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To apply for this sim, you must post your character's details here for approval.  This process must be completed for each player character you create (you can have up to three - one per branch).  Then once approved, you should post your character to the wiki.  Pages on the wiki can be viewed by anyone but edits require membership to the site.  For membership, all that is required is that you sign up for a wikidot account and then click on the 'Join this Site!' link at the top of the main Gemini Sector page.  It will ask for a password, which I will message you upon approval.  Once there, you can use the new character tool at the bottom of the main page.  Once you create your character page, add it to the character list.

You may use other character sheets from the wiki as a guide.

Note that if you were a member of the MUSH, there is no need to apply for characters you are bringing from the MUSH.

In addition to the character sheet, you should complete a skill sheet for your character.  The skill sheet is no required for initial approval, but must be completed before you can engage in combat.  Post your skills sheet here or send it to me via private message - note that there will probably be a little back and forth with the sheet, but it shouldn't take too much to get it approved if you follow the Character Generation rules.  You are encouraged to use other characters skill sheets as a guide located - see the Character Roster/Skill Sheets thread.

Character Sheet
Note that for the age and bio, it is currently several months into 2659. New characters would generally have joined the Majestic's crew in Perry within a few days plus or minus of 2659.068.  You can have the character on board earlier than that.  If you wish for your character to be fairly new, let me know via pm and we can work out a few options for your character's backstory.

Callsign (optional for nonpilots):
Marital Status:
Actor (optional):


Prior Deployments:



Skills Sheet
For dealing with skills, I have decided to use the same setup that was used with the MUSH as it keeps things balanced with other characters that were carried over from the MUSH and this gives a fuller picture of your character. The biggest change here, though, will be the looser enforcement of the character generation rules given that certain character aspects won't be applied in most situations.

Chargen Rules:
You are given 80 points to disperse across Attributes, Action Skills, Background Skills, and Language Skills. There are also quirks, meant to provide a quick clue into your character's personality, behavior, or unique physical characteristics.

There are six attributes that must be filled.  While the impact of these attributes is nonexistent for the combat system, they can be applied for die roles in various special circumstances. No attribute can be zero and you are allowed a maximum of 32 points to be allocated here.  For reference, 1-3 is poor, 4-6 is average, 7-9 is good.

Actions skills are important for the combat system as they define how well your character will perform both offensively and defensively. You are only allowed to have 4 skills at 7 or better.  A total of 32 points is allowed for action skills.  Also note that military characters (even pilots) have gone through basic training, which means they will have some basic skills in ground combat (eg melee, firearms, lasers, etc.) For reference, 1-3 is rook, 4-6 is proficient, 7-9 is veteran.
Key skills for pilots: Piloting, Gunnery, ECM; Alertness is good RP skill
Key skills for marines: some mixture of Melee, Firearms and/or Lasers; Firstaid and Stealth are useful support skills

Background skills are good for fleshing out your character and might come in handy for die roles if applicable.  You need to have at least two background skills with at least 8 points spent in total for background skills.

Language skill(s) is fairly simple.  You need to have at least one language that you are fluent in (7 or more) and an English language skill.  Other languages are allowed (including Kilrathi). For reference, 7 or more is fluency, 4-6 means you can speak conversationally but there are some weaknesses, 1-3 means you know some words and phrases.

Finally there are quirks, which I explained earlier. You must have at least one quirk but no more than 4 are allowed.

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Name: Larry Ackerman
Callsign: Kobold
Rank: 2nd Lt.
Branch: TCSF
Unit: Illuminati
Position: pilot
Age: 43
Homeworld: Eravate 5
Marital Status: Married.  Possibly widowed.

Background: Larry was born and grew up on the colony world of Eravate 5.  He had a quiet life, a close knit family and a steady job as a supply pilot for one of the system's asteroid mining firms.  He married his long-term boyfriend Lance Withers at 25, shortly after the war started.  At the time, the fighting seemed a very long way off.

Larry was on a supply run to a mining outpost when the Kilrathi swarmed the system.  By the time he heard what was going on it was over, so he dumped his cargo and loaded the miners into the cargo hold instead before setting off for the nearby Confederate battlegroup, headed by the Yorktown-Class Light Carrier TCS Imperious.  By the time he got within the carrier's patrol range, Larry had picked up two Kiltrathi patrol craft, and his transport had suffered major damage.  He finally landed what was left of his ship with no primary engines, half a wing and one arm, his left having been shredded by a systems overload as he made the final approach.  The miners in the hold weren't in much better shape, but they were at least alive.

