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The Dominator settled into the designated zone above the Capitol city. The striking dagger like profile was clearly visible in the sky above the city, undoubtedly drawing many eyes skyward. No further incidents occurred in the final transit. The JDF escort squadron broke formation and initiating smoke trails as they made a graceful spectacle of twisting colored ribbons plunging planetward ahead of the enormous Star Destroyer.

Taal's comm chartered. <Commander Taal, this is Air Marsahal Sebring. We have arrived at our designated coordinates. My squadrons would be pleased to fly sentry duty in concert with your fighters during your visit. I would also invite you to join me for a drink at the spaceport if you are available. Call it an opportunity to meet and make up for the embarrassment of this sortie.>

- Air Marshal Sebring


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Cordelia was preparing to go into more specifics on the Governor's palace and the parade when the XO's comlink bleeped.

<Pardon me ma'am, this is the officer of the watch, the captain would like you to know that The Dominator has arrived above the planet Jelacun, if your personnel are prepared you may disembark to meet the planetary authorities to inspect the spaceport staging grounds and the parade route.>



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Congratulations to you all!


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Certainly Star Wars is a lot about fighter combat. I'm not against double duty for the glory of the empire.

Natalya could feel the security officers eyes following her. Damned rent a cops. Werent they ever young once? It was getting far to hard to sneak liquor on this station. She kept smiling at Mr. Wan, hoping she could get close enough to the front counter to properly stash the bottle tucked in her apron.

Scarlett broke the tension by finding this an opportune moment to throw up all over Kris' boots.

-Natalya and Scarlet


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<Senior Commander Taal, this is Grand Marshal Sebring. Please give me a moment to look into this matter.>

There was a long pause, but the targeting scan suddenly discontinued and the warning beep in Taal's ear ceased. The line remained silent as Taal's time period ticked down. With only a second or so remaining on the ultimatum, the painted headhunter suddenly broke formation and started decsending towards the planer. The comm crackles to life.

<Commander Taal, please accept my most sincere appologies.> the man sounded slightly hoarse and flustered. <It seems one of our young gunnery officers was engaging in an inappropriate flight of fancy. The pilot is returning the officer to barracks to await severe disciplining. This reflects poorly on my unit and the Jelucan Defence Forces. It is unacceptable. The gunnery officer will report to you at the spaceport to explain herself and formally apologize. This is a disgraceful breakdown in protocol and the high standards we set of our officers.>
-Grand Marshal Sebring


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Cordelia pulled up the schematics on the governor's palace, a holographic projection of the building filled the table. She was about to start briefing the XO when she heard the Brigadier's question. She paused and smiled at the woman. "This is your show. The troopers and mechanical superiority of the Empire is on display. It's a mix of standard parade drills, but exactly how you wish to orchestrate it is up to you, these are your ground forces. It of course culminates in the arrival of the XO at the governor's palace, but I want the entire city to know the Empire is marching down the streets of this world. Use anything at your disposal and wow the crowds."


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As the lift opened, an RA-7 droid stood inside, tilting it's head towards the apparently lost or disoriented grease covered human. "Where do you think you are going." It croaked.

Natalya looked up at Mr. Wan, whom she had seen around on the station before. As he got close she let go of Scarlett and tried to stash the whiskey bottle under her uniform apron. "Uh... cakes. Not normally, they don't fit in the fryer to well. We got a really rich Bavarian Creme filled. Get a couple dozen and it makes any party better." Natalya rolled her eyes to herself. She'd been working for her father for too long, his sales lines were finding their way into her thoughts now. God no, she was not becoming her father. "Hey Rico! Do you make cakes?" She shouted to the back room.

"I know how to." Came the reply from the back. That surprised Natalya a little. Rico was just the like thirty year old guy that was usually covered in oil and grease from the fryer. "You do?" She asked dumbfounded. "Sure, my mamma taught me. She used to do wedding cakes. Not much of an oven back here, but I could make you a small one."

Natalya turned back to Mr. Wan. "I guess we do. Whatcha looking for?"



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<I-6, this is I-2. I have a track on a targeting sensor, it is clearly coming from in front of our formation. I can't get an exact fix. Hold on one minute sir.>

Taal then heard an announcement across the squadron wide channel. <All interceptors! This is I-2. Check for a targeting track on 43.6 KHZ. I need a second or third track to focus on the source.>

There was a pause in which all Taal heard was the beeping of the target warning alert.

<I2 this is I-5. I see your track on 43.6 KHZ. I can confirm a general directional orign.>

<Good work I-5! We may have this bastard! Tying your track into my targeting computer.>

The conversation switched back to the ship to ship channel.

<I-6 this I-2. I have a cross lock on the origin. I'm showing it coming from the second headhunter from the left side.>

The real world had kind of faded out on Scarlett. The station seemed to be leaning a bit to the side. She stumbled in her poor attempt at walking. Disoriented she looked around. Oksanna/Natalya still held her one arm and officer Christina was moving in to help too. "I'm ok.. yep I'm ok." She struggled to stand upright, brushing herself off and reclaim the dignity she never really had. "Constable, I am quite capable of making my own way home." She held her chin high in a regal pose, before taking a step and feeling her knees crumple.

At that moment Wan and Ye arrived. Scarlett caught herself dropping to a knee. She gave a begroggled look at the two and blurted out, "Welcome to Donut Czar, may I take your order?" The slurred introduction was shortly followed by a staccato of laughter.


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Appologies, RL got me a bit off track this week. Should be caught up.


