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Post your applications to join here.

The applications should try and match this format. Pictures are of course, optional:

Apparent Age:
Home Planet: Include a brief description of it. Please use the following website for your star system. Feel free to make up a planet if one doesn't exist.
Zodiac House: This is which of the Zodiac constellations the aforementioned planet is in. It has to be one of the 12 main signs. … odiac.html

Accused Crime:
You may actually be innocent, but who cares, your guilty in the eyes of the court.

What your character is like.

The history of your character.

Preferred Suit Type:

Suit Color Scheme:


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Re: Pilot profiles

Phoebe Artemis Moon
Call Sign: Skullette
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 130
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Zodiac House: Libra

Home Planet: Brandywine Colony, Zuben Elakrab System, Libra
Accused Crime: Civil disobedience, grand theft, assault of a peace officer (6).

Skullette is respectful and easy going, until you cross her. Forgive and forget are two words she has a great deal of trouble with. She holds a grudge and she keeps score, preferring to balance accounts when the other party needs it least. She is prone to change and remains emotionally detached from people since most of those she knows or works with will not survive long.

Background: Phoebe Moon was born in the worker co-op developments on the Brandywine colony in the remote Zuben Elakrab system. The Libran House Lords had a rigid system of egalitarianism that squelched individual self-expression. That didn’t sit well with the free spirited Phoebe. Something about her attracted attention and that frequently found her at odds with her overseers. She would often find herself cavorting with creative and intellectual types, that while working for the glory of every Libran, found themselves walking the thin line of egocentricism.

Phoebe took a great fascination with exploring the realms of the non-representational, near heresy in terms of Libran philosophy. The authorities came down hard on her community. Many like Phoebe were re-educated to correct their extravagant ways. Others disappeared. Phoebe learned to walk and talk as a good worker, a contributor to her community and house. She learned to express her devotions to art and personal vision through the manipulation of others and great works of civic celebration. If it was for all, the one could not be punished.

Her great successes caused the House Lords to take a closer look at the rising star in their community. It became apparent to them that her personality was eclipsing the public good. She had nowhere near enough power to stand out like that. It was decided to make an example of her.

Nearly overnight her life changed from rising star to burning in hell. She was shipped along with a shuttle of dissidents to rot on Earth. It was there she found her calling, it was there she met her destiny. In the need to survive on the penal colony, she volunteered for the Bronco Corp. She was not a fighter in physical means, but her skills to control and organize people took root in the Bronco squads. In time her training as a Hermes pilot grew and her success as a combatant increased. In the course of five years she developed a morbid nickname as The Skull, over four consecutive deployments, she was the only in her squad to come back alive. Being the only survivor she eventually took up piloting a Zeus for her own team, where her Libran skills of organization worked in her favor. Admiration for her skills was tempered by the general attitude of being selected to her squad was seen as a death sentence.

Phoebe bent her nickname and notorious reputation to fit herself, and wore it as close to her as her own armor. She adopted the call sign Skullete and tattooed her Libran inspired motto ‘Parilitas in Nex’ across her chest. She carries death like a cloak around her, attracting many to the offbeat curse of being near her, but branding her as a pariah among others in the population.

Preferred Suit Type: Zeus Class Command Suit
Suit Color Scheme: Black & Green
Associates/Allies: Team Members. Screw everyone else.

Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Sophia 'Angel' Law
Apparent Age: Unknown, around 30
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown.
Notable Features: Two large angel tattoos.  One across her back and one on her upper right.
Home Planet: Sartis in the Omega Sagittarii system.  A cold-temperate planet rich in minerals with a small population living in climate-controlled networks of buildings.
Zodiac House: Sagittarius

Accused Crime:
Membership of a proscribed terrorist organisation.  Conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.  Conspiracy to cause an explosion.  Murder.  Assault.

Angel is slow to trust and paranoid of nearly everyone.  She has only a short period of memory to base her expectations upon, and she's met few people who have given her any reason to have faith in her fellow human being.

Sophia Law is a terrorist and a murderer.  She was part of an attack by the Omegan People's Army terrorist group on a public celebration on the planet Sartis in the Omega Sagittarii system which killed dozens, including the planetary governor and most of his household. During the attack she was badly injured and captured by House enforcement forces.

Or at least this is what she has been told.

The first thing the woman who calls herself Angel can remember is laying in a hospital bed with more tubes in her than she could count.  There followed a period of interrogation, with officers demanding answers to questions she barely even understood.  Eventually, they seemed to give up on getting any actionable intellegence out of her, and proceeded with her trial.

