Re: GC/TC Elections 2013

BWAHAHA! MY REIGN OF TERROR CONTIN- ~aherm~ I mean, uh, thank you all for voting for me big_smile Congratulations to Silent, commiserations to Jason (who I publicly invite to once again serve as my minion of terr- deputy. I said deputy. ~cough cough~), and well done to spsblue and Firesky for running. I'll be endeavouring to find you both a technical role should you wish one.

Re: GC/TC Elections 2013

Thank you to all those who voted for me - and all those who didn't. In particular thank you to Jason for such a close contest.

I hope I will justify the trust you have placed in me in re-electing me to a second term.

I formally accept my office as General Coordinator and will be making new and returning appointments in the next few days.

- Silent Hunter

Re: GC/TC Elections 2013

Congratulations to both Silent and Euan!


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Re: GC/TC Elections 2013

Is it too late to demand a recount? wink

Congrats to both Silent and Euan! Here's to continued success of Phoenix!

In retrospect, I have a feeling that my running for both positions may have been detrimental to  my chances in either. Assuming the TC remains an elected position for next year, I am going to propose the elections are staggered for both positions. That way I (or anyone else) can effectively run for both positions without the risk of splitting votes between the positions.

And thanks to our acting EVC for running the elections. Robert, you rock.


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Re: GC/TC Elections 2013

Well done to the candidates, the electorate, and to our EVC who coordinated an excellent and exciting election!


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