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Well that's a darn shame. And it was rolling along so well before hmm


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It's bizarre how some folks will be around, active, then suddenly drop off the face of the planet. Sometimes it happens, and that sucks, but for two of three players in the sim to vanish at once is just... sad sad


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Per the Star Wars sim idea thread, Eliza Battle is now up and running.


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Sorry, I didn't see there was a final name! Open for business! Ironette, do you have a banner image or blurb you'd like me to add?


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FiftyFootAnt wrote:

Sadly, most of the people I know that like RP don't do play-by-post, and the few that do have fallen off the face of the internet in the last 10-odd years.

As far as trimming rules though (not gonna lie, I didn't actually read them all before now) I see a lot of stuff that could just be summarized under "Don't Be A Jackass". Perhaps a separate thread to discuss potential rules changes/trimming?

Broadly the same for me in terms of people. As for the rules - many, many moons ago, when the site was first born, this was the entirety of the rules:

Until proper rules are worked out, let's just keep it simple:

Don't be an ass. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated.

Also, for obvious reasons you need to abide by our host's terms of service too.

"Disclaimer: Sims may include adult themes, such as, and not limited to, sex, drugs and sausage rolls." was added not very long after. I like a lot of our current rules - things about canon characters and having a standardised age rating/content warning/house rules/etc are useful for a roleplaying site - but we could definitely compress a lot of the ones that matter to players down to something similar to that again.


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We can set up Ironette's game as soon as we have a name to put to it, assuming she still wants to run it.

Beyond having one or more active games going, the most important thing to increase activity, in my opinion, is getting more people in, both by finding them and by making it easy for them to start posting. Cutting down our lengthy rules and finding a way to make registration simpler (exploring signing in with Facebook or similar, though that will be a fair chunk of work) would likely help the second.


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I do not like option A. However, I do not see any way in which B will make a difference. Forum hosting providers do not make a community. People do.


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"Is EU included?" tl;dr - "do you count things like the Old Republic?"


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If Misty's incommunicado for whatever reason, feel free to fire me an email to get things set up. I can't promise anything this weekend - open beta launch went/is going exceedingly well, so finding all manner of things that need fixed to keep running - but I should definitely have some time to breathe at some point over the next few days.


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Yup, done.


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480px wide is definitely preferable. The majority of banners will display that way.


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Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful time filled with good cheer, more food than you can shake a stick at, and the very best of people to share the season with.


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Yepper - done!


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The vote began on the 22nd. However, Silent has tendered his resignation as EVC, so I believe Misty is taking up the mantle of running the vote.


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We can put a whole bunch of stuff on one ballot, which would mean not sending multiple out and having people need to vote multiple different times.


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Sounds like a few of us are game - one for the same ballot as those in the other thread?


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The Treasurer is a vacant position requiring an election to fill, not sure it really needs a second. But I second regardless. Second on TC to TO, last time the discussion came up there was general favour for it and it ultimately makes more sense that only the GC is elected.


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I second this motion. Phoenix needs an injection of something to get back on its feet, and the time it'll take to go through our usual democratic process for anything we consider combined with the voter fatigue that would follow from such a process seems likely to be more than we can collectively bear.


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So we need GMs and we need players, and all of it in the service of activity. That sounds like something everyone agrees on; how do we find these folks? How do we create that activity for them to sustain?


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Then how do we get there? Chicken and egg - if people look to join only active sites, the pool eternally shrinks. But we know new sites start and people post. So how do we generate activity so that people are interested in joining to sustain it?


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I think gfictional really has the thrust of it. Politics intruding on gameplay was the reason Phoenix was founded in the first place, with strong democracy being our choice to ensure if that happened again the players were empowered to remove the problem. So let's look at what's getting in the way of gameplay now and get rid of it. We "rose from the ashes" when we started, nothing stopping us from doing so again if we're prepared to really turn 180 on things.


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Really? A bare three weeks after an election where the core drive was "how do we get more members and reinvigorate things" there's a call to throw in the towel? Let's at least try and do things first. Not to mention the part where the Prinz on PARS is pretty healthy in its activity as well.


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So while I'm back from my trip... gonna have to take another LOA until the end of August. Might be back a week earlier than that, and certainly if things break I'll be around, but turns out the final run up to launching a game and the chunk of time right after it goes live are super busy. Who knew?

Congratulations Misty, you're stuck with herding us cats for another year wink

Increasing turnout would be nice, yes hmm


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Forgot to post my own LOA - I'm away in Maine with family until the 29th.