Topic: Guidelines of Sim Proposals

This is a list of simple guidelines to speed up and improve the process of proposal and approval of new sims.

Content of sim proposals

A sim needs a leader, a game master and enough players to play it. Because of this, the following elements should always be included in the proposal:

  • The names of the Sim Leader and of the GM and co-GMs. It is preferable (but not mandatory) that a sim has at least two people able to manage it (to avoid sudden "sim deaths" in case of disappearance of the leader).
    Typically, the sim proponent will be the future Sim Leader. But if someone wants to simply suggest a sim, without proposing him/herself as a SL, this is certainly welcome. The thread will be treated as a suggestion, not an official proposal, until someone offers to take the role of SL.

  • The official name of the sim. To be included in the forum list.

  • Optionally, a minimum number of required players. Per Phoenix tradition, a sim requires at least three players. It is however possible that a sim requires more players, and this should be specified in the proposal.

  • Optional specific requirements, if present, should be discussed with the Sim Development Officer (SDO).

  • The details of the proposal. Setting, game mechanics, strong points... sell your stuff, the more the merrier.

Discussion of sim proposals

  • When a proposal is posted, the SDO will check that it is formally correct, and he/she will do the best to improve it and to encourage the discussion.

  • There is no formal duration for a proposal, and it can be discussed indefinitely. Typically, a strong proposal is approved quickly, while an uninteresting proposal just slips down in the threads list. The SDO will explicitly close a proposal only if the proponent withdraws it. A closed proposal is not deleted, and it just becomes a suggestion: it is perfectly possible that someone else picks it up later.

  • During the discussion, the proponent should do his/her best to answer the questions posed by the potential players and the SDO.

  • Interested players should explicitly state their will to participate in the sim, so to be counted by the SDO. Typically, the SDO will do at least one "roll call" in the course of the proposal, to count the potential players. Lengthy discussions could have more than one call.

Approved proposals

  • If, and hopefully when, a proposal satisfies all the above requisites and it is thoroughly discussed, the SDO approves it. The sim is created (by a Phoenix administrator) and it can start immediately.

  • The SDO moves the proposal thread into the newly created forum because it usually contains a lot of useful info. The Sim Leader can then decide to use it as the OOC thread of the sim, or he/she can close it and create a separate thread.

  • The SL is now required to provide a short description of the sim to be added in the main list. Refer to the other sims for examples. The description is mandatory.

  • The SL can also provide a graphical banner (500x200px, JPG) for the sim. The banner is not mandatory but strongly encouraged: if needed, Phoenix has many talented artists who can help with its creation, and there is also a dedicated forum.

Feel free to discuss and to improve these guidelines, and thank you for reading!!

"May your proposal thread be soon merged into its main forum!"
(ancient wish of the Guild of Sim Proponents)

~ksabers (SDO)

"My faith protects me. My Kevlar helps" - (Jim Butcher)

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Re: Guidelines of Sim Proposals

Added a couple of point to clarify the use of sim descriptions and banners.

"My faith protects me. My Kevlar helps" - (Jim Butcher)

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