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I hereby resign from the position of General Coordinator of Phoenix Roleplaying.

Euan currently has the keys to the kingdom, nothing will change there.

I have not retired from Rp and can be found elsewhere, if needed...message me!



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Apologies to all for my lack of presence as well as participation. I could go on a ramble and give explanations and excuses, but I would rather focus on the bigger picture: Phoenix.

At this point in time, I cannot continue to try to rebuild Phoenix, especially as it stands now. Do I want the site/club to die? No, I would love for it to continue to, like it’s name, rise from the ashes once again.

I foresee two course of action:

A: Phoenix Closes.

B: Phoenix moves to Jcink. (or Nova)

I do not want to get into prolonged discussions and would prefer action.



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There was really know reason for the girl to be carrying around a big bag of salt. Sure, Abby played it off, mentioned Margaritas, but truly, it was nothing but words. Nonsense. Just like the word meighbors. Abby quirked a dark brow at the man. "Ummm." She pushed herself away from the door and took a few steps outside, the question not really surprising her as much as it should. "Well, yeah." she smiled, "It's about five miles down route 15." Not, really, but hey...she didn't need anyone stepping on her toes, and the girl, didn't need to be anywhere near the places if it was in fact haunted. "think there's a waffle houses on the way too, get miss early bird some breakfast."


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"Sure it is." The brunette shifted, propping herself against the door frame with a shoulder, "Margaritas would make more sense, like say...for a frat party." Abby was concerned about the fact that this young girl was carrying such a larger bag of salt. In her world there was only one need for any where near that amount of salt. Actually, she had never carried that much around with her period. Her eyebrows rose and the girl continued to ramble, "Eleanor, huh? Nice name." yet, she didn't offer hers, "Meighbors? I like it. But I don't plan on staying long."

"So what's the salt really for?"



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They had barely made it a few feet to the door, when it opened. Natalya inwardly groaned, this was not going according to plan. Did it have to be so hard to  get alcohol in this place? She tightened her grip around Scarlett's waist, her mind being pulled away from the info the lady had just given her about her seemingly do-gooder older sister, "I was just gonna get Miss. Wilson home."



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The drunk, as was the case with most drunks, failed to react fast enough and stumbled and stumbled as the bear did his fancy move. His stumbling sent him tumbling right into a nearby table, where one Hui Wan was sitting down to enjoy his lunch. The drunk hit the table a bit harder than intended, bounced off and smacked into Wan's chair, which he attempted to grab for support...and failed as she carried the chair over to the floor with him.

Jackson could stand still no longer, her narrowed his gaze at the scene, his voice harsh and low, "Get the man out of here." and then a bit quieter to one of his most trusted, "Toss him in a back room, until..."

Jackson and the Drunk


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Zuzutoo and I have been battling sickness with ourselves and the kids, hopefully back to functioning soon.



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That'll be interesting!


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Response to Kara

It had been another one of those nights where Abby had passed out for a few short hours stretched out on the bed with her laptop having slid off her lap. She yawned, rubbed the sleep from her eyes and attempted to rub out the crick that had settled into her neck. Her cell was tossed there beside her, with forty percent battery, three missed calls, and a whole string of texts that she wasn’t about to count. Then she noticed the time, bright and early. Abby tossed the phone back down and swung her legs over the side of the bed. There wasn’t any light coming through the curtains, at least not any natural light so the whole bright concept was really just…not. Rising, she dug out the charger for her phone, plugging it in before heading to the shower. As early as it was, there was no use in trying to go back to sleep.

Once she had showered and dressed she tossed what she could back into her Jeep, left her door open and sat herself down at the tiny table. There was work to be finished since she had passed out in the middle of doing it the night before. Abby was well into re-reading one of the articles about the place when a sound drew her attention. It hadn’t been just any old sound, either; it was one she was more than familiar with, that of an EMF detector.

Closing her laptop she rose, and paused just outside her open door. There was a girl, couldn’t be much older than 16-17, if even that. As she got older it was harder and harder to judge just how old these younger kids were. But what really struck out, besides the age, was the bag she seemed to be struggling with…and the crowbar Abby could see peeking out from around the girl’s small frame. “That’s a mighty heavy looking bag you got there.”