Her trial, of course, had more to do with public appeasement than justice.  Even the identity Sophia Law was invented by the authorities who believed that a woman with a name and a past would be a more satisfying sacrifice for a public baying for blood.  For her part, Angel endured the public humiliation of the trial as best she could.  Unable to challenge or even to answer the official version of events, her exile to old Earth was a foregone conclusion.

On Earth, in the decrepit penal colonies and surrounded by poison and death, Angel began to learn a little about herself.  She found that she was apparently quite well-educted, with a manner of speaking which suggested a very priviliged upbringing.  She was skilled at repairing things, too.  Mostly mechanical things, but when she witnessed a fight between two other prisoners, she found herself quite able to help the loser on his way back to health.  Slowly she began to build something of a life amidst the ruins of the past, trading on skills she could not remember learning.

In a place like the penal colonies of old Earth, however, it is difficult to be useful to some people without making enemies of others.  It was therefore not too long before Angel had cause to explore the extent of her combat expertise.  She was approached by a large man who instructed her quite pointedly to poison a particular patient.  She refused, and later on that day, she was attackedr by three men in the street.  She deftly relieved one of the men of his knife, stabbed the other two, and came within an inch of putting the blade into the neck of an enforcement officer before she registered the uniform and brought her strike to an abrupt halt.  Fortunately for Angel, the officer had her hand on her shock rod rather than her gun.

She awoke in the precinct station.  With her criminal record, the enforcement agents were unwilling to accept her pleas of self-defense, or her assertion that she had aborted her attack on the officer as soon as she recognised her.  Angel was left for two days, expecting a brutal reprisal.  She did not expect a job offer.

A recruiting scout had caught wind of the incident, and suggested she might make a good recruit for the Broncos.  They suggested that her mechanical and medical skills would be well suited to the role of Hephaestus.  Also, given her possibly questionable loyalties, a role with fewer weapons was also deemed appropriate.

Four years later, Angel has graduated from the program, but it seems she has still got someone trying to hold her down, for she has been assigned to the squad of a woman who has had more squad-mates die than Angel met during her training.

Still, graduation means a chance to get off-world, and that means a shot at finding the truth of her past.

Preferred Suit Type:

Suit Color Scheme:
Dark green and grey.

None.  She doesn't know anyone from before her arrest, and hasn't made any lasting friends afterwards.

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Re: Pilot profiles

Work in Progress

Name: Mirabella Nemesis Berliner
Callsign: Grim Reapress
Apparent Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Weight: 134lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red and Black
Home Planet: Rencorus colony, Imperious system, Taurus

Zodiac House: Taurus

Accused Crime Murder 1 (8) Possession(3) Public Indecency(2)

Personality: A laid back seducer of people. It is often hard to remember that she is a killer. Known for holding grudges until she dies. Kind of like the goddess she is named after

Background: Life was hard for Mirabella. She had a mother, but not one who was in any way shape or form around. Of course this didn't make it any harder on her when that mother was taken away from her when she was 16. Seeking vengeance Mirabella started killing, at first it was those responsible for her mother. She didn't stop there though, she kept killing people. She wasn't particularly quiet about it either, she was quite messy doing it with her blades so she eventually got caught. Getting sentenced to earth she found her way into becoming a Bronco as fast as possible. She wanted to be back out their killing again, she wanted to fight. Her suit AI consists of a very loud angry soldier. It's personality complements her greatly, adding a tactical analysis to her natural killer instincts

Preferred Suit Type: Ares with an Armament focused more on close quarters. Has an assistant Male AI named Churchill and a female one she calls izzy because she can't pronounce the actual name

Suit Color Scheme: Black, gold and silver. Likes a Death's head on the helmet

1. The team
2. A couple of quartermasters
3. Jeanette Viklund (Cellmate)

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Miguel Sarame Torres
Homeworld: Brachium V, Zuben Elakrab System, Libra
Born: 994 AD
Nickname: The Brachium V  Killer, Cuchillo
Age: 30
Height: 5'10
Weight: 177lbs
Accused Crime/s: Multiple counts of Murder, Attempted Murder of Two Enforcement Officers, Two counts of Assault (overturned) Resisting arrest and Arson. 

Miguel Torres was born in the year 994 After Destruction in the slummiest area of the Brachium V Colony. As a result, his early years were heavily geared toward learning to survive in the hostile environment, and dealing with his abusive parents. His life played out much like one would expect of a slum child, he spent most his days hungry, beaten or both.

