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But within half an hour a familiar face showed itself again. Inconspicuous in itself - anybody'd have to give her that- but therefore even more conspicuous by the trained eye Jeannie's face showed itself again. If there was one thing that counted in her favor, it was the fact that she didn't try to hide for too long her true purpose: within ten minutes she walked straight back to customs, to Oksanna - although she couldn't for the life of her remember the woman's name - and simply bursted out the question: "You hirin'?"



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"Security is usually looking for good people." Not only did Jeannie feel she had to hold back her snippy remarks, mainly because they'd become a line of defense, but also because she realized the comment had actually gotten to her. And realizing that had actually hurt her.

She tried to hide that - and was pretty confident she was succesful in that - althought she couldn't be sure; she had some experience in hiding her feelings, but had no idea how much she had inadvertently given away (did anybody ever know?) - and focused on the very points that might get her to what she was actually looking for: something about the bounty hunter who called himself August Solitaire. Or at least to who he was or who he might be now.

She figured that her best shot was the security office itself. It was good to know there were several other firms in the same line of business - people like Solitaire were bound to get other bounty hunters interested in them - but she knew from personal experience that Alliance people were good ad finding wanted people. And if there was one thing she knew, it was that Solitaire was on the wanted list. Even if she didn't know by what name he was on there.

So, without anything to lose she headed to deck six.



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------TIMELINE CUT------

It was so obvious; Jeannie was sure this was the right choice, she told herself as she made her way back to the docking ring, that being her only connection to what she wanted.

There were only two problems she could think of: she didn't know if they were actually hiring, and she hadn't exactly been her most social and lovable self the last time she was here. Nevertheless, she was determined; if she was going to find her mother's murderer - or at least find some clue leading to him - this was the path she had to take.

Jeannie increased her pace, breathed deeply and headed straight back towards the very same customs officer that had let her through to the station. Without even checking whether the woman was busy or not - she felt brave now and that might pass soon - she asked: "Hey, is securty hiring anybody?"



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Instinctively Jeannie stepped back. She wasn't about to buy anything here and at the moment this guy had started talking, she knew that the 'selling crap to any person dumb enough to fall for it' wasn't what was going to get her some basic income to feed herself. Not so much because she was above it, but simply because she would probably kill herself before the end of the week. Herself, and her employer. And probably some customers.

She mumbled something along the lines of "Not interested" as she backed out of the room, not even paying attention to whether she'd knock something over - which luckily she didn't. She turned around and made her way out of there, almost at a sprint.

Once she felt she was far enough from the shop, she thought about what the hell had just happened and suddenly she realized that selling something - anything - wasn't something that would work for her. So, that eliminated sales and she'd already eliminated serving at a bar or anything along those lines... So, what could she do?


She had walked around for some time, she couldn't say how long exactly, when it suddenly came to her. Of course! That was exactly what she was good at; it seemed perfect! She only hoped that her potential employer would agree with her.

Well, there was no use in not trying at the very least; with new determination, she set off.



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Not so much because she wished for a job in that particular store, but moreso out of sheer curiosity, Jeannie stepped into a shop that exhibited shelves full of unrecognizable items. She had no idea what half of them were supposed to be and the things she was able to identify seemed very out of place in a shop. Was that the fetus of a cow?



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---- TIMELINE CUT ----

Jeannie walked out of the elevator. Although she had no idea what to expect, she'd also learned not to look like a person who didn't know what to expect. In other words, she looked bored. Mind you, she only looked that way. Because some of the things she saw were beyond anything she'd ever seen before. The lights were the largest contributor to that: what was with all the flashing and the colors?

Wary, but trying not to look the part, Jeannie walked onto the deck, casually - or at least trying to - looking left and right for a shop that might look interesting.

- Jeannie


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Jeannie shrugged. "Thanks." She kept the words "I guess" to herself. She picked up her bag and walked through customs, not turning around to look back. She made an effort of keeping her shoulders straight.

She made a straight way to the elevator, making a point of going straight to deck 2.