Larry was still in medical when the Imperious abandoned the Eravate system.  He signed up as a pilot as soon as he had recovered enough to have his prosthetic fitted, and was assigned to the TCS Imperious once he had passed through OCS flight training.  Since then, he has been credited with an uninspiring two kills in six combat flights.  He has also developed a reputation for attracting and somehow surviving disasters that should have killed him many times over.  His wing has been ambushed four times, he has lost three fighters, two flight leaders, and barely survived the destruction of the TCS Imperious, after which he was transferred to the TCS Majestic.

After losing his second ship, to a dumb-fire missile he has never explained why he failed to avoid, Larry was grounded with suspected PTSD and depression.  The doctors couldn't back that up, though, and the demand for pilots for the war hadn't changed, so he was allowed to fly again.

On the Majestic, Larry has been kept on short rotations, flying close-range patrol sweeps.  Ostensibly because of the fatigue he suffers from an imperfectly calibrated neural interface with his prosthetic left arm, but honestly it probably also has something to do with the fact that no-one wants to fly a combat mission with him.

Prior Deployments:
TCS Imperious 2656-2659

Larry is a small man, at 5'2" tall and quite slim.  He has dark hair, which he keeps cut short, and dark eyes.  His left arm has been amputated just below the shoulder, and he has a fairly basic prosthetic in a dark dull metallic finish.  On his right hand, he is missing two fingers, and he has another obvious scar running across his scalp back from his left eyebrow.

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Overall a very good bio and excellent for explaining why there wouldn't have been a lot of interactions between the other pilots and your character up to this point in the sim.  There are a couple of (more nitpicky) issues.

First a few minor edits in one line:

"setting off for the nearby Confederate battlegroup, headed by the Yorktown-Class Light Carrier TCS Imperious"

Regarding the medical part, even a Fleet Carrier like the Majestic would be hard pressed to engage in limb replacements, especially for civilians, so you would probably be sent elsewhere via transport at the first possible moment. Secondly Confed wouldn't let a civilian jump right into a pilot role without some training.  So your character would still need to go through basic training and a fast-tracked OCS flight program - about 6 months, which would have been set up at this time to get as many pilots as possible ready to fill in combat losses.  Then you would be deployed where needed, which wouldn't necessarily be the Imperious (though it could be).

Some comments regarding deployments, for the sim's timeline, the first big Gemini push by the Kilrathi occurred in mid 2657 with the beginning of 2659 being the best time frame for transfers to the Majestic current date is 2659.116.  Also, an exact timeline for prior deployments is not required (and the TCS Majestic shouldn't be listed in prior deployments).

The rest of the bio is excellent.

For position, write "pilot". I would like to know which squadron you wish you fly with.

Some details about the craft the three player squadrons fly:

The Stiletto: Designed purely as a combat craft, the Stiletto is built on a different design philosophy than its predecessor, the Hornet. Speed and Maneuverability have been further emphasized (the Stiletto is the fastest ship in the fleet), and armament and armor are both high for a light-fighter design. The Stiletto pays for this in its reduced sensor capability, limiting its utility in the reconnaissance role. The craft does come equipped with a sufficient sensor package for scanning cargo holds and it can easily link up with long-range scanning equipment used by capships for broader target detection.

- Survivability was excellent with this craft during the MUSH days, though it was lacking in damage output ... not sure if this will remain the case with the new combat system.

The Rapier II: Even though, the fighter is still fairly new on the frontlines, it has fast become one of the most popular fighter designs. Already, the medium fighter (sometimes referred to a space superiority fighter) is already in its third iteration. Its armament and shielding are much heavier than previous designs matching that of the heavy Raptor fighter, however, its has significantly lighter armor for a medium fighter. This lighter armor does allow for increased maneuverability and speed that is on par with most light fighter designs.

- This one had fairly good survivability, but it did tend to be an easier target.  Excellent damage output.

The Sabre: The latest in bomber and fighter designs, the Sabre combines the best of both paradigms being built on a heavy chassis with a large weapons load-out including torpedoes while showing considerable ability to dogfight multiple Kilrathi fighters for a prolonged period of time. While this fighter/bomber is still fairly new, it is seeing rapidly deployment to front line units. In addition, it comes equipped with a rear turret manned by a gunner for basic defense. All of this, along with its maneuverability, made the Sabre a formidable all-purpose fighter in the Confederation Space Force. Finally, its smaller wingspan allows it to be used on the decks of smaller installations and fighter-capable capships including the new Gilgamesh class ships.

