Topic: House Rules Template

Copy/paste this into your sim's House Rules thread, and edit the text accordingly:

1. AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) Policy, noting the number of days a player may go without posting before being considered AWOL, and the procedure for dealing with AWOLs.
2. Content restrictions, i.e. what mature content is allowed within the sim's forum, in character and out of character, and the procedure for dealing with transgressions. (See Member Policy 4: Content in RPs)
3. The sim's location on the following scale:
0 - players can generate NPCs and resolve their actions with no GM intervention.
5 - players can generate minor NPCs and resolve limited minor actions without GM intervention.
10 - players should get GM approval for any NPC and should state their actions and then wait for GM resolution of said actions.
4. Any other rule distinct to the sim.

And an example (Cydonia House Rules). As you can see, feel free to format the text however you like, as long as the above information is present and in the same order:

•    AWOL Limit: 10 days. If you cannot post within this time, please set an LOA (Leave of Absence) where possible.

•    Content rating: PEGI 16 - May contain explicit violence, strong sex references, bad language, gambling or drug use. PEGI 16 is comparable to the BBFC's 15 rating and to the Teen (high end) and the Mature (low end) ratings from the ESRB.

If a post is made that you find inappropriate, please inform the SL. Content deemed unacceptable by the SL will be immediately removed and the offending player cautioned either privately or publicly. Repeat violations, or a serious single violation, may result in removal from the sim. All appeals to the General Coordinator.

•    GM Policy: Players may create minor NPCs and may resolve minor actions but must await GM resolution of major actions. However, if the GM feels that either the NPC is not minor or the resolved action is not minor, the GM can void part of or all of any player post.

•    You don't have to have a character registered on this sim to post here OOC (out of character), but any IC (in character) post requires permission from the SL to join the sim.

•    Please keep OOC discussion to a minimum, and where possible restrict it to OOC threads.

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