Topic: Kvant needs players!

We're down to only three players in our Simulation Cup winning Firefly sim by yours truly and am looking for more.

Would anyone be interested? I am prepared to junk the current plot if need be.

Re: Kvant needs players!

Sorry, friend, I have too much on my plate already!

However, anyone looking for another sim to join I'd highly recommend this one! Top notch stuff here!


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Re: Kvant needs players!

I will see if it is something that fits my interest, especially since I am thinking about introducing another character. But I do not make any promises. First I want to read up a bit on the story and such.


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Re: Kvant needs players!

I'm just glad of the interest.

Re: Kvant needs players!

I'm down to two players now; if I don't get anything by next weekend, I'll have to close one of my Simulation Cup winning sims.  sad