- Tough, but a lot easier to get hit by enemy fighters. Supposed to be fairly good at taking out enemy capships with reasonable damage output against medium to heavy fighters - light fighters would be a bit too maneuverable for it to be highly effective.

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Excellent. Your application is approved.  Skill point assignment/approval will handled when I have figured out the best way of handling that aspect.

Also, given your PM regarding wishing to fly the Stiletto, I have placed you in the Illuminati.  If you would prefer to be a part of the Minutemen Squadron due to that squadron's background, I will switch you to it.

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Name:Karl Walzer

Callsign: Cork (formally Minute Man)

Rank: 2nd Lt

Branch: TCSF


Homeworld: Spacer (born Enyo)

Marital Status:Single

Actor (optional):
Background:Walzer's parents were privateers, often running Terran bio specimens on the long haul between Enyo and Oxford.  When the Kilrathi sieged the Enyo colony in 2639, their Taurus was destroyed on the spaceport tarmac. Karl was born 9 months later, immediately "joining the family business"and lifting off in the family's shiny new insurance-bought Galaxy.

His mother's shrewd business skills and fathers ability to patch up the ship kept the family comfortable but always moving.  In 2649, Confed suffered heavy losses at Custer's Carnival. The Walzers obtained a contract for supplying noncritical components to Confed bases well behind enemy lines. The contract allowed them to purchase a heavy transport and hire a crew. They were the poster children of how diligence could pay off in times of turmoil.

Then the cats came.

A deep recon in force found the Walzers' slow transport. The bridge was destroyed in minutes. Karl and his father were captured and separated. Karl spent the next 6 years on a Kilrathi Starport in the Ghorah Khar system. Kept in kennels aboard station with dozens of other human boys, the station Commander kept the children as slaves and hunting sport. Karl and the older boys were often put in unarmed salvage fighters and used as target practice. This dishonorable brutality was one of many grievances the citizens on the planet below cited when seceding from the Empire.

When the system was liberated, Karl joined the Academy. His experience in the Kilrathi targeting sights gave him an edge and qualified him for an accelerated program, but he quickly fell behind his talented peers. His pilot qualifications were "passable".  It wasn't until graduation that Confed got his actual birth records from Enyo, discovering that he had entered the Academy at 16. Karl hadn't lied on his entrance exam, he just hadn't known his own birthdate. As he had turned 18 prior to graduation, he received his silver wings with his classmates.

Karl was assigned as Naval escort to Earth In-system Security Corvette TCS Blue Ridge for a year before being transferred to the TCS Majestic in early 2659. Karl earned the callsign Minuteman for his voracious eating habits.

Aboard the TCS Majestic, on his very first patrol, was engaged by a wing of light Kilrathi fighters. Karl's craft was badly damaged and ejected. After being cleared by medical, his very next assignment required scouting a Kilrathi minefield. Tactical got the location wrong, and Karl autopiloted past a swarm of magnetic mines. Trailing explosives behind him, foot down hard on the afterburner peddle, hit pointed the Stilleto towards the carrier, pitched down 90°, and ejected again. Spinning end over end, he watched the mines destroy his second ship in a month. When SAR picked him up, the flight crew sarcastically applauded Karl and rechristened him "Cork"

Karl is on restricted flight duty due to the loss of multiple craft.

Prior Deployments: Academy corvette on Training maneuvers around Saturn
Description: human male, fit build, close crop blonde hair, thin facial features, high cheek bones

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

I think I can work in your bio into the background of the Majestic's actions since leaving Perry. Though I think these events probably happened before the ship reached Rygannon, so the investigation has been going on for quite some time.  I don't think you would be kicked out of the squadron (this cause the Illuminati Stiletto Squadron), simply placed on restricted flight duty.  Given what is going on, I would say the investigation has been placed on hold.  Also there is a major lack of spare fighters (only a few spare Stilettos or Rapiers were onboard when the fleet left Perry, all of which were gone through before reaching Rygannon).

As a result, I'll confirm for you two sorties based on the background and the big magnum launch.

Cork, you are approved.  Welcome to the Majestic!! She's a tough lass and won't be giving up anytime soon.

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Thanks Iceblade. Made some edits to reflect that. how does the character sheet wiki work? If you can point me to an instruction thread, I'll take it from there!

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Doh! I forgot about that part.  Added to the FAQ and the top of this page.

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Re: [OOC] Applications Thread

Nm, got it

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