi is able to use competently, with Earth being the most difficult to mold and Air being the easiest.

To be Magic or not?

While it may seem an advantage to have magic, there are certain things one should understand about the current situation. Magi are an accosted people around the world, with very few sanctuaries remaining to them following the Magical Weapon attacks. They can be refused medical treatment, service at any store and even actively attacked in the street. Humans however have all the things Magi do not. They can move freely, have the rights to vote, to medical care, and even something as simple as being able to press charges on someone who attacks them.

However, known race traitors are treated worse than the Magi themselves, so anyone who desires to help the Magi should keep their allegiances quiet... for now.

If there's enough interest in this I will give more information such as timelines, maps of the affected areas by the Magic Weapons, and the like. Please post interest below.
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Re: A magical world within our own

Didn't know you were an author, Soapy.  What's the title of your book, as I'd like to read it.

It is frustrating when one of three players in a game suddenly drops off the face of the earth, as apparently has happened in our current semi-active sim.

I'd be interested in joining your game, sir, and would like the challenge of playing one of the Magi.  Please let me know about character generation.


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Re: A magical world within our own

Thanks for the interest Mike, I've sent you a PM smile

Any other takers?
"If you live in the UK, dial 999. If you live in the USA, dial 911. If you're from another country... SO SORRY."

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