However he never showed any fear, an unusual thing for a young child, and he quickly became good at manipulating others to get what he wanted. Then, at age 16, he killed for the first time. This was in self defence, but in the act he found he had a taste for it. He killed several more times, and finally at the age of 25, he murdered both his parents. He then eluded authorities for another 3 years, killing at whim. During his time on the run, he had his trademark tattoos done, covering his face and most of the rest of his body. Finally, he was caught, and the Judges were torn about how to deal with him. Execution for his crimes, or permanent exile to Earth for his crimes? Miguel showed no remorse, and in fact toyed with the unsuspecting judges, leading to his ultimate exile to Earth. He was almost thrown out for convincing two recruits to beat each other nearly to death, something which he derived immense satisfaction from doing, however it wasn't until he attacked another recruit that he was put up to be executed.

Strangely, one of the Ares suits protested this, and demanded to be bonded to him. When the suit was allowed to bond with Miguel, boths personalities changed. The suit became more like Miguel in it's love for manipulation and violence, and yet Miguel became more able to control his rampant bloodlust and manic behaviour. It still shows through, however he is able to function as part of a team dynamic because of his union. He developed his nickname 'Cuchillo' as a result of his particular finesse and use of knives in his work, pre and post Earthbound. During his time at the Ares camp, he developed an unusual closeness with another recruit, a Sagittarian named Louisa, who Miguel found not only easy to manipulate, but enough of him in her personality for him to 'care' about her as much as he could care about anyone. He saved her from a particular messy situation, and since she follows him around like a lost puppy. Miguel seems to enjoy the attention, but also appears to have some degree of care for her.


He is the embodiment of psychopath, being violent, manipulative and unempathetic, however these traits have become more normalised since his union with his suit.

His union with the Ares suit gives him an outlet for most of his psychotic tendencies, and helps reduce his urge to indulge in more sadistic outlets. These have been known to ocassionally spill over into his actions even so, being such a fixed point in his behaviour.
His union is also a incredibly unconventional one, as his past is not of justified violence. He instead revels in causing chaos, and pain to an extent that leads him to be blacklisted from most training sheets. He fit naturally into the Ares camp, but within only a short time in the house he'd convinced two other recruits to beat each other near to death (Reasons still not known) and attacked another one (Over a verbal disagreement)
Allies: Louisa
The team (if it suits him)

Enemies: The Libran Council
Anyone who crosses him.
His parents (since deceased)

Suit Colours: Red, Black and Grey
Weapons: On top of the standard armament, Miguel has a large knife that he tends to favor in his close combat situations or to dispatch enemies quickly and quietly.

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Nekoda (Kody) Singh
Apparent Age: 33
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Hair: Long, straight, and black

Zodiac House:  Capricorn
Home Planet: Xanadu, Shangri La, Valhalla

Accused Crime: Assassination of Richard Smith -betrayed by the client who hired her.

Has self -hate/love issues.   Loved her work, what she did –always hated she could do with without remorse. Reserved, in normal everyday situations which makes her come across as aloof. She’ll like to be near others, in the same vicinity, but still keep to herself. 

Orphaned at a very young age, Nekoda- Kody lived in an overcrowded shelter. One day  out sneaking through the crowds, and thieving, she got caught. Recognizing some potential in Kody, this man took her in and “trained her” in certain ways. To be able to get in and out without being seen, or drawing attention to herself, to kill… And that’s what Kody did, hired out to whomever.

It wasn’t a mistake on her part that got her caught and arrested. It was an error in judgment, in choosing the wrong mark, the wrong job. Double-crossed, and set up by the same people that hired her in the first place.  They ordered and paid for the murder…then turned right around and set Kody up to take the fall.

Preferred Suit Type:  Hermes

Suit Color Scheme: Silver and blue

1. (Prison-mate) Chloe Kattalakis
2. (Fellow Assassin) Megeara Devries
3.(Person who trained her) Zarek
4. (Training mate) Cameron Roberts

Changed a few things from before, but basically the same!

Re: Pilot profiles
Name: Lukas Richter
Apparent Age: 30
Height: 193
Weight: 70 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Zodiac House: Gemini

Home Planet:
Schwarzwald Colony, Alhena System, Gemini

Accused Crime:
Various Warcrimes on both sides during the Schwarzwald revolt.

