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Throwing his hands up, narrowly missing the stack of books. "Now that is just not fair, Monsieur! You the girls if your choice in missions is okay. Not once have you asked me." Danté special it hurt and indignant.  Unfortunately the look was ruined by the slight smirk on his face.



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Smiling, Danté pointed at Director Moyeen. "He may not lie, but he would sure judge the hell out of you. Regardless, let's see what you can do."  Dexterously tossing his hat onto his head, Danté arched a brow. "Director, do you want me to go through a training session,  or did you have something else in mind?"



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"How 'bout neither!" A heavily accented voice comes in from outside the door. Shortly afterwards a slender black man moonwalks into Dr. Puffin's office. "Bon soir, Director! A little birdie said I was needed here." Turning to the young lady with the book in her hand Danté smiled and bowed, doffing his hat "What's this," he exclaimed "Another new agent! Hello, my dear. My name is Kaiser Sosei."


"Die, foul demon!" DDané yelled smiling as he poked the floating paper with his cane. Laughing at his own antics he read the contents out loud. "Miss Nefertitty, it seems as if you are just down the hall from me. Lucky me! I am now neighbors with the two most beautiful women in CANIS. Handing the paper to Nef, Danté bowed. "If you'll excuse me..."

- Danté

Seeing his dear friend Katerie walk in Danté stood up smiling; flinging Abuelo across the room ( by accident) as he ran to the door embracing her. "I do not cheat. I win. Sha baby, where have you been? I haven't seen you in... well quite a long time!"

Pulling her into the office, Danté gestured at Nefertiti. " have you met Beyoncé? That's with the accent over the 'e' of course. The only way to speak."

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Hearing a voice, Danté stopped fussing with Abuelo and turned. Seeing the confused, or better yet, anxious look in the girls face, he smiled and gestured her over. "Oui. I am attempting to play, but he cheats.

You are new here...no?

Dante walked into director Moyeen's office because of the summons he received and sat down, idly tapping out Chopsticks on the arm of the chair. Afterwhile, Dante got bored...which was no real surprise. He tended to get bored easily, and he pulled out his chess board...travel size, of course. After a few moves, he felt a familiar presence in the office. Turnig, expecting to see the Director he is somewhat not surprised to see Abuelo. Dante has been thinking that that Gila monster had some kind of tracker on him. Every time Dante wants to play chess here comes Abuelo.

Smiling, Dante gestured at the chess pieces. "Would you care for a game, lizard?" Dante asked.

Abuelo flicked his tongue out and walked across the board, scattering pieces. "Haha, Shadow Man! Abuelo wins by surprise attack."  Dante could not actually hear per say what Abuelo said. Instead he saw it in his mind with Abuelo's distinct Hispanic accent.



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Whenever you're ready señor señor.


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For Raven: Misty please message Raven when all characters are made. He is having temporary technical issues.


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Bringing Danté back for Raven part deux.

Handing over a flask, Ragnar mentally grounded himself. "Right there with you, bud. Now I suppo e just need to figure out why it existed."

Immediately jumping to his left end then stepping to the right as the deluge of effluvia comes from his friend Ragnar never takes his eyes off the town. "Well, time is fleeting. You doing okay?"

"Sure don't. Sensitivity has always been your strength, not mine. But, hey, screw it." Before Redfeather could stop him, he stepped forward.

Sitting comfortably on his dancing ride Ragnar pointed towards the rickety buildings. "Ummmm, Scottie no. If there is anything I like less than spiders, its zombies. This place probably has both." Swinging down he grabbed his ruck as the stallion rears. "At some point they are going to have to send another team to handle the dirty work and not just us."

Catching some movement from one of the windows the Norseman flexes and mutters to his friend. "Xnay on the eedingfay. We got company."

"All the time. You get anything else from our equine friends?" Hoping this horse was not a relative of Buckbeak, the Norseman nodded to the stallion before mounting. After all, it never hurt to be respectful.

"I really don't like the name of the village. I mean really dude? Why does it gotta be white. Why can't it be blacksville? Racist ass cowboys.

Smiling and clapping his hands, Ragnar grabbed his bag and nudged his friend. "Come on Birdman, let us meet them in the middle. Sleipner's get can be a bit fickle at times. It would be best if we didn't piss them off."

Looking around at his surroundings he couldn't help but get a flash-back of 9th century Byzantium. He just hoped it wasn't as bad.

Wincing at the hated nickname, Ragnar Midgarson refrained from throwing a rock at his friend's head. "Well Shawn, since I haven't had any of my special brew yet, yes I see the walking mirages."

Wincing at the hated nickname, Ragnar Midgarson refrained from throwing a rock at his friend's head. "Well Shawn, since I haven't had any of my special brew yet, yes I see the walking mirages."

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Taking a swig, grimacing ad he did so, the blonde shook his head. "Yeah, yeah I got it. You
don't know. I don't know. We never know. We never find out until we are hip deep in whatever mess they put us. Like that one time we were sent to Phnom Penh with instructions to " not be conspicuous."  Sometimes,  I really hate my job."

The taller of the two dropped his bag and started rummaging. "Every time we jump I need a drink. Now, because I am in this Gods- forsaken desert with no horse my get hurt too. This is the fifth damn time in a row we jumped to one of the circles of Hell. Why are we here again?

Still have Agent openings?


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What to do, what to do.

Of all the people who could have freed Tavarian, Angel was not one of the people immediately thought if. Somehow one of her rounds found a slight chunk in the armor directly over the hydraulics controlling the joint, ripping through the hoses and causing the tentacle to loosen it's grip on Tavarian.

Unfortunately, the rest  of the tank was fully operational.



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I need to get this off my chest first: people do not tend to respond well to ultimatums.

OK, I am all in support of welcoming in new players, regardless of their past. Not a one of them have done anything to me, nor to what I believe most of the site. I do not believe though that they should be put in any position of authority and will HAVE to abide by ALL rules and instructions put forth by the GC, just like the rest of us on the site.

You cannot force someone to apologize as a condition to joining anything and expect them to be sincere. Nor can you put a list on who you will accept and who not, that creates an inclusive society, which we are not.

I can assure you that there are people on this site that I don't care to interact with, but I do at times. I can turn the other cheek and let the past be the past, and I'm not even Christian.

Let who wants to come in, come in. Nothing says you have to interact with them, but I am sure EVERYONE here would expect a courtesy, because that is what we have come love about our members.

I hope my post makes sense.



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I enjoy only s few Dune books. The prequels are phenomenal.