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Dear Phoenix members,

This newsletter is the first one of the new year. A new year often marks a fresh start and that certainly seems to be the case for Phoenix. There have been some obvious changes and other changes are still going on. We are also looking on making a few changes for the newsletter, not only cosmetically, but also content wise. It is however too soon to announce any concrete plans, but rest assured: changes are a’coming. But for now I just hope that you enjoy the current newsletter, which you can find here: … 1_2015.pdf

-Mischa, editor-in-chief of The Burning Question

Re: Issue #21 of The Burning Question

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading the newsletter; the playby article was very interesting, and though I am not a huge fan of ST:TOS (I prefer later incarnations), I did find the thought of a novice weaned on something like like Abrams version reviewing them for the first time kinda adorable   wink

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Re: Issue #21 of The Burning Question

Thanks! Always nice to hear the newsletter is appreciated!


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Re: Issue #21 of The Burning Question

You're welcome, Mischa!!

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