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IC: The coordinates were given, the planet was Sollust, the location was it’s moon Sollun. The lieutenant gave the orders to jump to the coordinates as Ki’ora took some kind of pills for sickness in the cargo bay.

It was time to exfil

Ki’ora awkwardly stumbled into a jump seat and strapped herself in “I hate exiting atmo” She said quietly as she waited for the suck.

Rekara the comm garbles for a moment and then the Nar Shadaa Control comes in crystal clear “Clear for exit Eliza Battle. Thank you for choosing Nar Shadaa”

Ki’ora heard the punch resonate and rolled her eyes. Jogging over to the downed Raisa and checking her chest for fractures “You better not’ve Injured a team mate already Cy. We still have a mission to do”

And that's one free ship upgrade

"I'll stay in the crew quarters, which for now'll be our temporary medbay as well" Ki'Ora said before she began to drag her gear over.

"So now you two just need to settle rooms, unless you want me to"

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Ki'ora the medic was the last one to the ship. Carrying a huge amount of gear with her, some she had, most of which she purposed. Knowing Cyrenia she figured she'd need plenty of gear, the only thing she didn't bring was a medical droid, but that was next on the list.

"What're we talking about?"

Ki'ora was in the cargo bay, looking around, spotting you Cyrenia she waves you over.

"This ship doesn't have a medical bay, which is fine. I suppose if we don't plan on getting hurt, but without a real space to set up and keep sterile I don't know what you want me to do, I suppose we could rig up something in the crew quarters or down here? Also, can I go? I have things to retrieve"

Raisa and Caden, you both know a few good outlets to get the breaking and entering gear you need, even the illegal stuff

MandalMotors were well known for the durability and quality of their ships and the Eliza Battle is no exception to this rule. offensively, it's equipped with a pair of twin light laser cannons in the nose and in the dorsal turret, while the ventral bay houses a tractor beam generator.

The two massive drives on the side and the bank of smaller ones in the rear would make this ship rather quick you reckon, along with maneuverable.


Eh, don't thank me yet. Wait till we're six months in and I'm sending you guys on missions to blow up oilrigs.

Oh wait, this isn't Area 88

"You're going to need these" Rhoza said as she tossed the ship's handheld access pad to Rekara and produced an additional datapad, which she handed to Raisa.

"That's the floorplans, they should be up to date. Sorry I don't have more"

She nods to you as a group

"Well, I have another team for another job in about 15, so I'll take my leave of you. Don't die out there"

And with that the suited Zabrak leaves you in the hangar with your starship and your plans.

"I suppose we should get a move on then" Ki'ora shrugs


Rhoza Feldan waits for you to finish your theorizing Cyrenia before she taps the projector on her datapad and the outer rim moon of Sulon appears,


"This is Sulon, a moon of Sollust, on the outside it looks like a thriving agricultural planet and... It is for the most part, but just underneath the surface Sulon Incorporated, a SoroSuub subsidiary, is doing weapons research, and we. Need you to extract a researcher, a Mr. Scella. A Duros weapons developer working on their new proprietary cooling system for a high rate of fire repeating blaster of which the *VX Sidewinder is the prototype.

My contact who, hired me to hire you wants him and the cooling system prototype and has provided floorplans to the underground complex. You all we need to enter, go down to level 5, retrieve the good Mr. Scella and get out before a long gunfight with security ensues and you all get killed."

She pauses for a moment and Ki'ora raises her hand before she resumes talking.

"I assume you're wondering how you'll get there.." She says as she hits the shutter release switch, revealing a ship on the landing pad. It's a MandalMotors Lancer class patrol ship, painted in black and gold, with a Twi'Lek girl painted on the nose and the name in Aurbesh reading.

Eliza Battle.

*The SoroSuub VX Sidewinder is a fast firing repeating blaster, due to it having six barrels. It's from the Fantasy Flight Games' Edge of the Empire game, and it's pretty cool

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"Always the charmer Cyrenia" Rhoza said as she dismounted the stone slab, and stepped to the group, shaking everyone's hands and getting them to form a circle around her. Taking out her datapad, she pushed a few characters on the screen, and answered a message.

"I have a job for you, it's a five card gig, and your fifth should be hear any minute, just messaged me that she's close, that's actually just her out there"

A similarly pale face walked up the steps, although this one was Arkanian and not Echani, a race more known for their scientists than warriors, though this woman certainly carried herself like a soldier, she was armored, but unarmed save for a heavy blaster pistol on her hip.