Calm and inconspicuous, Lukas tried to not step any more toes. But war left his scars, and so most of the time he snaps once the fighting starts and lifes by the "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; questions asked later"
He could still work with others as professional soldier, but trusting someone blind was asked to much.

Borne and raised on the far outskirt on an advanced Spacestation of the Alhena System, Lukas had no real connection the to the People on Schwarzwald, a green world covert allmost everywhere with thick.
He joined the Army to see more in live, but ended on garrison duty on Schwarzwald.
After two of his most boring years in life, all hell break lose on the planet and and an open revolt started.
At this time his commanding officers had no problems with the crimes their soldiers committed over the time, but as the revolution dragged on, and more and more soldiers switched sides, it became more important to capture people alive and made an example of them.
When his superior officer switched sides, Lukas catched quickly wind of it and was about to call him out. He was tricked into an ambush by loyal forces. He was quicker  court-martialed to earth than he could get out of his gear.
On earth he became an exemplary prisoner, kept most time to himself, who aced the training for the Hades suit thanks to his wartime experience.

Preferred Suit Type:
Hades Class Heavy Suit
-female AI, named herself Schwertleite, but is called Sworty
-granade launcher changed for other support weapons.

Suit Color Scheme:

Himself and his Suit

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Dr. Arnold Faust
Apparent Age: 36
Height: 6’
‘Weight: 160
Eyes: green
Hair: black
Home Planet: X51, Leo star cluster
Zodiac House: Leo, research and development

Accused Crime:  Researching without a license; breaking and entering, kidnapping, assault, battery, reckless endangerment, 2nd degree murder (76 counts)

Personality: Gregory House, with less of a conscience. Extremely intelligent, Avery detail oriented, head always stuck in a biological sciences book when he’s not in the Bronco’s RND department working off his sentence, and has no "No Filter".

Background: Very gifted scientist specializing in genetic manipulation, as well as other biological sciences that is obsessed with making the perfect controlled predator. He would often “acquire” DNA from donors that he had watched for months and stalked until he either decided to breaking into the person’s living quarters and take samples, or kidnap his prize for his sadistic experiments.

Dr. Faust was eventually arrested after one of his “experiments’ escaped and ended up killing a combination of 76 civilians, peace officers and eventually, military personnel. All of his records were confiscated by government officials and studied; it was found that the “good” doctor’s research was light-years ahead of the government’s top specialists. He was eventually drafted into the BRONCO program, and sentenced to work in the RND department until he completed his judged term.

While there he grew as a scientist and eventually engineered the Orpheus class suit. It uses various nanites that Dr. Faust originally developed as defensive mechanisms, now as offensive weapons that sabotage enemy bio-systems. He also had a knack for engineering combat drones, and was tasked as a Recon support recruit. Him allowing the government to use and manufacture products based of his designs are his way of trying to buy back his freedom. It's hard to shave years off of your sentence when you are sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

His main motivation is to achieve his freedom so he can continue on the path of the perfect predator, UNSUPERVISED.

Preferred Suit Type: Orpheus
Suit Color Scheme: Changes with mission environment for maximum camouflage

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Gideon D'Pavaroti
Age: 20
Weight: 145
Height: 5' 10"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Birthplanet: Asphodel, raised on New Atlantis
Zodiac House: Gemini

Accused crimes: 6 counts of murder, 6 counts of attempted murder, 3 counts of possession of illegal substances with intent to distribute, arson.

Personality: After years of seeing those close to him die, Gideon is no longer able to make emotional connections with others.  However, after being in a criminal trio called the Asphodel Cerberus, he knows the importance of having a team.  While in the Cerberus, he saw himself as the weakest link and volunteered for the most dangerous jobs, believing that his death would not impact the performance of the rest of the team.

Backstory: Gideon was born on Asphondel.  When the Cancer House attacked and razed the planet only a few years later, the D'Pavaroti family was among the last of the refugees to escape.  The family of four, a mother, father, Gideon, and his brother Reid, spent three years in an overcrowded New Atlantis refugee camp.  After a riot over supply shortages during which Gideon's father was killed, the rest of the family escaped into the nearby gang-ruled slums.  Other refugee's met in the family in an abandoned building that would become an unofficial haven for Asphondelan refugees.  However, the ruling gangs considered the refugees a threat and raided the building.  During the escape, Gideon lost his remaining family.  He was raised by the remaining community that had dispersed and blended quickly with the native population.