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The droid extended its manipulator arm and took the flask. A small hose extended dispensing the designated whiskey into the tin container. "I trust you shall have a most eventful journey Master Gofast. May it bring many profits and exotic libations." MD stated focusing its photoreceptor on the man.



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The escort of the enormous Star Destroyer was generally calm. Local air traffic above the Capitol had been grounded pending the arrival. Only a few flights of government vessels and several small press shuttles were in the air above 1000 feet. Lesser speeders and haulers crossed the sky of the city, but steered clear of the spaceport.

The wedge shape of the Dominator was visible from the planet as it took up position above the city. The escort flight of headhunters was nearing the end of their flight path when Taal's sensors alerted him that his Interceptor was being targeted. No lock, but the warning blips sounded glaringly in his ear.



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Cordelia smiled to the senior officer. "Yes, Ma'am. The ceremony is fairly simple. After a sweeping parade of Imperial ground and air units, the Capt... you Ma'am, will fly over the parade route and land at the south lawn of the Governor's palace. The ramp will descend, a honor guard of troopers will lead followed by select officers including myself, and after a pause you will descend. We will walk to the podium where the Governor's press secretary will be announcing your arrival to the crowds. You will be presented to the Governor, you will bear a ceremonial tablet with a message to the Governor from the Emperor himself. You will shake hands, assuming a dominant two handed grasp of the Governor's hand. You will wave to the crowds and recess into the Palace to begin actual diplomacy with the Governor. I will be there with you and on comlink so there should be no issues."


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Oksanna watched as the young woman turned around and headed away. She waved to her back. "Good luck! I hope I'll be seeing you around. There's always work at the donut shop..." Oksanna wasn't sure if she had been helpful or not. So many people came through the station looking to make quick cash. Some did, some did not. She hoped Jeannie had good luck with security.


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MD listened carefully to what Boba was relating. "Accessing Jelacun security database." A projection from MD showed a flickering set of mugshots of men and aliens, a tracing scan of their features flashed across each image. After a minute or so a holographic image of Boba presenting what could best be qualified as an obscene gesture rotated in the air between them. "Affirmative. Drunk and disorderly conduct, soliciting and pandering, escape from detention facility. 650 credit reward for capture. Apparently you are not the most sought after offender on the planet, but your arrest would provide a nice meal or weekend getaway."


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<I6 this is Dominator Control.initiating sweep for active sensor transmissions. Please stand by.>

There was a long pause as Taal awaited a response. The only sound was the hum of the Interceptors engines.

<I3 to I6. Commander, the targeting has stopped. No readings of any active sensors. They've gone quiet.>


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Cordelia smiled. "A permanent garrison would certainly be in our best interests. Workers from an Imperial regulated world, such as Kessel or  Kyshyyyk, would certainly solve some problems. And I agree, we cannot have the local militia possessing unclear loyalties.

The immediate concerns are we must gather intelligence of the situation on the ground before we can implement curative steps. And we have a display of imperial might and majesty to perform in front of the assembled press in the next couple hours. We must have the populace embrace us before quelling dissent, or their sympathies may turn from us. The Emperor wants a loyal productive world."



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<Commander Taal our Govenor extends his welcome and you have my compliments on behalf of our space and air defense forces. Welcome to Jelucan.> The Air Marshal responded back as his squadron pulled a high turn to head the procession of Dominator into orbit above the Capitol city.

The indigenous armed forces kept their distance and flew their prescribed course. For several minutes all ran smoothly. Far beneath then they could see a continent with high snow capped mountain ridges. The squadron intercom suddenly crackled to life in Taal's helmet. <I-6, this is I-3. Someone's targeting sensors have just lit up my Interceptor. No weapons lock, but I am being targeted."



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"Yes, ma'am. The local defense forces were brought in to pacify the miners. They were unsucessful. Their organization and training is of adequate quality for a localized militia. After the clone wars they maintained their battle readiness. Most of their weapons are of that era. We could take them in short order if they offered resistance. But it has allowed for factions on the planet to arm themselves. The miners are demanding the usual, higher wages, greater safety regulations in the mines and shorter work shifts. Their demands could cut into the profitability for the governor and ruling trade council. The situation is not expected to turn violent, but we do not have accurate intelligence on what the miners may be capable of. Any form of inserrection would be unacceptable during our show of benevolence."


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MD-2020's photoreceptor blinked as its processing circuits tied into the Star Destroyers network. "I am not authorized to permit leave of personnel, but I do see that we are currently in orbit of the semi industrial world of Jelucan. It would appear local security is escorting us into space above their capitol city. Current weather in the Capitol is 42 degrees. Quite acceptable to most sentient lifeforms, including humans."


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<Interceptor Six, this is Dominator Flight Control. The Political Officer confirms the diplomatic mission. Convey your respects, but keep then clear of our engagement zone.>

-Flight Control


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Cordelia nodded to the Brigadier as she asked her question. The comment was not unexpected, and fairly typical seeking a quick military solution to the problem.

"Thank you Brigadier, I have the utmost confidence in your troops abilities, however in this situation, where forced compliance may be necessary, it is the Emperor's will to find a equitable solution to this labor issue. We are here as agents of civilization to our own citizens on a newly recognized Imperial world. Of course some trouble makers may need to be made into examples to demonstrate how good imperial citizens behave. Unnecessary bloodshed should be avoided.

To complicate matters, members of the press Corp will be covering our visit, and sadly there are still many sympathizers for the old republic in the Imperial Senate. This operation is to be benevolent, until justly provoked."



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Yes to both. Marshal needs to work with neurotic Alliance bureaucrat. And there is always room for edgy teens on the skyplex.