Topic: Three Sims

Flagrant plug for three sims, each with an excellent small group of players, great settings, and such potential for RP enjoyment, which you might be interested in joining!

1. Invisec is a Star Wars sim set on Coruscant at the time of the fall of the democratic but inefficient Republic and the rise of the totalitarian Empire.

The concept for this sim is very much rooted in its 'ghetto' location, within the broader backcloth of the Star Wars universe.

Themes we will explore will include police state, tyranny, fear, poverty, drugs, hopelessness, hidden agendas, hidden identity, loss of identity, racial and tribal identities, gangs, power and powerlessness, day to day exigencies of life in a harsh social and economic context, political subversives, confraternity, camaraderie, rebellion, inner strength.

If you would like to join, please post in the applications thread.

2. Stargate: Beta Site is a sim in the Stargate setting. Humanity has been exploring the galaxy for only a few short years by means of stargates (wormholes which allow instant access to distant planets) and spaceships, making allies and fighting threats. Now the Milky Way faces its biggest threat ever, an extra-galactic invasion by a race called the Ori - a religiously zealous people bent on the forced conversion or extermination of all sentient life in the galaxy.

Sign up to save not just humanity, not just the Earth, but the galaxy.

3. Middle Earth: Fourth Age

Set in the aftermath of the Fall of Sauron, the Free Peoples of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings must continue to fight against all those who Sauron the Deceiver turned against them, if they are to build a kingdom of peace, justice, and righteousness for all to abide in.

"For our enemies did not all fall when Barad Dur crumbled, and Sauron's legacy is alive in the strife and hatred he has planted in the hearts of many peoples, from Belfalas to the Unknown East. The Dark Lord may be dead, but the wars he started continue, and the work of my brothers who fell here must be completed." - Elboron Cair i Rath Celerdain

Please let me know if you would like to join (or chronicle or sing about) the fight. Or if you'd like to join the long walk we'll go on, on our way to the fight. And we shall courteously and studiously regard the flora and the fauna and the mighty rivers and the mountains and all the epic backcloth as we sojourn through this epic high fantasy!

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