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Same to you!


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Which players were they?


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I would, but there's not enough players to make any game I'd run viable.


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Three is honestly next to nothing.


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How many active players do we currently have?


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FiftyFootAnt wrote:

Would this sim hold the EU as canon, or no?

There's a Brexit joke in here somewhere... wink


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Where has Misty gone anyway?

Welcome to Phoenix!

I'm in the process of scanning papers for the defunct sims to my computer (so I can reuse the folders). Would anyone be interested in my raw notes for some of my old games here?

- Silent


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Going to personally take a pass on this, but I wish this every success.


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Welcome back!


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It had its use, but not at the moment.

Best to do it by genre if needed.


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Probably best to appoint someone.


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Mike Palmer wrote:

Never saw a ballot, if you sent one out Misty.


The ballots only went out to those who had been active on the site; you two (and nearly everyone else) haven't active, so no email was sent.



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I am setting this up with the aim of the vote starting on Saturday.


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Definitely. Misty, if you will send me the form of the ballot and the running times for the vote by email, I will set this up.


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If this is seconded, I'll set this up.


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I am willing to give it a go.


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Euan Reid wrote:

So we need GMs and we need players, and all of it in the service of activity. That sounds like something everyone agrees on; how do we find these folks? How do we create that activity for them to sustain?

I would argue that it starts with the players already here creating that activity. Posting leads to posting.


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Misty Diamond wrote:
Mike Palmer wrote:

found the plot line advanced so fast that they couldn't keep up when posting daily

- Mike

That was basically my reason for leaving the Kestrel, Mike. Loved the sim and the character, but there was not way for me to keep up.

I would propose giving current open sims a gander (including the Kestrel since it was active), and seeing what generates the most interest among our active player base (using the auto generated list the EVC uses for voting purposes would be a start). Then we could start with 1 or 2 sims and build activity.

If you want to put something together for me to send out via Ballotbin, I can most certainly do that.


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What is getting in the way of gameplay is quite simple. People are not posting.


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May I ask why you haven't posted in Greenleaf since 20 October last year then?

IC activity is a vital part of a site; you don't join a dead site no matter how pretty looking.

Edit: I see Misty does post in Prinz Eugen. My apologies.


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Mike Palmer wrote:

Gunther looked at Laura and said with gravity, "Well somebody got wind of that cargo, whatever it was, and made good on an effort to snatch it in route.  Or it was blind luck that pirates hit that ship out here in the middle of nowhere.  Yeah, right.  I think dodgy is an understatement.  For anything dealing with Blue Sun, though, in a way this seems unremarkable.  A ship and cargo lost with all hands, along with a mysterious cargo.  I'd never carry a cargo for them, no matter what the pay."

"I agree we need to keep this quiet, Mrs. Stanier", the Captain continued.  "We need to make sure they all know that this is to be kept within the crew.  A leak... a slip up... no matter how slight, could cost us all our lives."

- Gunther

OOC: Will keep on posting here while there is a chance of saving this metaphorical ship, but we shall see...


"My concern, Captain", Laura replied, "Is that the more people know the fine details, the more chance of someone ending up letting something loose in a bar or something".

She got up and moved over to the other side of the bridge, then turned to look at the Captain.

"Also, if anyone here is genuinely dodgy - you've probably checked everyone, but even you're not perfect - then someone will get this anyway... Call me paranoid, but we need to keep the main information need to know... Most of them do not need to know".

- Laura Stanier


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Misty, I will address each of your paragraphs in turn.

1. Why are you discussing this solely with Euan? He's not the only member here. I am always available for any discussion by email. This isn't a dictatorship.

2. Not true. I am perfectly willing to help and open to the right sort of change.

3. Then where is the work and why isn't this being discussed with members?

4. Then allow guest posting if that is doable on this site as is. If not, then move us to a platform that can.

5. Agree entirely.

6. Agree, it can be confusing.

7. Then please use the blog that I run instead. I have made countless requests for people to provide me material and I get nada pretty much every time.

8. I don't want to leave; but this site is currently on life support.

9. I don't want to go back to PARS, it wasn't a great system. C and D are good ideas. I would back E for a six month period.

10. The review talks a lot of sense; we have a lot of great content, but it is awfully hard to find.

I do not want this site to die, but we need to start taking serious action and in short order. I am willing to assist, but I cannot be the only one who does this.

Silent Hunter