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"Okay." Cole was semi-satisfied. She could handle being called something as long as she knew what it was. Not that she knew for sure he was telling her the truth. "Yeah?" she responded, then listened as he gave the details of his plan. She, on the other hand, had started to move about the room, her gaze searching for anything left behind or any sign that someone had gotten away.

She wasn't very technically inclined, so using the radio to track someone down seemed a bit far-fetched. Cole turned, her gaze jumping from his to the radio and then back to him, "How do you use a radio to find a tower?"



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Since we are rebuilding things, what is one thing you would like to see? What do you think would help us gain new members/players?


What do you think we should work towards changing?


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Got a question?

Something you find confusing?

Need helping finding something?

Ask away!


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Cole snorted, her eyes darting down to the blood stains on the floors, "Shelter can be easy, but not always. Thankfully they had dispatched the things that had invaded this shelter without using anything that would draw more attention to their location. "Food. Yeah, you're right about that." Finding food in the cities was getting harder and more scarce. She folded her arms, and turned a curious gaze in his direction, her shoulders rising in a shrug, "Maybe..." Might not be the exact name, but she vaguely remembered something. Cole, jerked her head upwards in a quick nod, "What did you call me?"



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Yes, Given that fact that we don't do joint postings, if I had supplied a link to a thread (with multiples contributors), they would have only gotten a snippet of the plot and the story. Judges are to only read 10 posts. *shrugs*


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Last year, the judges basically loathed the fact that we were forum aka message board. And/or URGED  us to attempt joint postings. (I don't like the idea of what I think joint posting is.) We don't do that here at Phoenix and I don't think we have the platform that.

So this year I decided to merge our postings to see if that would help...make them appear more like a joint post. Needless to say, I don't think it worked. I do have our number scores as well that I can share.

It was nice to know that they didn't completely trash our writing, but year...backstory IN ONLY TEN POSTS? Kinda lost me on that one.


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“Will you shut up and listen for a minute?” Abigail snapped into the phone at her ear. Her older brother was being his normal pain in her rear end, things he tended to do when she called him to help her gather information. He might not get out into the field, as she liked to call it, but he could never deny that he liked doing research. Except right now he was on a rant that had lasted roughly for the past thirty minutes. “I don-“  She let a frustrated sigh as she pulled into of the nearest motel, or rather the one she thought would be the cheapest as well as clean. He just was not letting up, nor was he letting her get a word in.

Abby pulled her Jeep into the parking spot nearest the office, noting the presence of only one other vehicle.  Busy night for the place it seemed. Maybe she would actually be able to get some sleep after the hours she had spent on the road. She kept her foot on the brake, shifted her phone from one ear to the other so she could slide the gearshift into park. “Drew?” But he was still going strong. Her head fell back to connect with the headrest, “LOOK!” not that he could look since they were on the phone but whatever, “I am doing it. I don’t care. If you don’t like it, you know what you can do. Hanging up now, love you.” Without waiting for a response she pulled the cell from her ear and ended the call. Andrew exactly what she had meant; he could grow a pair and come join her, if it was that big of a deal. This was an argument they had on more than one occasion.

She shoved the phone into the pocket of her jacket, grabbed the knife she kept taped under her seat and shut the engine off. Although she might tackle cases alone, that didn’t mean she was completely reckless. Meaning once she had exited and shut the door, it was locked.

Getting registered took little time, the clerk seeming less than thrilled at having had to actually work. But work he had, and had check in a Miss Stephanie Gellar into room 6a. Once in the room she tossed her bags onto the dresser, and pulled her phone out to see that she had 3 missed calls and 13 texts from her brother. There was no way she was calling him back just to listen to him rant for another hour, so she fired off a quick text to let him know she where she was staying, what room number, and that she was taking the rooms phone off the hook, which she did and tossed her cell on the bedside table.

Not only was it do not disturb time, it was also research time. At least until she got sleepy.


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Hello, there.

Things are good.

How're you?