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Again Jeannie supressed her initial reaction, which was to shout out that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. For all she knew this woman was genuinely trying to help her, but Jeannie had learned that acts out of kidness were a very rare thing indeed. Instead, she took a breath and then answered calmly: "Thanks, but I'd rather check out a few places myself." She had already decided that she wasn't going to follow up on the last suggestion: she'd had enough of that for a lifetime. The same applied to the resort & spa. No, she would check out the shops on deck 2 first.

Jeannie waited to be let through; she would first try to find some work and then worry about where to sleep.



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Part of Jeannie wanted to wipe that smile of the woman's face, but she knew that this was her temper acting up. She knew her temper had gotten her into trouble before, but there was also a reason she had that temper; more than once it had acted as 'instinct', keeping her from worse trouble than those it got her into.

She balled her fists, but repressed her feelings of aggression. I'm looking for a job here; how long I'll be here depends on the offers they have. What he meant was that she wasn't about to settle for some kind of demeaning job where she was expected to make money more on her appearances than on her skills. Although the comment may have sounded more like a person who was out for money. She didn't care; she just wanted to get through this ordeal. The truth was: she was tired and needed some time without other people around her.



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Jeannie put down the small duffel bag which she was carrying on her right shoulder and once more pulled out her wallet, a worn and torn piece of plastic. It was an old wallet, which explained why it was yellow and green and had some cartoonish figures on it. Jeannie didn't care. In fact, she was rather attached to the thing; it had been a birthday gift from her mother years ago after she had been whining for it for months.

She pulled out her IDent Card, which looked suspiciously new. And it was: Jeannie had only purchased it some months ago for a rather hefty fee. She hadn't had one on Haven and that hadn't been exactly the place for her to obtain one through proper channels. But this one had already been accepted by several authorities before. If it was now actually registered as a legal card in all the proper systems, Jeannie had no idea. Nor did she care: as long as it got her to the places she wanted to go.

She looked up at the custom's officer who had a rather impressive height. The way in which the woman was formally dressed and her neat appearance mad Jeannie aware of her own appearance. She was wearing an old striped sweater - she only had old clothes on her - and some dark green cargo pants; both looked like she had been wearing them for some time, which was exactly the case. She had her blonde hair tied back in a tail, simply for convenience. Normally she liked to put some effort in her appearance, but the last couple of days, during her time on the ship, not so much. She had learned that it was best not to attract too much attention to herself in situations like that.

Jeannie's expression remained neutral as she handed over her IDent Card.



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"You sure you want to get off here, kid?" Dalmon asked. Although it wasn't so much a question as a codemnation of this place; clearly he thought this was no place for someone like Jeannie to stay.

"I told you: I'm not a kid," she replied. She knew it wouldn't matter; to the fourty-somewhat year-old captain of the small freighter she would remain a child, probably because she was about the same age as his own daughter, as he had told her on numerous occasions. She would never admit it, but she liked Saylem Dalmon and that was in large part because he acted a bit fatherly around her. Was it because she had never known her own father? Or was it simply because his behavior provided some sort of protection from the other crew members? Not that she needed that; she could take care of herself. She had done so for the last two years and even before her mother had been killed she'd had plenty of practice in it. Haven - unlike the name implied - had never been a very safe place to live in.

She looked around the docking ring and now saw what Dalmon had actually meant: this place seemed to attract all sort of folk, but none of them very trustworthy. Yet, her journey, which had started out as a hunt but now she wasn't so sure anymore, had taken her here. "Yeah, I'm sure," she told the freighter captain. She turned around and took out her wallet to pay him the second half of the sum they had agreed upon for him taking her to this station.

Dalmon put up his left hand in a dismissive gesture. "No need, kid." But Jeannie insisted. She would not be in anybody's debt, even if she did like the man. She pulled the required number of bills from her wallet and pushed them into Dalmen's held-up hand. She kept pushing against his hand, until he closed it. He sighed loudly. "Fine, have it your way."

Jeannie gave him the faintest of smiles, put away her wallet, turned around and left him there. Now, where would she go first?



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Thanks; good to be back!

Name: Jeannie
Place of birth: Haven
Age: 17
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120
Hair: blonde
Eyes: grey

Current Profession: None

Aspirations & Goals: Find and kill the bounty hunter that killed her mother.