By the time he was thirteen, Gideon had developed a deep hatred for the gangs of New Atlantis.  He declared a personal war against them, but never acted on this declaration until he met Atlas Quebidaux and Jonah Potter, two boys only a little older than him who shared the hatred.  The trio decided to begin striking back.  To fund themselves, they took to stealing and reselling Lethe, a herbal drug similar to ancient Homeworld's marijuana.  With their profits, they bought firearms and practiced at gang warfare by starting skirmishes with minor gangs.  Gideon quickly show that he could be deadly accurate, even at a distance,  and his position was placed far behind the other two during fights.  Despite his skill, Gideon always felt like he carried the team less than the other two.  He often took the riskier tasks in order to make the more skilled members wouldn't fall.

After five years of battles with small gangs and evading police, the locally-infamous trio took the name Asphondel Cerberus in memory of their fallen birthplanet.  Because the trio operated anonomously in identical uniforms and could cause chaos throughout an area using synchronized, the Cerberus was believed to be a very intricate crime organization.  The major gangs that hadn't been wiped out put a price on any Cerberus head.

The next two years were devoted to annihilating the gang that all others answered to: the Atlantic Spartans.  Because of the sheer difference in numbers, the Cerberus was forced to use guerrilla tactics, taking out only a few members at a time. Still, they became the Spartans' biggest threat.  On the night of the capture and arrest of Gideon D'Pavaroti, the Cerberus was putting into action a plan that was several months in the making.

A message had been delivered to the ganglord over the Atlantic Spartans.  The Cerberus would offer a truce if the gang leader would personally negotiate a deal over a warehouse filled with Lethe.  The leader agreed and met Atlas inside the warehouse with his top lieutenants that night.  Halfway through the deal, fore his role in the plan, Jonah set the warehouse on fire; however, the fire spread too quickly, trapping nearly everyone, including both Jonah and Atlas.  Those that did make it out were met with a bullet to the head fired by Gideon waiting on a nearby rooftop.  After the all the Spartan lieutenants were assumed dead, Gideon began to make his escape.  He hadn't gone further than two blocks when he was met by a Bronco arrest team that had been dispatched to deal with local gangs, with emphasis on learning the true extent of the Asphondel Cerberus.

Because Atlas and Jonah died in the fire and were identified by investigators as Spartans, Gideon was charged with all aspects of the plan and sentenced to 40 years on Earth.  He never said a word during his trials.  In fact, until he arrived at a Bronco camp, he hadn't said a word since he learned of the deaths Atlas and Jonah.

The Asphondel Cerberus is believed by locals to still be active.  Many gang members live in fear of taking  a bullet at any time from the Asphondel sniper that had killed scores of them without ever being seen.

Preferred Suit Type: Hermes
Suit Color: Black *Special Request* Paint a red bullseye on the back

Associates/Allies: No living Associates

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Tavarian Latimer
Apparent Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 169 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Home Planet: Thor ( named after the Norse lightning god). previously called HD80606b. covered in domes to block the extreme heat and lightning storms. people there use a device called the amsible. it helps keep the planet from drifting towards the sun(which is what it was doing before everyone arrived).

Zodiac House: scorpio

Accused Crime: spy for scorpio house. leaked valuable information from aries to scorpio.

Personality: humble and friendly, but has trust issues. one of the smartest minds in the universe. he has an IQ of 179.

Background: he woke up in a scorpio hospital with casts on almost every part of his body. he could not remember anything before that day. the doctors told he was around the age of 16. they also gave him the name  Tavarian Latimer. when his body finally healed, at 17, he volunteered for scorpio ended when he was 21. at 22 he went undercover. he took aries training while undercover. it ended when he was 26. immediately after that he got a good rank. he used his rank to find the weakest part of the base. he also found a document that contained his dads war history and rank. his dad was a master gunnery sarge. he was highly respected and feared amongst the aries. Tavarian gave the information to the scorpio house. a year later he was captured by the aries house and sent Earth-bound.

Preferred Suit Type: Apollo

Suit Color Scheme: Black and red (Image on helmet is a fading orange phoenix emblem. this is what it looks like.

custom weapon: harpoon gun, but instead of a harpoon it uses a trident. the trident uses an EMP pulse when it hits the target. the trident can also be used as a melee weapon. the trident is 6" long. the trident can also be thrown. the points connect to make a regular spear. the EMP pulse can temporarily shut down the targets electrical systems. shaft folds in on itself like a small cylinder fits into a bigger cylinder.