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“Uh huh.” Cole mumbled as she retook her previous stance of propping herself against the wall with her shoulder. If he wanted to do all the heavy lifting that was a-ok with her. Conserving her energy just in case dude wasn’t on the up and up, or if they just so happened to attract the wrong sort of attention, wasn’t a bad thing. “I meant cause of the accent.”

“Poor dog. What are you do-“ Cole was interrupted as another voice filled the room. The last time they had tried turning the damn thing on, that had not been what the message said. This sounded… newer. “You and me both.” There was no way she wanted to be some science freaks test dummy but, “food and shelter sounds interesting.”


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Indeed, a fight had indeed broken out.

A fight that Jackson Kincaid was none to happy about. Things like this were to be handled swiftly and discreetly, most times. There were times he let the discreet part slip under the rug, and it seemed like this was one of those times. What he did not expect was for this person that had been hired to be gotten the better of by some random drunk. Would not do at all.

Another thing that was unexpected was the mass of a man that stood up from his seated position at the bar. He was massive; immediately Jackson wondered if this was Jericho Winters' man. He had gotten no image of the guy he was to hire, only that you couldn't miss the man, and there was indeed no missing this man.  He himself was no small man, but this new arrival to the scene was taller.

Jackson slid his arms across his chest, his stance on the matter to watch...for now.

Retaliate the drunk did, or at least tried to do as his bloodshot eyes roamed up and up until they met the face of the man who had just laid a hand on his shoulder, "Well yer a bearrr, ain't ya?" And then he swung, stupidly aiming for the bear's (Locke's) gut.

Jackson Kincaid


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Abby needs to walk in, spy Quinn (but it's really both of them) and legit yell "Dammit, Quinn" where they both respond. cause it'll be aweome.


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She knew she should at least offer to help, but well, he looked like he had it all under control. So Cole propped a should against the wall, one arm hanging loose at her side while the other hand snuck into the back pocket of her jeans. "For the most part?" She queried with a raised brow, "Got a group elsewhere? Wouldn't a dog have attracted the wrong kind of attention?" her gaze shifted to the thing he was trying to move.

"Yes, well..." Cole took a chance that he was an alright type of fella and pushed herself away from the wall, walked over to glance back where the fight had taken place...for the most part. "Only one I really cared about. Okay, maybe a couple." And who knew, maybe some had actually gotten away. The funny of it all was that there was talk of putting some emergency evac plan in place, one talk that had never actually happened.

Cole glanced down at the offering, and slid hers in, "Cole, Nicole, but everyone calls me Cole...or well, they did." her blue gaze met his without any aggression, only a shine of cautiousness. "You got this, or need help?"

Then for good measure, and because it was noticeable, "Where are you from?"



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Wow you guyssss.....


Abby knows Quinn B. Although to be quite honest, I think she tried to avoid him as much as possible. (sorries)

Abby and Jael: Yes. Angel and Hunter have worked together and have a mutual agreement or accord?

Abby and D. Quinn: not sure here: Abby will despise the fact he's got his niece with him, putting her in danger and all that.

Abby and Kara: Pretty sure there can be some fun stuff here. Abby will not like the fact that the girl is so young and hunting which... (goes back to David)

Abby and Samael: I feel there should be some sort of knowledge or previous run-in here....

Abby and Dolvomar: I'm thinking Abby will only know of him by name, maybe from one of her parents journals or somesort.


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Here we go folks, a clipping of a newspaper article....

Tragic death.

Ambitious young couple, Tracey and Stacy Kelly had recently purchased the old abandoned building some might remember as the former Cowboy Star, a country and western bar. They had hoped to reopen the bar under the name Broken Star Saloon. Unfortunately, tragedy struck. Tracey Eugene Kelly was found Sunday morning by his wife Stacy. Authorities are not releasing many details, other than that it appears to be an apparent suicide.

“I tried to tell them folks, back when they came asking me to work the job,” Mike Zimmerman of Zimmers Construction said, “That place has got the bad ju-ju.”

All construction and renovations had stalled due to the investigation.


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Character Connections!

Who knows who?

Who has heard of who?

Who despises who?