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I'd probably lean more towards the bounty hunter one...


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I'm interested, but I am not familiar with Supernatural.


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Thanks, Euan.


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Could you please use this image for the Outbreak RP?



Greetings, my name is Daniel Taylor, I currently reside in England.

I have been roleplaying since 2006 when I first joined AJJE Games. Then after the schism, I joined here, but something happened and I left to make a new site and created quite a successful RP for Naruto and various other games. Eventually, in 2013, due to real life reasons, I stopped roleplaying. Now it is 2017 and I decided to get back into it again.

I like to RP; Sci-fi, apocalypse and fantasy stuff.

My favourite TV show is Suits and I like to read novels based on people reincarnating into a fantasy world or being summoned into games and stuff like that.

Sure, SL as well.

Game name will be called Outbreak.

In regards to multiple characters, I'm all for it. I'll be playing quite a few myself.

Once the thread is made, I'll post up some information and stuff after work today.

Ideally, you want to start with 5-6 people. However, considering there is low activity on the site at the moment, 2 (3 if you included me) should be okay to start a zombie sim. You can always add more players by running into other survivors, or if there is little to no activity from a player then you can just kill them off. This type of game is pretty flexible.

If you want we can wait for a reply from Euan, Silent and others to see if they are interested the game, or if they have any other ideas. I'm happy to start whenever though, as I have a general idea on where the RP can go.

Cool, in that case, if everyone is okay with it, then I would like to be the Game Master for the zombie/ post apocalyptic sim. (If we are doing that)

I've been a GM before in AJJE games, as well as the previous site I was an admin for. Although, on AJJE, it was mainly star trek or star gate.

I'd join a zombie sim if you would take me back.

Another sim idea is one where you play a character who plays a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game). It will be set in the future, where game capsules are the rage and entering one will take you to a new fantasy world where you defeat monsters and level up your avatar, create guilds, do PvP or dungeon raids, etc.

With this, you can also do two separate storylines, one set in the "real world" as your character and another set in the "virtual world" as your avatar. So it may make up some interesting stories.


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That's fair, we are confused with all this business stuff (None of us took business, well I haven't, no idea about Chris) and I would like to apologise for being a ... for the lack of a better word .. a jerk and if possible would like to discuss any terms via email with the main coordinators. Hopefully we can agree to something we all would like, maybe Phoenix and DDC could work on MARS together and make an opensource web application?

I apologise for any inconvenience DDC have caused to phoenix games and wish you all luck.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Taylor


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It's set in stone.



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Me and Chris have been tossing ideas back and forth and we may have come up with a solution we all can enjoy.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be making a server to go in my house. This server will hold DDCGames, the games we make and MARs production files (stable releases and betas). Now, we are willing to extend the voting period an extra couple of weeks and start working on MARs during that period.

Our NEW terms ... (So disregard the old terms)... are as follows:

We can offer you free webhosting, on my server, with all the space you need and how many sql servers and all that stuff you want. and give you access to the code. However, not full access, but enough access to make the relevant changes you want to do. That way me and Chris can work on updates and keep both our stuff working together.
Now, what you control is a folder named 'plug-ins' which will essentially allow you to bolt on whatever code you want , while keeping the integrity of the MARS Kernel safe. Now you still will get everything for free. All you have to do is pay for your own domain name, which is like £2.99 for two years (depending where you go).

- Free hosting
- Free MARs
- You have access to the code, but it would be more of a plug-in system, so the Mars kernel is essentially untouched and won't be prone to breaking.

How does that sound?



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@Jason: Hopefully, this will clear it up smile

While your voting on MARS we have postponed development of said program, until you decide you want it OR the voting period is up. We also have other programs on the list, which are going to be postponed as well. However, If you decide to extend the voting  period, then the other programs will be off schedule, by about a week or two, depending on how long you extend.

Also, we did have plans to release MARS in one week, now it is going to be at least 2-3 weeks delayed, that is of course if you wanted it.


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@Silent: Our votes don't count anyway ... We was just curious.


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I must agree. Since we are not needed (Judging by the poll results on the 'Our three options' thread) Then I think it is best I take my leave also...

Ladies and gentleman, I respectfully bid you fairwell.


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@Jason: I posted it because Chris wanted me too. As he, at the time, didn't want to sign up.  smile


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There will be three versions;

  • Basic - Free (Only includes the basic MARS system)

  • Standard - £40 (MARS + an Integrated Forum and basic CMS)

  • Pro - £100 (MARS + an Integrated forum and full CMS)

Basically the CMS will be your homepage, etc, forums are for OOC and then MARS is for RPing. And all this will have a single login and registering system.

As we are so generous and the fact your the first people who are going to use MARS we will be giving you the Pro version for FREE. However, as it is free, we will be the ones editing the code, because ... well you never paid for it ^_^. We will be adding new features and other stuff at members request.


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We made it perfectly clear that you WILL NOT be paying for mars. We only said, that if your technical team wants to take full control of the code, with no outside help, then you will pay a fee. As technically we would lose control of our code.

So basically, it would be;

  • Free License - For you to use,

  • Paid License - For you to change any of the coding and maintain yourself.


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Christopher T Wilkinson wrote:

I have been reading through your sim ideas for the star wars sims and some things either don't make sense or seem slightly off to me.

To Start with, my biggest critique,

I have just finished playing through Knights of the Old Republic recently and I would like to think I know that game pretty well. In your sim summary for the obsidian you basically say that people will be effectively rp'ing the same thing as KOTOR however there are a few things in your summary that don't match up to the game,

1) The Jedi in KOTOR were not scattered and vulnerable. They were still a fighting force in the galaxy working alongside the Republic, yes they weren't doing well but they were still strong. It wasn't until after the Star Forge incident and Revan leaving for the unknown regions (To confront the Sith Empire) that Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya began to hunt the Jedi to extinction and causing them to go into hiding, especially after the incident on the Miraluka colony where a large number of Jedi were wiped out by Nihilus.

2) The Republic had no idea about the Star Forge prior to Revans capture and I doubt they knew about it until Carth Onasi sent the message to Admiral Dodonna telling her to bring the fleet to the Star Forge for the battle. And as the Light Side ending of that game is considered Canon the Republic destroy the star forge and effectively quarantined the system and keep all knowledge of the Star Forge under wraps.

Your idea to have a sim set on a clone wars era battleship is rather bad, as there are very few... possibilities for people to RP as a large number will play clone troopers who are effectively the same person.

He didn't want to sign up ^_^


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Then this maybe useful ...



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There is a subscribe button .... ^_^



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Sure we had a great fall, (Stupid hosts), but that won't bring DDC down. I still have the domain name registered for 2 years :-) and at £5.99 every two years, that's a great investment to make free open source games for all platforms... Me and Chris would be glad to have you all test our games. I will be starting the coding in September.


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Aye, it does.