"Ki'ora, glad you could make it." Rhoza said as she gestured towards the newcomer.

"Rhoza! My favorite Zabraki" The Arkanian responded before getting a glimpse at the rest of the crew, giving Rekara a half salute and offering her fist to Cyrenia before bringing her attention to the twins Duenn.

"You two look... Familiar, have I operated on you before or do all Echani look the same?"


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Name: Ki’ora Draneth
Born: 38 BBY
Place of birth: Arkania
Age: 36
Height: 5’9 
Race: Arkanian
Weight: 135
Hair: White   
Eyes: Cybernetic, red
Status: On Nar Shaddaa
Current Profession: Mercenary Combat Medic
Aspirations & Goals: Retire, probably
Known Relatives: None
Education/Credentials:  Carosite XII Medical Academy, 8 years combat experience
Languages spoken: Basic, Carosite, Arkanian
Religion: N/A
Quote: “I’m going to stick this into you and root around until I can pull out the shrapnel, and we’re out of Nullicaine, yeah this’ll hurt”
Personality: Horrendous bedside manner, sharp tongued and quick witted. Thrill seeker who gave up a cushy life as a doctor to be a combat medic
Personal History: Both of Ki’ora’s parents were mercenaries who had successful careers and retired to Arkania’s high spires. Born into this highlife, Ki’ora’s blood still ran hot like her parents, initially she attempted to put this passion into something else, like her fascination with the bodies of creatures and got herself into the prestigious Carosite XII medical academy, before dropping out before receiving her doctorate, after her trust was officially released to her. Finding herself some retired stormtroopers and mercs to train her, she entered into a two year period of intensive training to get some recommendations. Luckily for her she got picked up by a mercenary unit called the Blackbirds.
8 years later, she’s a competent mercenary and a skilled combat medic, saying she’s learned more on the job than she ever did in a stuffy classroom and as a result is a decent interrogator.
1.Cyrenia Jakita
2. Rekara
3. The Twins Duenn
Equipment: Suit of Medium armor, plasteel/durasteel combination. Emergency trauma kit consisting of 2 Liters of Bacta, Antidote Set, Antishock blanket, military grade traumapacks, vibro scalpel, thermal scalpel, assorted painkillers and disenfectant supported by an anti grav rig to reduce weight, looks like a heavy gear bag. Weapons: 434 “DeathHammer” Heavy Blaster pistol, A300 Blaster Rifle

Test successful

Edit, also meet your Medic.

Nar Shaddaa is known for a few things, crime, pollution and backstabbing Hutt gangsters, but to the soon to be crew of the Eliza Battle, all of that was just *Centaxday.


You all got the call, it was from your fixer. Rhoza Feldan, the Zabraki hadn't let you down before so you made your way to the Promenade, the safest place on Nar Shaddaa, safe being relative of course, but you knew as walked through the glitzy neon streets and passageways that you wouldn't be shot in the back by some tweaker hopped up on Spice.

You arrive at your destination. Docking Ring 1465, to find the viewing shutters closed and Rhoza sporting her trademark viscous grin.

"Glad you all could make it. I've got an... Interesting proposal for you. "

*The Coruscant Galactic Standard Calender, has five day weeks, and seven week months. Centaxday, is essentially Tuesday

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I've got a set of deck plans, no official sources but there's a fan made one for a similar ship


To answer your questions in order. Yes, you're mercs.

the thread you originally posted in is, for that exact purpose.

2 BBY means, two years before battle of Yavin, the battle of Yavin was when Luke blew up the Death Star, so it is the time of Imperial Superiority. Galaxy is relatively at peace

You must all have at least met each other, and done a job for your fixer. Rhoza Feldan

It's 2BBY for those wondering

Ask me any questions you might have.

The Mandal Motors Lancer Class pursuit craft Eliza Battle formerly owned by bounty Hunter Darryth Rothane before being purchased by your fixer. Rhoza Feldan from an Imperial impound auction after it's former owner's "untimely" while pursuing a bounty on Correllia


Being almost purpose built for bounty hunting and mercenary work at the behest of the Black Sun syndicate, the Lancer is equipped with High Performance Ion drives, a Class 2 Hyperdrive, multiple redundant systems designed to withstand the rigors of combat, and armed with a Dorsal twin light laser cannon turret, a forward facing twin light laser cannon, and a ventral tractor beam generator.

Cheap, durable and highly modular. It is an excellent ship for a new crew of hunters.