Topic: Newsletter Challenge: Holiday stories

Hi all,

A short time ago, our very own Raven asked if it would be possible to have a contest involving the oncoming holidays. And good news everyone: we are having a contest involving the oncoming holidays!

So here's the challenge: write a story about one or a few of your sim characters dealing with the holidays! As long as it is connected to the holidays and is set in the universe of one of our many sims on these forums, you can basically write what you want. Just keep in mind that stories need to be either 250 or 500 words long. Also keep in mind that due to the set amount of room in the newsletter, the editorial staff reserves the right to edit your story, although this will be avoided if possible and if not, it will be kept to a minimum.

So get out there and write your merry stories, so that you can send them to me by email, or use the newsletter mail address: [email protected]

-Mischa, editor-in-chief of The Burning Question

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Re: Newsletter Challenge: Holiday stories

Let the Games begin.


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