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uh oh, the rumormill is going in full swing:

These Guys Are Good - 2659.106 1011 hours

An Illuminati and Star King pilot are chatting away while they bench press in the fitness room.

Starlight: “18…19… ugh 20…,” she grunts as she finishes a rep. As she gets up to let Arrowhead take a turn she asks, “Seen anything strange out in the rocks recently?”

Arrowhead: “Just ghosts and bits of debris,” he says as he settles in for his rep. Before he starts he adds, “Well there was some scraps of Jalthi we found.”

Starlight: “Huh… do you suppose it was destroyed by one of our group?”

Arrowhead: “1… perhaps, 2…who else then 3…”

Starlight: “You haven’t heard about the pirates running around the ‘roids?”
Arrowhead: “Pirates…ugh,” he says as he places the bar back on the bench and leans up. “I’ve not head anything.”

Starlight: “Really well there is a group of them out here flying Talons and even Kilrathi craft.  I haven’t seen them myself, but several of my pilots in my squadron have and they are damn good. In fact, on my patrol earlier this morning, my flight ran across a Kamekh husk along with the remains a claw of cats including Drakhri.”

Arrowhead: “What? Are you sure they were taken out by our group.”

Starlight: “I doubt it, and my scans showed something really strange about the corvette… it was destroyed with Paw dumbfires and not a lot of them either. Whoever these pirates are, they must be damn good, especially if they’ve managed to hold out so well this far.”

Arrowhead: The Rapier pilot is left a bit dumbstruck by this news and is not sure what to say beyond.

Starlight: Upon seeing the look on Arrowhead’s face, she responds, “I know, I felt the same way.  Let’s just hope that these guys keep going after the cats.”

Arrowhead: He nods and then distractedly leans back and continues his rep in silence.


Cats Resupplied - 2659.115 0337 hours

Jizz, Stalwart, Arrowhead, and Starlight are quietly eating in the officer’s mess for several minutes. Jizz then finally chimes in.

Jizz: They’ve got more ships.

Starlight: What?!

Jizz: The cats have been resupplied.  They probably have a full complement now and it is only a matter of time and we’ll all toast.

Arrowhead: Jizz! Get a hold of yourself.  Just because those few transports our group took out had fighters onboard doesn’t mean the cats have a full complement.  Okay?

Jizz: And why wouldn’t they get a full supply… hmmm?

Stalwart: *sigh* Because it would take an ungodly amount of transports and time to restock their ships back to full complement on top of their usual resupply of everything a battlegroup would need. Just chill man.

Starlight: But don’t they have another base in the system that would also need a resupply especially if those pirates are as good they seem, they probably have a rather high attrition rate here.

Arrowhead: *sigh* You two are getting way too overanxious for your own good. I know I only have about a half of year more frontline experience than you guys, but it’s just common sense they wouldn’t be able to restock a carrier and whatever else they have here with a full complement of ships.  I bet the kitty commodore here didn’t even tell his leader what a screw up he has been… From what I hear, failures are generally meet with the stiffest of punishments in the Kilrathi fleet. *He finishes running his index finger across his neck.*

Jizz: His eyes go wide… “Uh yeah I suppose that… uh makes sense.”

Starlight: Feeling a bit ashamed into jumping into the fear camp; sheepishly look down at her food and finishes eating.

A couple of the other lowly officers in the room aren’t as easily convinced leading to a deliberating rumor that the cats have been resupplied.

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Re: [OOC] Wing Commander Gemini Sector 2.0 - Proposal Thread

Some good reading material for background on current events.  There are after action reports and messages that will be made available upon sim creation that will provide the necessary details for a character to be able to understand what's going on.  Still, reading through these a few of these will give a new player a better sense of what to expect. … ot-venture … f-football … abre-pilot

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Re: [OOC] Wing Commander Gemini Sector 2.0 - Proposal Thread

Iceblade wrote:

Hey ksabers, since we do have the site-required minimum 3 players -- can you go ahead and set up the Sim? I'd like to go ahead and start laying out the foundation.

It has been done!! Sim is up and running.

This thread has been moved into its new home, and Iceblade has moderator powers on his new kingdom. Please provide the sim description, and happy simming!

~ksabers (SDO)

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Re: [OOC] Wing Commander Gemini Sector 2.0 - Proposal Thread

Thanks much!  I sent you the sim description... hopefully it isn't too long.

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