Topic: The Government of Phoenix

Current listing of the Government and Administration of Phoenix
(in progress)


General Coordinator- Misty Wilson
Deputy General Coordinator - ksabers
Contender - SoapyMac
Technical Coordinator - Euan Reid
Deputy Technical Coordinator - Firesky
Elections and Voting Coordinator - Zuzutoo
Deputy Elections and Voting Coordinator - ksabers

- all officers report to the GC -
New Arrivals Officer (NAO) - Kevin 'Zuzutoo' Diamond
Sim Development Officer (SD) - ksabers
Editor-in-Chief, Newsletter (EIC) - Mischa Brendel
Graphics Officer (GO) - ksabers
Advertising and Community & Events Officer (ACO) - Misty Wilson
Blog Admin Officer (BAO) - Silent Hunter
Twitter Admin Officer (TAO) - Silent Hunter
Steam Admin Officer (SAO) - Silent Hunter
Facebook Admin Officer (FAO) - Deborah Leighton Plom
Wiki Admin Officer (WAO) - Elrood
GM Support Officer (GSO) - SoapyMac
Awards & Rewards Officer (ARO) - Deborah Leighton Plom

General Chat Moderator - Misty Wilson
Firefly OOC Moderator - Open
Star Wars OOC Moderator - Elrood
Military and Espionage Sims OOC Moderator - Silent Hunter
Post-Apocalyptic Sims OOC Moderator - Silent Hunter
Other Sims (incorporating Other Sci-Fi, Other Fantasy, and Other Sims) OOC Moderator - Silent Hunter


Editor-in-Chief, Newsletter (EIC) - Mischa Brendel

Chair- Deborah Leighton Plom
Committee Member- Brandon L
Committee Member- Kevin 'Zuzutoo' Diamond
Committee Member- Mischa Brendel
Committee Member- Silent Hunter

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