Known Relatives: none

Education/Credentials: Most of what she had learned (basic education, social skills, manipulation, etc.) she has learned from her mother. Other skills, like using weapons, she has learned through training.

Personal History: Jeannie is the daughter of a prostitute; she never knew her father. Her mother built a life for her as well as she could, keeping her away from all that had hurt her, kept her back in her own life. Of course, Jeannie learned enough about her mother’s life; knew what she did, knew why she did it, but in part also learned how she did it. And for a time, she used that to her advantage: she learned how to persuade people into getting them to do what she wished. She also learned soon enough that this attitude comes with a price and that people come to regard you in a certain way. Especially in the place where she lived.
When a bounty hunter (August Solitaire, she later learned) killed her mother because she had refused to once more lay with the mayor of the town, she decided to go after that bounty hunter. After she had killed the mayor, using the skills her mother had unwillingly taught her for the last time.

Her sole purpose became to chase this bounty hunter, but at the age of 15 there aren’t many ships willing to take you along, unless for other reasons. She refused those offers. So, she planned as well as she could. And she bought supplies, invested into training with weapons, and into knowledge. Weirdly enough, a couple of months after her mother had died – and the money and possessions she had left were running out – she started receiving monthly payments. At first, she had tried to find out from whom these payments were coming, but since she was hiding from local authorities because of the fact that she had killed the mayor, she was having little success; she bought a tourist ticket from the planet as soon as she could. Strangely, the payments seemed to keep track of her whereabouts, because she kept receiving them.

After a while, she simply accepted them as her monthly income; they were more than enough for that. Not that they were allowing her to live in wealth, but they were definitely more than she needed simply to stay alive.

Jeannie learned the ways of life. She had learned plenty from her mother and – after having killed the mayor – she had vowed never to go into that life. But she had learned how to defend herself; how to manipulate; how to get information; how to kill and not feel too bad about it. She was ready to hunt down the bounty hunter; to make the hunter become the hunted.

Friends: None

1. The bounty hunter that killed her mother
2. The local authorities from Haven


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I'm back in here! I've developed a character (well, basically this one has in been development since I'd come up with August Solitaire; she's part of his background story) I'd like to play here. I'll post her bio in the appropriate section.


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Great to be back! Greenleaf sounds good to me. Would a new login account be needed to get access to PARS and is there a quick login link to it on this site (yes, I've been away for a while)?


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Hi everybody,

Not a new member, but a returning one. Sadly I had to leave Phoenix RPG behind some time ago because I couldn't find the time to RP here anymore.

Misty contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I might be interested in returning. Now, it was never a matter of not being interested in returning, because I have missed this place and this feels a bit like coming home after a very long time.

Sadly I am still rather busy with other things, leaving me with less time to spend on these forums than I'd like to, but I have made a promise to myself in the form of a compromise: I will return but, at least for now, will only be playing one character. I should at least be able to find the time for that and, let's be honest: it's just fun being here and RP'ing again with you guys.

I haven't exactly made up my mind yet if I am going to play one of my old characters or design a new one (although I'm leaning towards the latter), but that also depends on which sims are still active. Preferably I'd play in a Firefly sim; the Firefly universe was the one that led me to these forums in the first place.

Anyway: great to be back and very much looking forward to RP'ing with you guys again! And if you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask them.  smile


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Dear fellow players,

As you may have noticed, my posting has become more irregular and infrequent. The reason is this: I am having more and more trouble to find the time to post. I recently took on a new function at my company, leaving my with less spare time and I already had trouble during that spare time to find some moments to post on these forums.

I love Phoenix Roleplaying, but the truth is that right now posting here is becoming a task which I actually have to work to make time for; time I actually do not have. That is why I have decided to leave Phoenix Roleplaying. It was a difficult decision, but I have thought about this a lot and it seems like the only viable option right now.

I have already mailed the people in the sims that I govern about my decision: I don't want to simply leave the sims and let people figure things out for themselves: if someone wants to step up as SL and/or GM for those sims, I will gladly help them get settled into that role.

I should also point out that there was interest from to new players to join the Odyssey sim. If anybody wants to run that sim I will of course bring that person into contact with these potential new players.