Associates/Allies: all dead.

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Re: Pilot profiles
Name: Marcus Kilgore "Big E" Edwards
Apparent Age:28
Height: 6'0

Home Planet: Brittania VII. A planet known for it's cold rainy climate and huge cities dotting the surface, and also known for it's fog. Tons of fog

Zodiac House: Leo

Accused Crimes: Murder I (23)

Personality: Even after the death of his family Marcus remains a gregarious outgoing man, but he still contains hurt. He is also quick to anger

Background: Marcus had a simple police officers life. He worked long hours and saw his family rarely. Never the less, he still loved them dearly. So when he got his promotion to special teams he heeded the warning given to him that his family would become a target. All of his protection he added for them didn't work though. They were killed one day by the notorious black sash mafia that he had dedicated his life to hunting. Finding no justice in the system he went vigilante, searching for members and interrogating them in horrible ways to learn the location of their boss. Finding him he loaded up on ammunition and weapons and went into his house, killing his way through bodyguards and finally killing the man himself with a sledgehammer. Officially it was noted as a heroic police action. But for Marcus it was a crime and so he was sent to earth. Making his way into the Bronco corps and into Hades training like a lightning bolt he's done 7 combat drops.

Suit: Hades with combat AI Joanie

Suit Colors: Gunmetal grey with gold trim and faceplate

Known Associates:
1. Luther Irons-Cellmate
2. Maddy Manus-Suit team leader

At MCAS Miramar, drowning in Pilots and Sun

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Ronin Matthews
Apparent Age: Mid-30’s
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 163 lb   
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Home Planet: unknown/unreported
Zodiac House: Leo
Accused Crime:
Multiple homicides of high-level Librans during a botched snatch-and-grab.
Normally very stoic, but he does have a bit of a warped sense of humor.
Ronin suffers from a type of seizure that is triggered when his heart beat begins pulsing at an extremely high rate, which made it difficult to be active. By chance, he discovered that through meditation and budokan yoga, his heart rate maintains a well regulated pace, even during strenuous activities, such as Parkor and martial arts. 
Due to the length of time he has spent on Earth, Ronin has completed multiple combat drops and has operated on numerous solo intelligence gathering missions.
Preferred Suit Type:
Extreme stealth and close quarter modded Hermes.
Suit Color Scheme: when not camoed up, Brown with green highlights.

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Re: Pilot profiles

Name: Arturia “White Iron” Tarkus 
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 5’11
Weight: 150lbs of pure muscle
Eyes: Green
Hair: Purple
Home Planet: Brittania VI
Zodiac House: Leo

Accused Crime: Murder I (42) Assault (4) Assault with a deadly weapon (2) Assault of a Peace officer (15)

Personality: Arturia wholly believes herself to be a holy knight sent from the heavens to slay the wicked. And luckily for her, she’s damn good at it. So utterly she maintains a stoic, yet semi cautious demeanor and her sense of humor could best be described as “Gallows Humor”

Background: Born into abject poverty, Arturia herself was named after a legend of old, that her father. A failed playwright had respected and loved over all, often striving to be like him. Which eventually lead to his death by the hands of a mugger in a failed vigilante attempt. Arturia took this exceptionally hard, falling into foster homes without an identity or a cause. So she made one herself, claiming to be a knight of old.

And so began her descent into madness, with her assumed identity slowly taking over every aspect of her life. Morphing into the Terror of New Glasgow, a dark figure who stalked the night killing the weak willed and the wicked, culling the darkness all before the age of 21…

She was only caught when finally the daylight struck Brittania on it’s summer solstice. Brought down by the combined might of the police force and chained to a ship bound for Earth where she waits patiently for a chance to prove her skill again.

Preferred Suit Type: Ares modified for close in combat. Armed with a shield and a Bastard sword in replacement of the chaingun, still maintains it’s Hornet’s nest and assorted melee weapons for back up. Her twin AIs are named Ludwig, and Grimaldus. And they take the form of  Ancient knights clad in Full Plate. And both of them are prone to arguing when how to best tactically handle the situation comes into play

Suit Color Scheme: Metallic black with gold trim and numerous inscriptions carved into the armors body itself. While the helmet itself is shaped in the form of the knights of old.
Marcus Edwards- She stalks him sorta
Mara Silver- Cell Mate
Jennifer- Shooting trainer
Dante- Dueling Partner
He who is only known as Grim- A rather shady fellow who she eats lunch with

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