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Hey guys, i've been doing a lot of graphic art lately and I used to do some minor commercial work when before the US Army. If you guys want a document, or a Banner Made for your Sim put a request in here or in the Request thread and I'll get to you on it. It's easy work for me and I love doing it.


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Re: Banner and Document Maker

I've deleted some posts which were going totally off-topic. Please use this thread only for requests related to Raven's offer. Thank you all.


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Re: Banner and Document Maker

Samples of Work

The Dark Cometh FB page logo

NPC for Euan for CANIS Pacifica

The Triple First Banner Work In Progress

Elemental Consumption Chart WIP for The Dark Cometh Table Top Game

1881:Industrial Revelations Logo Redo (Mobile Game in Development)

i'm fairly flexible and will accomodate and learn to make something happen


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