That leaves the newsletter: I think the newsletter does really add to the forums and I would love to see someone take over from me as editor-in-chief. I have the necessary templates, quite some background stories in stock (thank you, Silent!) and the actual archives of the old newsletters which I will gladly hand over. I also have the info for the outlook and dropbox accounts that I have set up for the newsletter, which I can also hand over.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to play with you all and I enjoyed it greatly. And who knows? Perhaps in the future I'll find the time for this awesome roleplaying website again and find my way back.

But for now: goodbye!

P.S. After that dramatic ending this seems a bit of an anticlimax, but regarding to handing over tasks: just email me about that and we can discuss these matters. I would also like to as to keep my account on here active for a little longer, since there are some PM's I have in regards to those potential Odyssey players that I mentioned.



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August grunted in confirmation when Olaf explained what had happened in the cargo bay: the captain was reading and apparently it took up most of his attention.

When Olaf checked the read-outs, he saw that they were still on course and in fact nearing their destination. It wouldn't be long until they'd have to find a place to land. The course that August had originally set, and that Olaf had adjusted later on, ended their journey at the edge of town, at a landing spot that wasn't part of any official port. It meant they'd have to travel a bit further to get to the town, but it also meant that they wouldn't get into any trouble with landlocks, like they had at their previous destination.



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After some time, Olaf led the two Russians into the mess hall: it was their turn to eat something.

Olaf instructed the duo what to do with their empty plates and then headed to the bridge. Kirill and Latka quickly grabbed their plates, knifes and forks and filled their plates with a generous amount of the food that was left. They were hungry ,apparently.

The duo sat down at the opposite corner from where Ayla and Shadai had taken place. They greeted the women with a nod, but then quickly attacked their food, while talking to each other in Russian.



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"From one mess to another, hey?" Latka said, and then laughed loudly at his own bad joke.

He then followed Olaf to the mess hall, just as his colleague Kirill did.

(continued in the mess hall)


But it seemed to late to do anything about whatever was going on. Ku'untook stepped back. Whatever was happening to Ciara, it was now happening on its own.

But the girl didn't appear to be in pain. However, she did seem to change. "Do not interfere," Ku'untook said. "I did not harm her; I simply awoke her body, her true form."



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Dear Phoenix members,

For the first time in the history of this newsletter I actually had trouble finding enough news to fill it, which is the main reason the January newsletter has only now been finished. The lack of news appears to be a symptom of a bigger issue Phoenix Roleplaying is experiencing, which I have written a comment about.

To make up for the delay, there is a background article no less than four pages long about a special train that made its appearance in the, now sadly closed down, XCOM sim and will also show up in the Covert-81 sim.

Enjoy the latest issue, which can be found here.

-Mischa Brendel, editor-in-chief of The Burning Question


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That last remark made it clear that both Russians spoke English very well, since their eyes widened and they suddenly set to their task with a remarkable efficiency: they retrieved the needed supplies and instruments from the places that Olaf had indicated and quickly set to work. Both men had seen Ronon and obviously were very hungry themselves, fearing that the food would be gone by the time they were done.

A few minutes later the job was done. They had set to their task with such effort, that the small place where one of the dogs had defecated actually looked cleaner than the rest of the cargo bay.

"Done!" both men said simultaniously, right after they had put away the mops and everything else that they had used.



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As much trouble as Olaf'd had in identifying the Russians' mood during their walk towards the cargo bay and the location where one of their dogs had left a not unimpressive package, as easy a time he had figuring out how they thought about this: both men gave a look of disgust when they saw the cause of why they had been summoned to the cargo bay. Again there was some discussion in Russian, then Latka turned to Olaf: "Big dog takes big dump, ey?" He smiled, but it wasn't a very convincing smile; he knew what he'd have to do next. "Do you have anything for us to clean this up with?" he asked Olaf in a more serious tone.



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Freya could clearly detect the scent of the other two dogs on these men: both dogs were male.

The men were talking among themselves in Russian; Olaf had a hard time hearing whether they were simplly talking or in fact arguing: the intonation was very hard to place. But whatever they were talking about, they didn't give him any trouble in walking towards the scene of the crime.

(continued in cargo bay)